Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers rare look inside Model 3 factory

Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers rare look inside Model 3 factory

The pioneering electric car company Tesla has suffered a series of very public challenges since the beginning of this year. Its high-profile CEO Elon Musk called this a period of “production hell.” Most of the troubles revolve around the company’s Model 3 sedan, its first mid-priced, mass-produced electric car. Musk takes “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King on a tour of his Silicon Valley factory. It is the first time network cameras were allowed inside the production line.

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60 Responses

  1. Danyal A. says:

    Nobody believes in him. But, he always proves everyone wrong.

  2. Maddy Kim says:

    people forget too easily. elons gonna brush off the doubt with his middle finger, then proceed to changing the world.

  3. baba bindash says:

    Elon and his employes can take such pain because he believes in the vision of the company.

  4. Impolite Vegan says:

    people are so nervous they can’t take an April first joke… uhm, those people need some professional help.

    • Jonny1888 says:

      Impolite Vegan I totally agree. For he joke, I thought it was hilarious and it gave me more confidence in the company because I know Elonโ€™s confidence means tbh are completely fine. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Bo McGillacutty says:

      And how much of your hard earned money do YOU have riding on TSLA?

    • N Yodeler says:

      Impolite Vegan No… Well, they probably do, yes, but they weren’t wrong for being worried here. Musk showed he may be a hard worker and a god damn genius, but he also showed that he has no knowledge or instinct when it comes to timing a joke lol.

    • N Yodeler says:

      Bo McGillacutty My exact thought, too.

    • Bo McGillacutty says:

      N Yodeler
      Yup. Another version of “talk is cheap”…if one has no skin in the game and never have they shouldn’t even opine. They have no idea what they are talking about.

  5. Impolite Vegan says:

    and btw, please let him talk, public is interesting in what he thinks and not what reporters think, especially if they are so far away from the topic.

    • Renato Lopez says:

      Well shes just asking him questions that she thinks the public wants to know. Also shes trying to convey the feelings that the general public have towards him when she asks questions so she can get the answer to be answered to the public and not just herself. She clearly believes in him as do the other anchors in the news room.

  6. Jimmy Chang says:

    Such commitment you rarely see from any ot the other fat cats – CEOs. There’s no doubt in my mind Tesla will be successful.

  7. Ricardo Micai says:

    Wish I could be there at the factory floor helping get the production to 10k per week!

  8. Josef Janouลกek says:

    His timelines are sometimes off, but he always deliver everything that others think are impossible.. I actually looking forward to “alien dreadnaught” just to omit slow and problematic people.

  9. Tulio Cano says:

    I believe Elon will overcome the production problems and prove to all his crรญtics (pay by the oil companies most of them) that no one can stop the future of auto industry.

    • Diedert Spijkerboer says:

      Tulio Cano I surely believe that traditional automakers are trying to influence how the media portray Tesla.

  10. Guven Kocak says:

    I believe in the success of Teslaยดs vision

  11. stjerneskruetraekker says:

    I’m looking forward to my Model 3 next year! I would never go back from a Tesla… have a new Mercedes until I get my Tesla ๐Ÿ™‚ Gooo Elon!

  12. guy levy says:

    Someone send this guy a mattress for his conference room

    • James Rae says:

      guy levy That’s a great idea. He should start selling Boring mattresses!

    • Brainbuster says:

      Yeah, I would think with all his fans, someone would send him a nice mattress.
      I know there are very comfortable foam mattresses that you could put on the floor even. $200 or $300.

    • dan McClaren says:

      Musk still has the mentality of a 25 year old recent-grad-start-up-grinding until he sees fruition. His net worth is about to explode.

  13. Kevin says:

    how many CEO’s do you see today that wear hard hats/industrial gear and get their hands dirty right in the factory besides co-workers. tell me, please

  14. Bo Hu says:

    I want to say “Thank You!” to CBS for doing this interview while other major medias have been busy spreading lies from those haters who work hard to destroy Tesla, especially from TSLA shorts.

  15. Chapister says:

    And more people know Kim Kardashian than this extremely hard-working man

  16. KiddKoalaz says:

    3:36 ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

  17. Rixhz34 says:

    Billionaire sleeps in the factory to solve the smallest of problems in order to be that much more efficient. Talk about work ethic. Amazing.

  18. Steve R says:

    How many other car companies have 400K+ reservations for a car people have never seen in person or test driven? Hmmm, let me think…. none!! I quickly forgot about my 2 year wait once I picked up my Model 3. Absolutely worth the wait.

  19. JamesScottGuitar says:

    Elon occupies rare space based on the fact that he will admit mistakes, and then follow it up with a commitment to correcting those mistakes.

    Think about that for a minute.

    He admitted to trying to add too many features all at once…and then he corrected Course, knowing that those features will happen at some point but not now.

    Heโ€™s so committed to correcting those mistakes that he is willing to do whatever is necessary to make those corrections happen.

    Can anyone name another CEO who openly admits to any of this?

    This guy knows every moving part in any of his Manufacturing Facilities….

    Can you name another CEO that can do that?

    Elon is so freaking committed to the success of his Companies that he will not fail…heโ€™s not in it for the Wealth.

    Elon is playing one game…and itโ€™s a LONG GAME.

    Elon is in the game of changing the World.

  20. dan McClaren says:

    News anchor: Do you agree that blah blah blah?
    Musk: yup, I agree. Youโ€™re right.

    News anchor: Do you agree that blah blah blah?
    Musk: yup, I agree. Youโ€™re right.

    News anchor: damn it, musk, go against me so I can make headlines!

    This is hilarious. News networks hate this much honesty from high ranking people.

    • Dozo G says:

      dan McClaren. Disagree with you there. Seems this reporter asked real questions, and still loves what Elon represents.

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