Tesla Model Y Impressions!

Tesla Model Y Impressions!

Tesla Model Y honest first impression, test drive and hands-on! Oh, and some bonus Roadster time…

Official site: https://tesla.com/ModelY

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72 Responses

  1. basterfa84 says:

    It looks ? a model 3 but a bit T H I C C E R ??

  2. Vitaliy Chobotenko says:

    Roadster – WOW, what a model ! Thanks a lot for such review

    • Mister T says:

      Vitaliy Chobotenko Model Y will be the Deadend for Tesla. Because why driving a Tesla without any premium service, while you can have an electric BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen !with! Premium service in all categories around the world ??‍♂️
      This game is over. Tesla is not cool any more and electric cars become mainstream. But the companies who are now taking over the market know how to be successful in long term and the shareholder will switch back again to the German Automobil companies.

      But of course, it is great, what tesla did to push the electric market. Respect for this.
      But now it is time to get out of the way, and let the real superstars take over the market.

      Boombaby byby??‍♂️

    • Malcolm says:

      +Mister T model 3 offers unparalleled performance for it’s price point what are you on about lol

    • Mike T says:

      Really is sick. They’re gonna sell a ton of these. I almost pulled the trigger on a 3, but glad I waited. Now just need to decide which color combo (white w black interior and black wheels is what I’m thinking). How bout you?

    • just a random educated human says:

      +Mister T retard

  3. Andy Slye says:

    Hey it’s me at 4:15 ? Nice to finally meet you last night, Marques!

  4. Chris says:

    *Tesla Model Y comes out*
    Car youtuber:Nothing
    MKBHD(tech youtuber):Review Video

    • Legit Plays says:

      +hungrynapps i wouldn’t consider Tesla a huge car brand compared to other players in the industry.

    • bobspineable says:

      *Cough* Doug Demuro

    • hungrynapps says:

      Electric cars will be in demand . When gas prices increase in the future

    • cgishack says:

      +Mister T ???. Wrong in so many ways..
      The competition is all talk and for compliance only. The bolt is a perfect example of how the competition cannot compete also.

      Also, where can you change one of these mystical cars you refer too.

  5. DashcamVideos says:

    “S3XY” He sure has a good sense of humour!

  6. Weaseltube says:

    S3XY isn’t complete until Tesla releases the model MF.

  7. Mohammed Afsal K says:

    Please do other electric cars also??

  8. Nipuna Sudharaka says:

    7:25 *”So many memes right now!”* lmao

  9. Alen Pasnikov says:

    I was like is that MKBHD in that thumbnail, and then i immediately pressed on video

  10. Caroline Wirthle says:

    “It’s like Model X and Model S having a baby!” That’s my car!

    • dsjenson says:

      More like a VW Beetle and a Ford Fiesta had a baby…

    • Lars says:

      Caroline Wirthle It’s more of a Model 3 and Model X Cross over.

    • Mike T says:

      Same. SO glad I waited and didn’t pull the trigger on the 3 … What color combo are you thinking? I keep going back and forth but think white with black interior and the black wheels.

    • Caroline Wirthle says:

      Mike T Definitely 100% Tesla red exterior – with a big sticker on it Combustion shame on you *kidding* and would rather go for full self driving as add on than the white interior though white would look lovely. Also doesn’t heat up as much.

  11. MidgetTiger says:

    I’m one of those 4 that didn’t know

  12. Random Guy says:

    2:22 Of course they dont leak…

    They run on batteries…

  13. Paul P says:

    Didn’t even know this was being released. Pleasant surprise

  14. Mohammed Hoque says:

    Thats a S3XY Roadster Elon.

  15. Jimmy Evil says:

    So The Model X and Model 3 had a baby…

    What is this, Alabama?

  16. NubNeb says:

    My mom said it looks like a Prius Lol

  17. rajkumar r says:

    My Respect for Casey doubled after this Vlog…so much Wobbling

  18. Wyatt B says:

    No need to buy an overpriced Buggati. Tesla Roadster is coming! ??

  19. Yxnder ツ says:

    Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y

    *S3xy* Elon’s work here is done lmao

  20. Carazy123 says:

    6:55 I know _that_ look…
    It’s the “Do you think I’d get in trouble if I just got in it real quick? Just for a second, of course” look

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