The Baby Snatcher. Did She Deserve It Or A Victim Herself? Mystery & Makeup GRWM | Bailey Sarian

The Baby Snatcher. Did She Deserve It Or A Victim Herself? Mystery & Makeup GRWM | Bailey Sarian

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Hi my friends, hope you are having a great day today! Oh, I missed you so. I appreciate you all so much for your patience while I disappeared for a minute. I am working on a new series that will be coming here shortly, so I just was giving that a little more attention to get the ball rolling. Probably doesn’t make much sense but, that’s ok! For those of you who left me nasty messages telling me to upload, plz unsubscribe, I really don’t want you here lol. Problem solved.
Today I wanted to talk about a real suspish odd story, its quite sad really. Just all around sad. Would love to hear your guys thoughts down below. Hope you will have a wonderful rest of your week and yes I will be seeing you next week! yay. Love and appreciate you so much!
Make Good Choices
Bailey Sarian

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43 Responses

  1. aaliyah ashley says:

    “But scratch the shxt out of attackers.”
    -Safety PSA by Bailey Sarian

  2. aleisha cisneros says:

    “Get their DNA under your nails!!” My mum raised me with this, she always told me “if someone takes you, you bite, you scratch, you rip out their hair. If they throw you in the car, spit, scratch yourself, rip out your hair, make yourself bleed, pick your nose, rip out your piercings, smush it into the material and stash it in a place only forensics would think to look” just leave as much evidence you possibly can

    • Lu says:

      @Nicole Luce make sure the hair has the root on it 🙂

    • Bfree412 says:

      @Grace Morris in the hidden nooks & crannies, like under carpet, behind stuff, like furniture or car seats under car seats, in door frames, in the door frames where the door shuts, pretty much anywhere that’s hidden from view. If it was me, I’d leave my DNA everywhere I could in case of human error, I’d scratch myself with my fingernails & bleed on anything I could, as long as my hands weren’t tied of course, id also pull my hair out & scatter as much of it as I could. What we see on tv with forensics isn’t necessarily what happens in real life, that scares me!

    • Fatima Mahdi says:

      Horror movies tought me to do that. Me and my sister always say the same,scratch bite anything, tell them who did it, justice

    • Noemi Olmo says:

      My mom also has said this

    • groovystoovie says:

      @Nicole Luce ME TOO! Even my friends’ cars 🤣

  3. stanning legends only says:

    “My initials are B.S… so”

    so unprovoked 😂

  4. Alyssa Cotter says:

    I always watch her before bed, it’s gotten to the point where my bf realized she wasn’t posting and was like “your girl hasn’t posted anything… how’re you hangin in there?” 😂💀

  5. melissa sims says:

    Bailey: Zebulon
    Also Bailey: I’m going to butcher this.. Nordway Holt

  6. Mataria Makeup says:

    Hello Bailey! I’m a thanatologist (mortician) and we go retrieve bodies from the crime scenes. They do not offer therapy and they should.. I’m in Canada and I know they offer therapy to certain policemen in the investigative department, but they very rarely take it. They have one « obligated » session a year!

  7. Niki Amaral says:

    Bailey: “Everyone’s middle name is Marie”
    Me: 😩 “My mom is basic”

  8. Солнечный свет says:

    Advice: scratch your attacker, get as much of their dna or get your dna all over as much as you can
    Me: *sheds more hair than a husky sheds his fur * my hair will be all over the place….. im amazed im not bald

  9. Laura says:

    When you’re pregnant, don’t make any new “friends”

  10. Natalie Kayla says:

    As dean winchester said “demons I get, people are crazy”

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