The Ad Fox News Won’t Air #FOXFoolsOnClimate

The Ad Fox News Won’t Air #FOXFoolsOnClimate

Fox News wouldn’t air this ad, so we’re bringing it straight to you.

A number of studies have documented the persistent pattern of bias and distortion in Fox News climate reporting — and those of other Rupert Murdoch broadcast properties around the world — including the Wall Street Journal. Fox News and Fox Business anchors repeatedly call climate change a hoax, claiming that CO2 does not cause global warming and the earth hasn’t warmed from human activities.

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20 Responses

  1. Enigma says:

    My theory is that if it was natural to have ice ages why can’t there be
    heat waves?

  2. marqevo says:

    Because it’s warmer in the US, it means the world is getting warmer and
    global warming is real. LOL Here in Germany, we’ve had an extra long (no
    pun intended) rainy season, and way cooler temps this summer than last
    year. Sooooo, calm down and enjoy the beach.

  3. Herbert says:

    Why would FOX want to spread your lies?

  4. AltRight Yoda says:

    Don’t listen to these reptilians boi

  5. Duck says:

    i am a scientist who studied at yale and now works for naser i confirm
    global warming isnt the cuse of humans yet it does exist

  6. Justanaveragetree says:

    How are they not, even in this god damn parody video, admitting climate
    change? It’s just reporting the news and what’s happening! These are
    reporters, not analyzers! There’s no significance to the story what so ever
    to mention climate change!

  7. FireFlowerFan says:

    What the hell lmfao

  8. Dead Channel 5 says:

    You should all know by now that 1 of the liberal ten commandments is:

    Thou shalt believe in man-made global warming despite proof, logic, or

  9. Dead Channel 5 says:

    Everytime I see a global warming ad, I burn a tire.

  10. William Herron says:

    getting ready to take the plunge into the comments section. preparing for
    stupidity beyond human possibility

  11. Steve Stevenson says:

    Why are there so many dislikes? Global warming is an absolute fact, no
    denying it.

  12. AeroScythe says:

    Can someone explain the meaning of this? I know the concept, but what’s the
    true meaning?

  13. lobreddemon says:


  14. N4UPD says:

    The manmade climate change is from all the chemtrails being sprayed into
    our atmosphere but it’s not global warming it’s weather control and HAARP
    and don’t think you can tax us out of it. If you are making money off of it
    , it is a scam

  15. Daylight Riders says:

    It’s not the average Joe who is doing this to the earth. Take your lies and
    cram it.

  16. JoEllen Paull says:

    The comments are a joke. Honestly people are idiots. If you want to
    convince anyone you are a scientist who studied at Yale, you might learn
    how to spell. LMAO at the stupidity.

  17. Vegan Redneck Trucker says:

    Cowspiracy. We are causing climate change with animal agriculture.

  18. Stuart Hughes says:

    lol because floods and fires and droughts are a recent natural phenomenon

  19. The Sollock_ says:

    Are you going to blame the melting after the ice ages on humans too?