The Auction Corvette’s NEW Transmission is INSTALLED! First Powerglide Rip!

The Auction Corvette’s NEW Transmission is INSTALLED! First Powerglide Rip!

Heck yeah… the Auction Corvette is back and better than ever!

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50 Responses

  1. FTS says:

    Somehow James snuggled into all our hearts. I can’t imagine what the channel would be like without him. Well done guys! Your a family!

  2. RH2RACING says:

    Who here wishes they had a James to help them with their car build?

  3. SouthJerseySound says:

    The curse of Samcrac came to visit lol.

  4. bill nalder says:

    That bump in simulation by James was epic!

  5. Jasta315 says:

    Just noticed the blow me sticker at 14:07 LMAO ?

  6. No Budget Racing says:

    When you guys first pulled it in I saw how close that gauge was to the windshield and said to myself man that things gonna crack the windshield one day. Lol well I guess today is the day.

    • zach2beat says:

      No Budget Racing i wanna know who made the gauge because that weight it supported on the gauge is kinda impressive it dint break.

  7. Kevin S. says:

    I had a early childhood friend that had parents that were “obsessed” with Dale Earnhardt. Point of story: They always shouted “Dale Yeah!” Instead of Hell Yeah.

  8. Helping Hand Auto Repair says:

    Damn Garret throwing shade. “We’re so used to you saying senseless stuff.” Shots fired.

  9. BrianScott2133 says:

    That’s freaking awesome, I can’t wait to see Ruby do a pass down the strip. ??

  10. NoCumBacks says:

    I swear I just Cleetus on the pringles flavors commercial for the superbowl

  11. jssouthtx says:

    That oil looks like something out of one of my Atv’s after drowning it in the river.

    • PULSAR ONCLIP says:

      It looked a little milky

    • A Man says:

      +PULSAR ONCLIP I agree, looked milky, I was thinking water or fuel. However the lighting was a bit dim and some oils are a strange colour, they know what there doing so I,m sure it will be okay……for a little while!. On second thoughts are you sure someone didn’t slip a few tins of Mountain Dew in while nobody was looking?

    • Joey_T says:

      +PULSAR ONCLIP its a consequence of running E85

  12. Tennessee Outdoorsman says:

    Rubys got a Trans brake, and is getting a chute and a cage, it won’t be long before she’s snipping at leroys heels

  13. MrDavidelliottjr says:

    Ps. Next time load a 2 hour video so I have something to do while the super bowl is on. Thanks.

  14. Nathan Christopher says:

    I love how you guys don’t waste any time. You build it, blow it up, fix it and repeat as needed. Awesome.

  15. 68camaro86 says:

    Some people watch the super bowl and some people watch Cleetus!

  16. webslingercj says:

    Who else went back to see the tire smoke again and again & AGAIN!!!

  17. Buddy Chubb says:

    I’m watching you guys do burnouts with the new powerglide instead of the Super Bowl.

  18. Chris says:

    25:50 I can’t stop laughing Jeremy is salty

  19. BassManBobBassCovers says:

    Huge fan of your automotive content, but one of the coolest things is seeing how much fun you guys have together.

  20. Jason H says:

    I still wanna see the hood get put back on like Cleetus originally said

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