Thailand cave rescue: 8th boy rescued from cave

Thailand cave rescue: 8th boy rescued from cave

Eight boys have now been removed from a flooded cave in northern Thailand where a youth soccer team and their coach have been trapped for more than two weeks, according to reports from witnesses on the ground.

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83 Responses

  1. John smith says:

    Wow, the Thailand people are fantastic.

  2. John smith says:

    I pray the childrens families are not stuck with a big Medical Bill.

    • Aliah Clark says:

      If I’am the one of the parents of those kid?? Will I dont care about the bills as long as my son is alive.. money can replace, but if you lose your life it would never be replace..

    • Richard's World Traveler says:

      kasey trans This is Thailand.

    • Partha Ghosh says:

      kasey trans It’s in Thailand, not Taiwan.

    • Sarah Pitt says:

      toni tonton we do not have universal health care. In the USA, if you see a doctor/nurse, you pay. We have private insurance, but pay for that as well (it doesn’t cover much, though, and we still pay what insurance doesn’t)

    • Roseland Bazelais says:

      Jim Cassel well some countries the people pay for everything.

  3. Cathy says:

    All involved in the rescue are beyond amazing!

  4. JasonTVghost says:

    I will remember this for a long time

  5. luann nguyen says:

    Thank you for the rescuers team, they are brave and hero, the boys and the coach as well.

  6. Mike Curtis says:

    Great news and a excellent report. Well done CBC News team!

  7. 80sGirl Asante says:

    Great team effort by all involved in this rescue. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  8. Atrophy Queen says:

    I’m so glad they are OK. I’ve been following this. Its so scary. What brave young boys. I’m glad the coach is willing to be last.

    • LulitaInPita says:

      I mean.. It’s kind of expected of him…

    • Greitcha Smith says:

      Ron Carpenter I know what you mean but I guess they can only report what they are told officially. Perhaps more will be revealed later.

    • Solidius T says:

      Coach should DEFINITELY be last

    • Atrophy Queen says:

      I’ve only heard 12 boys and a coach. 12 has always been the number. Also I haven’t heard the coach was sick. They said 4 boys and now 4 more are out. The coach is still there. Along with a doctor that has been down there with them since they were found.

    • Atrophy Queen says:

      I hope the divers and the doc and all the drill teams and mountain explorers are given a special honor by the Thai leaders.

  9. Mix Game says:

    I hope 5 another can go out immediately tomorrow :D.

  10. Pietro Jenkins says:

    Very great news indeed let’s pray and hope it all ends smoothly. Fantastic efforts by all the teams involved.

  11. hi says:

    this is how world should unite as one. and love each other. humanity is above hate. wish everyone stay like this forever.

    • Roseland Bazelais says:


    • Jessica Wylde says:

      hi stay like this?? A child dies every 10 mins in Yemen and these ppl will not even report on it! This is psychopathic behavior!! She could make difference reporting on a real issue but chooses distraction instead…!

    • Jessica Wylde says:

      Yemen is the worst humanity crisis on the planet right now!! No one cares! The media has blacked out reporting! It’s disgusting…

    • ISP BrotherWolf says:

      Well said, from Sweden, take care :.-)

    • : Jak : says:

      This is how we are, at least in America… We go up and we go down. During disasters or terrible moments we send money, relief, and helping hands to do what we can… for some reason the favor is not returned when we have issues.

  12. Gary Matrix says:

    Lets hope that the others are safely rescued and they can return to their families.

  13. King Reo says:

    The Human race can accomplish anything they set their mind too, with a little cooperation of course

  14. Jeff Sanford says:

    Bring KFC 🍗!

  15. Brooklyn says:

    Thank God and bless those heroes come on baby four more or five

    • GESSO217 says:

      So God told them to go in the cave?

    • The Terrence Allen Project says:

      paid infull Yet he somehow neglected to give the coach and the boys the knowledge to not enter the cave. The divers trained hard to be experts, your god didn’t train them.

    • GESSO217 says:

      God gave them a brain, If you believe in that sort of thing. If they didn’t use them it’s not the fault of a god. Fortunately the diving experts used theirs.

    • OP 1000 says:

      Daniel . Doesn’t that make 6? There were 14 original, weren’t there?

    • Kim Jong-un says:

      paid infull
      Hush be gone???
      That’s it????
      That’s right you got nothing😂😂😂

  16. Sarin M. says:

    Hooray 😃 I’m so happy to know they’re finally coming out from the cave safely and quickly! 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏

    • Angkorian Boy says:

      Sarin M. Yep time for them to come out by now because they are too young to be inside the cave. If they staying too long, they might become a statue.

  17. B Bee says:

    Thank God for preserving their lives. Thank God for directing the hearts and hands of all those rescue divers. Praise the Lord! It’s great when we can all come together.

  18. Venita Sheppard says:

    Praise Jesus.. Thank you for all those helping.. 😍

  19. claudiazuma says:

    Thank Budda for making them have the strength and spirituality to endure this.

  20. Sandra Nelson says:

    Remember, that cave now has a guardian spirit watching over it.

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