Thailand Cave rescue: 12 boys and their coach are out – BBC News

Thailand Cave rescue: 12 boys and their coach are out – BBC News

The Navy Seal team in charge of the rescue says that the 12 boys and their coach who were trapped in the cave have been brought out, completing an extraordinary and arduous rescue operation that captivated the world.

The Seal team posted to Facebook: “12 wild boars and coach out of the cave. Everyone safe. Hooyah.”

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63 Responses

  1. Patricia Russell says:

    Thank you hero’s! Love from USA

  2. Eric Ballard says:

    This entire rescue team are truly heroes!

  3. Marion Hudson says:

    Praise the Lord they all are out thank you Lord for that

  4. Thanatsakorn Opahtrungsimanon says:

    On behalf of Thai people would like to thank you so much for all your kindness praying for us. Thank you very much for standing by us. THANK YOU we love you guys.

    • colabama says:

      The world has held it’s breath during this crisis.We are all one.

    • Edward Gross says:

      Your children are our children to brother. Love to Thai people from Australia.
      Respect to hero Saman Gunan, his bravery saved lives, the greatest gift. I will plant a tree at my home to remember him by.

    • hamim hameem says:

      Edward Gross …. bless ur heart brother in humanity of mine.

    • PhoebeFay RuthLouise says:

      Thanatsakorn Opahtrungsimanon From the US, so many of us have been watching and waiting and hoping and praying for these young people to be rescued! Your children are our children, my dear friend!

  5. Chef praneet says:

    17 days of hope

  6. Tilak Chhetri says:

    Omg thanks god .I’m so worred about them from nepal .I love you boys.

  7. Isko Maxmin says:

    This story will be a Hollywood movie in next 4-5 years.

  8. Brooklyn says:

    Yes this made my day bless everyone

  9. Diego Tañafranca says:

    thank God, respect!

  10. Mertella Brown says:

    Relieved to know they are out.
    Sad to know a diver lost his life trying to save them.
    He should be hailed a HERO.


    Praise God, absolutely a blessing!

  12. Christine Thornhill says:

    This is TOTALLY marvellous, I think they should ALL get a ticket for the WORLD CUP FINAL,
    And their Families .

  13. b4F says:

    RIP for the man who sacrificed his life for the operation

  14. rachet 4126 says:

    Not all heroes wear capes, some wear scuba gear. Salute!

  15. Kobkeaw Boyd says:

    Thanks Buddha!!! Now on keep the cape closing province that happen to anyone Anymore!!!! And thanks to amazing team rescue you all are awesome amazing!!!!

  16. Inung Newme says:

    I’m so happy at the same time heart broken. Wish Saman Kunan was with us to see the boys safely come out of the cave. RIP Saman Kunan you were truly a hero

  17. Paschal Anthony says:

    Praise be to GOD Almighty

    • BrainStem Recruiter says:

      I didn’t see god working his ass off to get these boys out. I saw men & women from around the world working together to save lives. If these men and women would have waited around for god to do something all the boys and their coach would have died.

    • Keeping it Real with Esther Hycienth says:

      Paschal Anthony hallelujah

    • PhoebeFay RuthLouise says:

      Paschal Anthony AMEN!

    • lovemoviesful2 says:

      Well, that was redundant, it was god who trap them in the first place by pouring water on the very same place they’re in. Lol. How about give credits to all those that helped, yeah lets do that.

  18. Daniel says:

    This movie is going to be great in a few years

  19. Nila Christina Susanto says:

    Alhamdulillah Allahuakbar
    Love from INDONESIA ❤❤

    • Del Trotter says:

      will allah still condemn these boys to hell when they die if they haven’t converted to islam?

    • Nila Christina Susanto says:

      Del Trotter sorry I do not want to discuss it. . peace regards ❤🙏
      Salam damai dari INDONESIA ❤❤

    • hamim hameem says:

      Del Trotter …. sadly yes…
      But if u revert to islam, all ur past sins will be erased & all past good deeds will added on on top of already be like a new born baby in the world.

      May Allah guide ur heart.

      Peace be to u & all others 😊😊😊😊😊

    • hamim hameem says:

      Nila Christina Susanto …. ill answer for u sis…no worries…
      Salam.damai dari negara jiran nusantara…singapura 😊😊😊😊

  20. Azelf Mic says:

    Thanks Divers, respect!

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