The aspirations of 18-year old Ted Cruz

The aspirations of 18-year old Ted Cruz

In 1988, high school senior Ted Cruz reflected on his life’s ambitions while attending Second Baptist School in Houston, TX. Now, he is a Republican Senator running for the office of the President of the United States of America.

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20 Responses

  1. Lord Whitenorth says:

    necons are still liberals. Assclowns the whole lot

  2. Greg Mandel says:

    He’s not technically running yet. Still a candidate wanna-be!

  3. Gavin Zavatone says:

    What the fuck holy shit this shit is fucking halarious holy shit

  4. jes120 says:

    I don’t like Ted, but you’re actually going to try to use this against Ted

  5. Raven Wilson says:

    No, I do not want president of the most powerful country in the world to be
    run by this guy. A guy who said he wanted to be in a “tit teen film” as a
    grown adult.

  6. pallas anders says:

    I got a rash from watching this…

  7. fake geoff says:

    young Ted Cruz looks like the kinda kid to shoot up a school

  8. Chaaos2 says:

    Was this filmed in Canada or what?

  9. Mike LANDRY says:

    He’s the closest thing to a constitutionalist that’s running for god sake’s
    he’s on a bicycle when he’s saying this and you people think he serious,
    give me a break

  10. Saad S says:

    trump is way better than this power hungry politician

  11. Corey Mondello says:

    Ted Cruz’s Father Suggested His Son Is ‘Anointed’ to Bring About ‘End Time
    Transfer of Wealth’
    Cruz’s Father Campaigns for Son, Christian Rule, and War on the Faithless
    Cruz’s Father Preaches That His Son Is An “Anointed King” Who Will Bring
    The “End Time Transfer Of Wealth”

  12. Taylor Buckley says:

    The ending is gold when they ask his dad about ruling the world 😂😂

  13. hellonearth says:

    18 year old Ted Cruz looks like Sirhan Sirhan

  14. William Wonder says:

    Funny how his name was Felipo when he wanted to get into Princeton as a
    minority and now all american Ted when he wants something else.

  15. Brian Q says:

    This guy, just like Trump said, is a total “nasty maniac”. This is a true

  16. James Paris says:

    at the end is on daddy says he shouldn’t have the job lol

  17. Zen Man says:

    sure hope he doesn’t become President – something very odd about this dude

  18. MooseProductions says:

    God, if you’ve NEVER sarcastically joked about something f*cked up, go
    ahead and hate. Otherwise, you’re being a hypocrite.

  19. Rileigh Hofbauer says:

    Clearly just joking around i probably wouldve said the same thing bc its

  20. The Admiral (Lee) says:

    Vote for TRUMP