Texas vs. Abilene Christian – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

Texas vs. Abilene Christian – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

The opening round finished with another stunner, as 14-seed Abilene Christian knocked off 3-seed Texas, 53-32, after Joe Pleasant hit two clutch free throws with only seconds to go. Watch the full extended highlights here.

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42 Responses

  1. Sports 311 says:

    This was a good upset by Abilene Christian

    • Cdot cdot says:

      Bro, Abilene only lost 4 fricking games.. why are people acting like a team with a losing record defeated Gonzaga

    • carsonc29 says:

      @Mike Rodgers Texas played in a conference that had most of its teams ranked all season..if Texas played Abilene schedule they’d be undefeated…better records, especially when that team plays in an inferior conference, doesnt mean they are the better team..thats like saying that if some QB has 9 CFL championships that he is better than Brady simply because he has more titles…

    • Mike Rodgers says:

      @carsonc29 you are making excuses. Texas was overrated and got out played. Texas are some chumps. 😄

    • Mike Rodgers says:

      @Cdot cdot They always do that. They have no respect for the opponent. That’s why Texas like Virginia were defeated. Respect your opponent.

    • Treyburr 13 says:

      Amazing upset

  2. Notdfue says:

    Best first round in March madness history

    • carsonc29 says:

      @Murph The Dog um no..those teams were not overrated…stop with that nonsense..

    • Murph The Dog says:

      @carsonc29 lol overrated is kinda when a team is ranked highly and shouldn’t be there 😂according to my calculations they lost and shouldn’t be there so Carson case closed.

    • Murph The Dog says:

      @Bailey Baker Bama is good trust me but if you wanna go to final four you gotta be consistent from on out. We will see

    • carsonc29 says:

      @Murph The Dog you presented no evidence so this case is still open, Murph…losing to a team you shouldnt lose to isnt a sign a team was overrated…upsets happen..if these teams played a 7 game series this would be the only game they would win….

    • Murph The Dog says:

      @carsonc29 considering they don’t you have no facts you fool 🤣🤣

  3. Anne Brown says:

    Fun Fact: In the round of 32 there will be at least one of each seed except 16.

  4. Jayden Todd says:

    As an Abilenian, I will NEVER forget this day

    • Jason says:

      You shouldn’t and thank you btw. I went to bed at 8:15pm central time last night. I prayed 🙏for this as a Texas fan. I’m a Christian ✝️ first and foremost. We needed to make a coaching changed and I figured this would seal the deal. In ALL sincerity…..congrats and thank you!!!! 🤘💯

    • Travis Powers says:

      Dude congrats! That’s what the tourny is all about! Enjoy my friend

    • Mark Powell says:

      Enjoy this great win good luck against UCLA

    • Turn Two says:

      Neither will Texas fans.

    • Treyburr 13 says:

      Ya enjoy the moment because they might get knocked out but I hope they win

  5. M C Taylor says:

    *Three cheers for the Purple and White!*

  6. Serdar Yalvac says:

    Texas choking is proof that the world is going back to normal

  7. BurgerSmooth Highlights says:

    On average, one 1-4 seed loses in the first round. In 2021, FOUR LOST!!!

    • Reeeid the Schmeid says:

      @carsonc29 Purdue has some really talented starting freshman and they could be super-team type trouble in a few years.
      I think the biggest reason they lost is their inexperience and a culture of choking.

    • DanielSong39 says:

      @Desert Dog Iowa, Michigan, and Illinois are still alive so let’s see how the big guns do

    • Telemations says:

      @Desert Dog same with the acc, virginia gone, virginia tech gone, clemson gone, unc gone and others
      All thats left is syracuse and florida state

    • carsonc29 says:

      @Reeeid the Schmeid I dont follow Purdue, thats why said I couldnt name a person on their team..none of their players are ever talked about..least not outside of the BIG10…not to say none of them arent any good

    • Reeeid the Schmeid says:

      @carsonc29 Yea, I was just telling you why you haven’t heard of them

  8. Andrew Spitz says:

    It’s really impressive how calm he was with those free throws. Props!

  9. Ky :D says:

    They don’t call it “March Madness” for no reason – this year is thrilling already! This was a fantastic game and so have many of the other upsets!

  10. Jackson Williams says:

    Props to Abilene Christian in this game. The announcers said that they were #1 in the nation in forcing turnovers and what did they do? Give Texas a new career high of turnovers for a season at 22 for this game

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