The Art of Procrastinating

The Art of Procrastinating

I’ll add a video description… eh… tomorrow
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What She Really Means Is:

Mystery Video:

▼Birds of a feather stalk together:

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Music: “Humor Song” by: Pondtunez

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20 Responses

  1. disneygeek5 says:

    If you want to learn another language try Duolingo, it teaches you the
    basics and stuff. It works really well, I’ve been learning French. Au
    revoir hommes et femmes.

  2. Connor Preston says:


  3. Rainbow Dash says:

    Should be doing homework but then, oh swoozie uploaded a video……hm…ya
    ill whatch.

  4. sophieriddikulus says:

    You think the mani pedis are bad, try family dinner with my Chinese
    relatives when they’re speaking Chinese but I HEAR my name in the middle of
    their conversation. They’re not even being subtle because they know I can’t
    understand a word

  5. BeccaMatrix says:

    Me. All day, everyday..

  6. Hassan Otban says:


  7. Amy Ho says:

    It’s 3am…. I am on my way to mastering the art of procrastinating… :D

  8. Titonia Queen of the Fairies says:

    Awesome video swooze!
    When are you coming to California ?

  9. Genesis Zamora says:

    This reminded me of my math homework on area of circles that’s due tomorrow
    thanks lol :))

  10. Ayden Sambunjak says:

    When u did the impression of the China people at the salon I was dying so

  11. NintenDerp Plays says:

    Hey swoozie, can you upload more often? I was just wondering cause I love
    your videos but I have to wait a long time to see a new vid!

  12. Ciana says:

    I literally just took a shower I am procrastinating putting on lotion by
    watching this video… Talk about procrastinating stupid things! Who does
    that?! Lol I even took time to write this comment smh

  13. Diana Mapuoletuli says:


  14. Morgan Freeman says:

    Hey, stop reading the comment section and get back to work!!! bunch a

  15. Catalina A. says:

    For a second in the middle of this video I got a glimmer of motivation to
    do my homework… but then it went away and I continued watching this video
    and there is no way in hell I am going to do my homework now lmao

  16. A Fun and Friendly Name says:

    Hv no work so I watched this 

  17. midders73 says:

    I’m watching a vid about procrastination to procrastinate. PARADOX!

  18. Faith Hammonds says:

    Me right now. It’s Spring Break but i still got so much homework i refuse
    to do

  19. wilhard45 says:

    Can I stop procrastination or don’t I need to continue?

  20. obada younis says:

    u had me dien on the whole mercades german thing