The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips

The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips

Ace any exam with these study tips!
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7 Exam Anxiety Tips:

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Written by Amanda Edward, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit

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20 Responses

  1. maeva marchand says:

    In the little note about EU, there is several mistakes ^^ The Euro Zone
    isn’t composed with all EU members, and the free acces between countries is
    only allowed in the Schengen Area … So you can live in a contry of the EU
    but not have the euro for currency (UK), You can also be a part of S-A
    (France) but you may also be in S-A and not in EU (Switzerland) …. Well
    to understand I council you to study the Euler diagram, it’s may be much
    clearer than my explanation. :)

  2. Melody Loft says:

    My biggest problems with studying are lack of focus and procrastination. I
    always say “i’ll study after I do this and that” “oh I have time tomorrow”
    etc etc. And when I do sit down to study, I find it hard to concentrate.
    And I don’t mean that bc i’m on my phone or anything. Even if I put
    appliances and distractions away, when studying, my mind wanders. I think
    of everything else BUT the subject i’m supposed the study.

  3. Matt Smith says:

    Great now I just need 9 ways to get motivated to study

  4. zain elsell says:

    Ironically Im watching this instead of doing my homework.

  5. Johnnyrising says:

    you should do a vid on why ppl space out, why yawns are contagious etc.

  6. Kat465k says:

    But I’m ON a phone D:

  7. TheMightyWill says:

    I have to 4.0 16 credits worth of courses this semester to get into the
    business college, so I hope these are useful :c

  8. Pratishtha Jany says:

    People think I’m smart but I’m just good at memorizing :/

  9. Dann Pangan says:

    I don’t need this IM ASIAN!

  10. Arda Sev says:

    i just graduated and this shows up fml…

  11. Rosey Morearty says:

    That’s weird… We read about the same study in my biology class about the
    teaching one, and there was no correlation. A second variable was tested,
    understanding the words by letters vs feelings, and feelings proved to be
    much more effective than letter memorizing and trashing others.

  12. Arielle Datnoff says:

    WOW! I do all of these without even realizing it! When people ask me how I
    get straight A’s, I’ll just say “ASAP Science.”

  13. ShesAaRebel says:

    Practice tests actually work really well! I had a teacher in college who
    would give us little quizzes, and then maybe 4 tests during each semester.
    I always did really well in his classes because most of the things in the
    tests were already covered in the quizzes.
    Another trick in the hat method. Write down questions, or words you need to
    define on slips of paper. Then write the answer on the other side. Fold the
    paper so the question is on the outside, then put them all into a hat. Then
    take a piece out, read the question, and try to answer it. If you’re
    correct, leave the paper out. If you are wrong, it goes back into the hat.
    You are done studying once all the pieces of paper are out of the hat. I
    would usually do at least 2-3 rounds of this, until I could answer them all
    on the first try. Then I would come back to it the next day to see if I

  14. Viktor6665 says:

    Learning one or two subjects for a longer period of time is more effective
    than learning a dozen simultaneously. I tried it and its true, a lot of
    private schools use this technique, idk why its not the standard.

  15. bruce groom says:

    Or don’t study and just be that good ;)

  16. Alondra Torres says:

    awkward. Im procrastinating studying by watching studying videos. My life..

  17. David Spivak says:

    Im pretty sure it’s officially called the Citric Acid Cycle and not Krebs
    Cycle. Just sayin

  18. ZED Masterofshadows says:

    I’m in a junior college and will be taking A levels next year but in the
    mean time my teachers pressure me to study at least 14 hours everyday
    during holidays and its soo stressful

  19. Aisha Breeze says:

    Thank you omg I have a test tomorrow (:

  20. joanna llanza says:

    What a coincidence I’m watching this video with my homework in front of me