The Apocalyspe: Crash Course World Mythology #23

The Apocalyspe: Crash Course World Mythology #23

Mike Rugnetta is going to tell you stories of death, destruction, divine judgment, damnation, and the occasional happy ending. That’s right, this week we’re talking about the Apocalypse. Actually we’re talking about a bunch of ways the world could end. Prepare for stories of the end times from Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam! It’s the (mostly) Abrahamic Apocalypses on Crash Course World Mythology.

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20 Responses

  1. MDCT says:

    Ah, the apocalyspe

  2. John Lord says:

    Most mythology and religion ends in Ragnarock, Apocalypse, SHTF, WROL, and TEOTWAWKI. Sounds like socialism imploding under its own evil, corruption, and darkness.

  3. Albino says:

    pls no stupid “islam destroys our civilization comments” thanks

  4. Aspenup says:

    If you are reading this comment, don’t

  5. Luke Koziol says:

    If it’s the end of the western world why is Islam hear? Islam is an eastern religion.

  6. shekinah sakala says:


  7. historiam amo says:

    and now crashcouse flash drives so you can watch crashcourse in the apocalypse.

  8. Krescentwolf says:

    So basically… the Abrahamic Apocalypse is God ragequitting SimEarth… Got it. XD

  9. One says:

    Jesus in an Islamic myth, that’s kinda cool, didn’t realize they reveared him that way

  10. Django Marine says:

    It’s the end of the world as we know it
    It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine…

  11. Atheistic Khan says:

    Why are all gods ( ancient and currently ) are all dicks ?

    Good things they’re myths ( not real / factual)

    thank god ( pardon the expression) .

  12. Norman Smith says:

    You spelled apocalypse wrong

  13. GuitarZombie says:

    It is Mythology until it happens.

  14. Luis Sierra says:

    IT IS DONE!!

  15. RagingBubuli says:

    Religion is stupid. If everything is made by a God, then everything wrong is God’s fault!

  16. Yamen .S says:

    You forgot about the big goat that comes after the “Dadjal” in Islam. For those of you who don’t know, in Islam, there is also a really huge huge goat that appears and then starts to stomp countries and continents with its feet… yeah religions are that stupidly fun.

    Fun fact: The “Dadjal” is an evil character in Islam and is actually called “Al-Massihi Al-Dadjal,” but they probably didn’t state his full name to avoid trouble, because “Al-Dadjal” means something like “evil sorcerer” “swindler” or even “abomination” and Al-Massihi” means “Christian.”
    Yeah, this is how much religious people are hateful of other, and all of them are stupid (INCLUDING CHRISTIANS!). This is one of the MANY reasons why I left Islam.

  17. Timothy McLean says:

    I find it interesting that the Muslim apocalypse story has so many chances for the impious to redeem themselves. Revelations makes it sound like you’re doomed if you don’t accept Jesus before the apocalypse starts.

  18. Feynstein 100 says:

    See this is exactly why we need New Gods like Globalization, Media and Technology. They aren’t complete jerks. Btw anyone notice that the Abrahamic apocalypse story and the Zoroastrian one are pretty much the same? I’m inclined to think that the former is just a rehashing of the latter but AFAIK, Zoroastrianism dates back to around 1500 BCE whereas Judaism is much older. So I guess it’s likely that they were developed independently?

  19. Red says:

    Islam destroys our civilization

  20. Monsour Anda says:

    You all heretics. Their is only one god and his the leader if the imperium the god emperor of man

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