Testing The Brain Sensing Headband

Testing The Brain Sensing Headband

Were testing out Adriana Lima’s favorite Amazon product, the Muse Headband, to see who is better at meditating.  GMMore #1487

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64 Responses

  1. miss havisham says:

    2:53 links refried brains ?

  2. Frank Simons says:

    I thought Link was being sabotaged but then Rhett… ?

  3. Shepherd 921 says:

    Rhett didn’t do as well because there wasn’t food involved

  4. Satori Graphics says:

    Quite the gimmick, meditation (as Rhett said) is not about competition or ‘bad’ or ‘good’

    • Satori Graphics says:

      In Buddhism meditation is actually the cornerstone of the entire practice. Sure compassion and wisdom are also a huge role in the way of life, but those can come from meditation over time.
      Science also backs up meditation’s benefits in the form of physical brain plasticity. Meditation saved me from a very very dark and twisted life, in combination with physical exercise.

    • Abbie Norton says:

      For people who can get very anxious when trying to meditate, this headset is super helpful.

    • Abe says:

      +Satori Graphics glad your life is better and you’re not in a dark place

    • renewedx25 says:

      +rdizzy1 pretty sure you just called RandL loons

    • BenoProductions says:

      I was thinking the same thing lol.

  5. Jojosaysrawr says:

    I had I have I have I had I am had.
    Such an inspiration story. I loved it ?

  6. East Coast Freestyle says:

    I couldn’t possibly meditate in that situation

  7. Get the Joke! says:

    Good at meditation or just bad at thinking?

  8. Laurie Owen says:

    I love the look of concentration on Links face. The little smile…? Guess we know now that Rhett isn’t as chill as he believes!!!

  9. Ferani Yudhianti says:

    of course link is doing great in meditation. he can’t multi-task so he can focus easily.

    • Kevin Williams says:


    • Amber says:

      Not being able to multitask usually makes it harder to focus. Focusing requires not only paying attention but blocking out distractions simultaneously. For me at least. I have a severe anxiety disorder and it makes multitasking a nightmare.

    • Dante says:

      Well, nobody is really capable of multi-tasking well, no matter how good you think are at it, it will always divert attention from each task.

    • KaterinaTalantliva says:

      Well that’s what should distract him so what you said is wrong. He just doesn’t think often I think that’s what’s the app is really about

  10. Tory Payne says:

    Good mythical “mourning” for Link’s eyes. lol

  11. Caitlin-Rose Porter says:

    rhett trying to make link laugh for 14 minutes straight

  12. Chris Han says:

    Damnyell and Richard should have done this challenge.

  13. Tab Adab says:

    Link’s hair is iconic. THANKS LASER BRUSH!

  14. Jen 75 says:

    If someone was talking next to me like that,I too would not have gotten any birds✌✌

  15. Carter Lulay says:

    Sounds like a cow peeing on a flat rock.

  16. Jordan Woloshyn says:

    Rhett would have done better if his Ambient Massage song was playing…

  17. Shawn shawnthemovieman says:

    Every time Link started talking, Rhett started hearing the storm stronger.???☂☂☂???

  18. Rebecca Huntley says:

    I don’t know why people are surprised at Link doing well at this, this man falls asleep at the drop of a hat ?

  19. Jennifer Bureau says:

    I’m fairly confident that the only reason Link did as well as he did on this is because he did legitimately fry his brain in GMM.

  20. Douggernaut84 says:

    LeVar Burton has a really great podcast where he reads short fiction. I listen to it on Spotify. Go check it out.

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