Thank You

Thank You

20,000 Subscriber Video ►

Thank you all so much for 12 Million subscribers! I wasn’t sure how I was going to make a video like this so I just turned the camera on and started rambling like I always do. Yes I get emotional again but I TRIED NOT TO!! Just thank you all so much for being here with me and supporting me through this crazy adventure!

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20 Responses

  1. Zack Dowell says:

    Mark, you aren’t perfect on any level but you didn’t get those subscribers
    because you aren’t perfect you got those subscribers because your an
    awesome guy. So just embrace it, because you have always been way to modest
    for what you deserve. Keep up the good work.?

  2. Erika Elizondo says:

    Markiplier can you do a live stream for Youth Odyssey? It’s a really great
    outdoors organizations that lets children experience nature for free. I
    know I’ve commented this charity a lot, but I really do hope one day you’ll
    see this comment and consider giving them a donation or a day of donations.
    They did a lot to help me, and they’re doing a lot to help kids every
    single day.

  3. Lilou says:

    Quick Mark! Think manly thoughts!!

    I have to say Mark your one of the few youtubers I not only enjoy watching
    but admire too, you’ve taught me some valuable life lessons and also taught
    and shown me to be a better person. Honestly, I am much happier with my
    life now, and a great deal of that is down to you :)

  4. Elijah Diggory says:

    I’m in the crying part of YouTube

  5. Legend2993 says:

    Where WOOF video end?? “Because i can” ? ;)

  6. Kaylee Konwinski says:

    Congrats MARK! You deserve every last one. We all love you, and are
    grateful for you for making a difference in all of our lives. Thanks for
    keeping youtube amazing.

  7. Mettaton _darling (maka, mikaela curtis) says:


  8. Giselle Duarte says:

    Mark, I love your milestone videos because of your sincerity and the fact
    that you can show yourself in this more vulnerable state. You truly are a
    true and kind person and it is perfectly fine, beautiful even, to cry. As
    you say, you’ve been through a lot to get here and still having that
    humility just shows on how much you do deserve all the love given to you. I
    know I’m only one person to say this but you are an amazing and real person
    and that’s why I love watching you in all your videos. Thank you,

  9. Hannah Valvano says:


  10. rebecca keeling says:

    mark real men cry

  11. Skyler The.TimeLord says:

    you dont know how much I want to jump through that screen and hug you

  12. B Lady (ブレイリ) says:

    What an achievement.. Congratulations Mark. Lets all be a “frickn mess”
    together! ?

  13. CutiePunkSaya says:

    Honestly Mark its okay to cry, you have 12 million people who laughed along
    with you and stuck by you, no matter what embarrassing thing you might have
    done. You are one of the few Youtubers that show so much dedication towards
    their videos and fans. Putting so much love and effort into your videos by
    just being yourself and getting so much loving and supportive feedback
    should be enough to show you that you do deserve this. <3 Even when times
    are tough, we'll understand and support you 100% because you're Markiplier!

  14. Andrea Marie Thomas says:

    I don’t know if you’ll read this out of all of the thousands of comments
    that are on here, but I just wanted to say that it’s okay to let your
    feelings out like that. It’s okay to cry sometimes and it doesn’t make you
    less of a man if you do; it makes you human. You’re a wonderful, goofy,
    very handsome, perverted dork but everyone loves you for who you are and
    we’re all here for you. Love you like a brother and can’t wait for your
    future videos!!! Congrats on 12,000,000 subs!!!

  15. Eveling Perez says:

    Team markiplier ??

  16. genesis Pineda says:

    Mark you’ll never get annoying and we will love you forever and never
    forget that no matter how much u may repeat it all sounds new and it warms
    our hearts to hear that from you because the world loves you

  17. virgo kun says:

    hay mark it does not matter what i here people say about u i will always be
    a loyal fan shout out to mark we are all loyal fans and thank you for
    brightening my day its people like you who always make me happy thank you

  18. NewVision2020 says:

    Aww Mark! I’m not crying…I just have something on my eye ;_;

  19. Karina Laus says:

    It’s just amazing how a person can reach millions of people with just a
    laugh. You can make people happier just by making fun of yourself and
    that’s what life is all about. I binge watch your videos whether I’m
    feeling good or bad. I hope you can continue on this journey for a long
    time. Thank you for making us laugh every day. And you’re so very cute!
    Beijos (kisses)

  20. Rose Frappucino says:

    Mark, if anyone talked shit about you, me and probably several other
    subscribers would gladly drop kick their ass. You are hilarious, amazing,
    and you do deserve everything your fans do for you. You work hard every day
    on recording I’m sure, and in repay, us, your fans, WILL dedicate several
    things to you, because we love you, and want to thank you for everything.
    We DO know you are grateful, and thats just one more thing that inspires
    us. Mark, your goal isnt to make us happy, but to inspire us and be a funny
    goof. And we love you for that. Every single time you cry, we cry. We love
    you. And we are not subscribers, but family. We love you, every single 12
    million of us. We just want you to have fun, and keep making every single
    one of us smile.