thank you, brent – ARIANA GRANDE PARODY | Brent Rivera

thank you, brent – ARIANA GRANDE PARODY | Brent Rivera

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37 Responses

  1. MrBrent98 says:

    I AM SO HAPPY I GET TO SHOW YOU GUYS THIS ?? Like this video if you think Ariana grande should see this!

  2. sallys fan03 says:

    Irgendwie hab ich voll einen Lachflash???

  3. ace family fan says:

    that girl is me trying to remember my exes name

    wait, i’ve only got 1 ex ?????????????????????????

  4. Faheema Saith says:

    I wish ari would see this!

  5. namjajin says:

    Ariana Grande has left the chat…

  6. Muskaan Arora says:

    Dude you can sing♥️♥️??????

  7. aasa jyothi says:

    Thank you,Jeff

  8. RachForevaaa says:

    *As good as the original*

  9. lyrics video says:

    Waiting for Ariana to react to this

  10. Chelsea Rain says:

    No it’s

  11. Laiqa Simjee says:

    You don’t like brunettes ?❤️

  12. tenorbuds says:

    BEST PARODY VIDEO EVER! Thank you for making this Brent and you can sing, like what! I hope Ariana sees this and Brent if you see this, we covered “thank u next” on my channel, would be a dream come true if you watched it. Thanks for always entertaining us all with your videos. You the best.

  13. Olivia’s World says:

    Haha this was a great music video great video love you Brent!

  14. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    You would have casted Eva for this!!! ??

  15. lyrics video says:

    *Ariana Grande wants to know your location*

  16. EZFun says:

    Bro you are so good at remaking “Thank u next” ? that was a nice video

  17. # SummerWatermelonSlimey # says:

    Awesome vid Jeff!…

    …or is it Ted?

    …no its Fred..

    …ohhhh ok its Steff

    …or is it Ned?


  18. Hafsah Zubbair says:

    Every one hundred likes I will add another minute of the song

    Thought she could be the one
    But I don’t like brunettes
    Then she dyed her hair blonde
    And I’m obsessed
    So I looked in the phone book
    And I sent her a text
    She said who the heck is this
    I said it’s Brent
    One time I saw her it was the morning
    Swear she got hotter
    She looked amazing
    I opened the door it was really heavy
    Then she walked inside
    She looked right at me
    Then told me
    Thank you,Jeff.
    Thank you,ted.
    Wait what?
    I wish she knew that my name was Brent

    I wrote this all my self please like I had to write this down on a piece of paper first it was really sad ???❤️?

  19. Natasja Dierckx says:

    1:12 “I know you know who I am wait why don’t you know who I am”?? you got me dieing there??

  20. Song Lyrics says:

    i never knew i needed this

    Thank You, Jeff

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