The AirPod™ Curse

The AirPod™ Curse

This short sketch is about a guy who buys AirPods™ and immediately becomes rich.


Steezy – me (obviously)
Jesse – @jessevanoye
Office Accountant – @filthewriter
Restaurant Date – @thekatelyncasey
David – @mire_less

Ashley Metro – @ashleyfuckingmetro
Dylan Polley – @dickaroundylan
Cameron – @camhoffma.n
Nick –

Francisco Medina – @francisco_medina00
Arturo Rosas – @rose.peeek
Alejandro – @alejandro_i_love_you
Hector Aguirre – @hector_aguirree

??Location For Restaurant Scene??

Stella Public House at Mueller at Austin:

——-?Written & Directed by Me?——-

?Facebook –

?Instagram –

?Twitter –

?Snapchat – steezykane


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53 Responses

  1. Cringe master S says:

    Do more this was lit

  2. Ayoola Asekun says:

    He went in the shower with the airpods

    • Jonnymlndz !!! says:

      +Valkendary they aren’t waterproof or water resistant, I just looked it up. It says Apple has never tested it, and you should NOT put it in water

    • Achillies says:

      Jonnymlndz !!! Nigga no they is water resistant , they haven’t officially tested it but everyone video on youtube shows them working fine and mine work fine In the shower

    • Suncrusader TV says:

      Guys I have a simple solution, cover the AirPods with your $100 bills so they won’t get wet

    • Jonnymlndz !!! says:

      +Achillies that’s what I said, they haven’t tested it. I also said I looked it up, those aren’t my facts, but thx for correcting me

    • Achillies says:

      Jonnymlndz !!! It’s all good G

  3. Don Jaye says:

    This was fucking awesome!

  4. Craz Tech says:

    Anyone else watching this with AirPods?

  5. Josh Pan says:

    Yo steezy remember me when this video blows up

  6. Bryan says:

    British accent on point?

  7. Lisa Muñoz says:

    This is sooo funny ??? And I love it ? so creative ?

  8. Scrubzah says:


  9. Aiden Paciorek says:

    Lol he said “I’ll catch you on the flippidy flop”?

  10. Jay Pow says:

    Better than Jake and Logan. Hopefully you will take their place soon. Love the vid and thumbs up

  11. Buff Ben says:

    All the dislikes on this video are people who Don’t have AirPods

  12. Lauren Amy says:

    So basically he became a sexy British guy, btw this was such a good vid.

  13. Gaming with P1AYDOUGH says:

    Who else watching this with wired earphones ?

  14. Andrea Udnæs says:

    Congrats on 1 mill subs!

  15. Green Diamond says:

    *All this for Air Pods?!?! …Don’t let him know about levitating speakers‼️* ?

  16. J and A Plays says:

    You’re pretty

    *sees that she has no AirPods


  17. Aditya Singh says:

    Man, I just wanna say one thing u just KILLED it!!!!!!???

  18. R A U L憎しみ says:

    Dude i can not watch these kinds of videos cus i get embarrassed like i am you for some reason

  19. Brian Mendoza says:

    This is hilarious lol

  20. Soo Logiic says:

    Had to turn on the subtitles cause i was using wired earphones

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