The Best Desk Setup for $500!

The Best Desk Setup for $500!

The $500 Challenge to create the best custom desk setup that’s perfect for the office, student, gamer, or anyone who enjoys tech!
The Best Desk Setup for $200!

Star Wars Lego Scene!
Intro Track – Porter Robinson – Divinity

The Setup!

Linnmon + Alex Desk ($130)
Philips Hue White Ambiance ($130)
x2 Brightech USB Lamps ($70)
JBL Wireless Bluetooth Desktop ($65)
Poly and Bark Eames Style Molded Chair ($65) ($460)
Cable Management Raceway Strip

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My Gear:

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20 Responses

  1. Tiger Tobi says:

    sind auch deutsche hier ???

  2. Ronak says:

    Please make a dream desk without any budget limit.

  3. Snarky Serpent says:

    Jonathan,can you make a video on how you style your hair? 😀

  4. Areeb Umar says:

    Best tech youtuber ever!!!! I’ve been waiting for this vid for like a solid week….my Sunday went from shit to awesome ty so much

  5. Max Vaskovtsev says:

    +Jonathan Morrison I have been eyeing that IKEA Malm Dark desk for a while, surprised you did not use it in this build! What are your thoughts on that desk?

  6. Jae Vasquez says:

    Jonathan rocking the AlphaBounce’s????

  7. Clym Montgomery says:

    + $3000 Surface Studio 😉
    Otherwise I guess a pen and paper is pretty cheap…

  8. Junhao Law says:

    include that surface studio and it instantly becomes a $4000 – $5000 setup…

  9. Feisal Hagi says:

    The Best Desk Setup for $5000

    You forgot to add the price of the desktop.

  10. Luka :P says:

    Wallpaper link?

  11. Jonathan Morrison says:

    ICYMI: Also went hands on with BLACK AIRPODS!!!

  12. aniket parashar says:

    Jon please reply, you will make my day although the night is rolling in where I live but please reply.

  13. Jake says:

    I have a question. Should i buy the desk from the $200 setup or get the ikea LINNMON. I would like to get the ikea LINNMON/ ALEX combo but theres no ikea where I live and shipping from there is $400.

  14. David Cordova says:

    Some day I’ll be able to afford all of this. For now, just looking at it is pleasing ☺️

  15. Steve Matousek says:

    “it’s not to copy, just to be an inspiration”
    lol fuck that i’m copying it

  16. Sativa Verte says:

    Good job promoting knock offs that artists worked hard to make (i.e. The chair)

  17. peter garrett says:

    I didn’t notice you got on trending!! congrats dude!!!

  18. Hello World says:

    Maybe a desk set up that is multi colored and a desk set up that has more white

  19. Matthew Lopez says:

    These desk setup videos give me so much inspiration for my future desk goals

  20. YoCatto says:

    I could do a lot better and cheaper with one trip to goodwill. Fuck this hipster shit.

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