*teleports behind you* (YIAY #420)

*teleports behind you* (YIAY #420)

Thanks to YouTube Originals for sponsoring this video! Check out the new series, Impulse. For a limited time, the first three episodes are free! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=holzBghWTlY #ImpulseSeries
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31 Responses

  1. Nathan Brown says:

    #YIAYyt Wait… Jacksfilms is famous?

  2. Yoyoers Game says:

    #YIAYyt “Plz Die”

  3. Sammieboy115 says:

    #YIAYyt When are you getting married?

  4. Relevant and Topical Meme says:

    Oh, Impulse? Is that the one that blatantly breaks the YT terms of service?

    • oyomary says:

      Relevant and Topical Meme wait how? genuinely curious

    • Relevant and Topical Meme says:

      oyomary In the community guidelines: “Youtube is not for sexually explicit content or pornography.” The show literally comes with a viewer discretion message which warns of “scenes of sexual violence.”

      I know I’m just picking holes here, Youtube is obviously going to disregard any self-imposed rules that are inconvenient to their Netflix-clone aspirations, but it’d be nice if they changed up the content guidelines to allow explicit content if they’re doing it themselves. Which they won’t do, because duh

  5. Taylor McGowan says:

    D E S P A C I T O 2

  6. sid assassin says:


  7. woop woop says:

    #YIAYyt “when is alexander hamilton 3 coming out”

  8. Kui I says:

    everything about your life is fake and exploited. not even your dogs are real.

  9. Knightcore says:

    #YIAYyt “Are you black?”

  10. Kellen Cason says:

    #YIAYyt why is your forehead so large

  11. ExpCrystallFoxx says:

    #YIAYyt Mr. Films, may I touch your forehead?

  12. Dog says:

    #YIAYyt “Jack, the only thing you do these days is YIAY.”
    I bet you hear a lot of that. 🤣

  13. Road to 100 subs with one video. says:

    Hey John, I wanna thank you. A while back, I thought about how YouTubers get revenue from people who watch the ad for at least 30 secs. Now, I thought about how that would barely make them any money, and I was wasting lots of my life thinking I was helping. But then there’s you. Making ads become actual entertainment while informing the masses of what’s going on AND supporting your fam. So, thank you.

  14. TheRabbidHD says:

    #YIAYyt a light switch

  15. Sky Ronstad says:

    #YIAYyt “One of those gamer boys? Or are you a blogging guru?”

  16. men_yoongay says:

    you should’ve made this a weed themed YIAY cause it’s #420

  17. Abigail Posada says:

    #YIAYyt “kids, this is why you get a college degree…”

  18. Jai Poria says:

    #YAIYyt Have u heard Despacito???

  19. Jag Delfin says:

    #YIAYyt gay haha lmao

  20. Patrick Star says:

    HAHA Funny number 420 XD

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