The 1975 – 102 (Acoustic)

The 1975 – 102 (Acoustic)

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Directed by Giorgio Testi

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88 Responses

  1. Emilie Rose says:


  2. Juliane Vorgod says:

    I remember when I found this song for the first time I listened to it on repeat the whole night

  3. CheesecakeLasagna says:

    He sounded more contemplative and reminiscing in this while in the older version, it was sung from a place of a recent heartbreak.

  4. SwordOfHeroTV says:

    you should put this in Spotify :)

  5. soso says:

    Shoutout to everyone who is healing their own broken heart right now. It will be worth it, trust me. One day, everything will make sense again

  6. Shannon says:

    God can you just imagine someone writing a song like this about you…

  7. ᏓᎾᎦᏆ 1990 says:

    We had to wait years for this HQ version, but it was absolutely worth it.

  8. Shannon says:

    LYRICS: (I know that alot of people will already know them but to the new fans, welcome to heaven and to the start of the magic that is Matty Healy 🙂

    Well, we’re here
    We’re at the common again
    Smoked six of the ten fags that
    I only bought an hour ago

    Said well I
    I like the look of your shoes
    I like the way that your face looks
    When I’m arguin’ with you

    And so when
    When we all grow old
    I hope this song will remind you that I’m not
    Half as bad as what you’ve been told

    And when I knock
    At a hundred and two
    And I see your pajamas
    I can’t stop smiling at you

    And that’s why we’re here
    We’re at the common again
    I’ve been pouring my heart out
    Towards your optimistic grin

    I said well I, I
    I like the cut of your jib
    I like the way that your face looks
    When you’re yappin’ on about him

    But on this shirt
    Well I found your smell
    I just sat there for ages
    Contemplating what to do with myself

    I called you up
    At a hundred and two
    We just sat there for ages
    Talkin’ about that boy what
    Was gettin’ on to you
    You, you, you

  9. drew crosby says:

    thumbs up if this is the best thing you’ve watched today

  10. mia wallace says:

    With arctic monkeys we had 505, with the1975 we have 102.

  11. Emily Swehla says:

    My best friend , who I was incontestably in love with but never told her, took her own life 4 years ago and this, this was our song. And I promised myself that I’ve moved on but maybe I really haven’t. Hearing this song again just brings back everything thanks Healy

  12. _Sodapoppin__ says:

    this wont heal a broken heart
    but it’ll make you feel every little piece of it.

  13. Criss luna says:

    For years we’ve been listening to that low-quality park version and now we have this and it’s in the most beautiful high quality, I’m sobbing

  14. Xanth'Oz says:

    Wow, this one guy is talented, he should start a band

  15. IndieAir says:


  16. Lasciel says:

    What makes this sad to me, is that, if there is a chance that she felt the same way, and had multiple reasons as to why she didn’t say anything. If she suddenly said she does now. He and most people probably won’t believe her… that’s what makes this tragic to me, is that there is no going back.

  17. Carolina Mariana says:

    Now that 102 was released we need antichrist live
    peace out

  18. Laura Rocha says:

    It’s Insane how we all listened to this song on a low quality camera with no microphone or any actual professional audio. Matty had no idea how far the 1975 would go. He was still TRYING to become a payed musician. I remember how young I was when I listened to this and I’ve listened to it over the years. Now I’m older and have grown so much. This video is such a metaphor for where I’ve come, where matty has come and where you have

  19. Douglas McGuire Music says:

    I couldn’t be happier that they redid this song… That chord progression gets me every time.

    This song really is important to me, as is Matty as a singer songwriter since he’s probably my biggest influence as a singer songwriter myself. Even though I hate being that guy, I love engaging with other 75 fans and anyone that has something to say about my music, so I comment on the 1975’s videos to try and find out what other people who love the same music as me think of my stuff. I genuinely love hearing what people have to say about my stuff so if you’ve got nothing else to do and you wanna help out another huge 1975 fan, it would be incredible if you checked out a few seconds of my stuff. I actually used this song as an inspiration for my song ‘The Man Who’s Basically A Ghost’, so I’d really, really love to hear what anyone thought of that. If you do take some of your precious time to have a little listen, then thank you from the bottom of my heart, it means a lot. I always reply to EVERY single comment and criticism because your opinions mean a lot to me, because I know you know what good music is. Plus, the ’75 fans that have already checked out my music, have been incredibly lovely and reading those comments is an utter pleasure. Knowing that other ’75 fans like my music is amazing, so thanks.

    Thank God for The 1975 and bring on ABIIOR.

  20. aesethtics says:

    This song is about a girl [friend] that I had. She was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I loved her but she didn’t feel the same way. I don’t even think she knew I loved her. This song is about the times I had with her. As she and I became close friends, we had traditions. It was kinda like our thing, y’know? We’d somehow always coincidentally be out at exactly 1:02AM, so that was our thing. Now whenever I’m awake at 1:02AM, I think of her and I let her go.
    — Matthew Healy on ‘102’ (The 1975)

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