The Billionaire “Problem”, Black Panther Makes History, SCOTUS Allows Ban, & Crisis in Venezuela…

The Billionaire “Problem”, Black Panther Makes History, SCOTUS Allows Ban, & Crisis in Venezuela…

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89 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Oxfam 00:06 – Oscars 2:31 – TIA 4:17 – Military 5:32 – Venezuela 8:22
    Hi. Hope you’re well. I’m sleepy. I woke up before the morning show went live and then couldn’t stop worrying that the scheduled upload was going to mess up, BUT it did give me time to watch Bohemian Rhapsody so thats a plus. Anyway if you haven’t seen this morning’s extra news deep dive click here:

    • Case White says:

      +ThatRandomSniper they could just switch to foreign banks and investments and sell everything else

    • tilkibazil says:

      when is your kids getting doxed?

    • Grammar Not I Has says:

      I would much rather have a high marginal tax. Definitely higher than 70% for the rich folks.
      If we actually got them to pay their taxes as they should we wouldn’t need to discuss funding for public healthcare or education.

      If i remember correctly some of the best ecobomic years in the usa had a 90% marginal tax rate.

    • DysfunctionalBubble says:

      You helped to harm that kid. You won’t defend that kid who is a victim. You won’t call out the hate group that was slandering him, and you wont call out that lying native man. You are a monster who hates truth.

    • ThatRandomSniper says:

      +Case White 1) Don’t allow monetary transfers to foreign banks in large amounts 2) If they go through all that work to avoid taxes, arrest them.
      3) Historically, what you are saying has never happened when tax rates are increased.

  2. james d says:

    Infinity war WAS the better movie BUT calling black panther overrated sounds like one of those people who see something that became massively famous in what seemed like seconds and hate on it because that.

    • Troy Stuart says:

      Or maybe it is overrated. It’s a good film, I’d give it 7/10 but it’s nothing amazing.

    • Kasim Bilal says:

      +Sensei Pwn yeah and the cgi as well
      black panther had the worst cgi

    • Elijah Lawrence says:

      Definitely an overrated movie

    • mayle2010 says:

      Black Panther won $1.3 billion at the worldwide box office to become the ninth highest-grossing film of all time and was crowned the biggest domestic earner for 2018, becoming just the third film in history to win more than $700 million domestically. And I like how folks call the movie overratted when it’s one of the rare marvel movie to have a great villian. Plus a villian that sways the hero’s view point none the less!

    • Novaseth says:

      IHaveCripplingDepression a run of the mill marvel movie is having some guy having special powers and then you go through a whole training montage on how he uses his powers. Black panther only has his fighting skills and the power from a plant he receives because he’s a king. The movie I felt was different from the rest and the only reason why infinity war was some what better was because everyone’s favorite hero was in it.

  3. Adrian Rodriguez says:

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents on the issue of the tax rates, which i think I have some insight on as I have a degree in economics and finance and work as an economic advisor to financial planning firms. The correlation of investment and tax rate is almost 0, meaning there is no correlation. The rich and wealthy will not stop seeking a return on investment, as long as there is still money to be made. In addition, more wealth does not equal more investment. On the flip side, less taxes on the middle and lower classes, increases consumption, which creates more opportunity for investment, and economic growth. The last time we had exceptional economic growth was actually when tax rates used to as high as what AOC was proposing, before Reagan took office.

    To you guys that are arguing that its like taking from the rich and giving to the poor, that’s exactly right. Equality in income and access to resources and opportunity is the biggest determinant of economic growth. Think about it, if the population is better educated, innovation will become more prevalent. If less people were going bankrupt from healthcare costs, they’d be able to consume more things that they’d actually prefer having, which creates incentives for entrepreneurs to invest and produce. If our infrastructure was built well, then commerce can be conducted for cheaper, and investment will increase. ive been reading an insightful book called “why nations fail” which touches on this topic a bit.

    If you look at the supply side, you can give a rich person a tax cut, but if the conditions for investments are reducing forecasted return (ie unemployment, consumption), then investment is unlikely to happen.

    • Adrian Rodriguez says:

      +Orangutan I think youre confusing corporate tax with income tax. Income tax can’t really be dodged by moving to tax havens, because income tax is paid based on the company paying you. You can’t really receive a pay check unless you are a citizen of the US, or the company has a presence in the place that they live in.

      In the US for example, companies cant hire someone from Germany to work for them, without them having a work permit, to work here. Now they can hire that person if the company jumps through all the hoops, and opens locations in Germany, then they can hire that person.

      So if a person renounces their citizenship here, they wouldnt be able to receive the income from the company that they started/work for.

    • Orangutan says:

      Adrian Rodriguez or they could just hire them illegally ???

    • Adrian Rodriguez says:

      +Orangutan They can move their wealth though, but again, if they still have a home, and live in the US they have to pay US taxes on the income that the wealth generates. I pay income tax on the rental income I receive from the house I own in the Dominican Republic. If I were to renounce my citizenship, I would not be able to work for the company I do now.

    • Adrian Rodriguez says:

      +mark p As an advisor, I manage investments. In economics, we are not referencing investments made into the financial markets, we are talking about investments into technology, and new businesses.

      However, what you are referencing is called unrealized gains. It basically means that you do not pay taxes until you sell your asset, because you can’t be taxed based on the ownership of a company, but you can be taxed based on the income that that asset generates for you, and you use it for yourself. Ask your well off friends what will happen when they start selling their investments to buy things like houses, or for retirement, they will pay the income tax based on what the gain was on what they sold.

      Wages stagnated because their hasn’t been any pressure to increase them. Their is pressure to increase profits but not wages. Paying people what they are worth is a subjective measure. The solution is to tax corporations in a way that gives them incentives to increase pay. In my masters program, I wrote a thesis called the incetivized tax cut for corporations.

    • Daniel Wells says:

      +mark p you pay workers more and the price of goods goes up. That top 1% phillip defranco is talking about are just sitting on their riches hoarding it. In havens like luxenburg to have it inherited by their idiot children example Trump. The saddest thing is each day the rich get richer and the poor get poorer all because of their gluttonous greed.

  4. The Yung Critic says:

    Mid90s by Jonah Hill and Eighth Grade by Bo Burnham are the two best movies of the year. Disney and netflix both went hard on the best movie campaigns which allowed for these two great movies to be overlooked

  5. Julia Lee says:

    To everyone saying that infinity war should be nominated over black panther, what you need to keep in mind is that not everyone is a marvel super fan. If you went into infinity war without watching most of marvels recent movies, The movie has nowhere near the same appeal. I am of the opinion that infinity war worked for marvel fans because you saw a lot of characters and there were a bunch of jokes about different characters interacting with each other, it’s most definitely an interesting story but it’s far from being academy award winning. There’s a reason that only three sequels have been nominated for best picture, most sequels only work if you have the context of the world and unfortunately infinity war only works if you have the context of the Marvel cinematic universe.

    • Somnath Halder says:

      black panther isn’t that much of a standalone one either. Black Panther himself, Vibranium, Wakanda, Gollum etc were sprinkled in other MCU movies. Obviously, you are entitled to your own opinion like the academy, but if we were going by this metric, still Infinity War stands above BP because of its overarching standalone plot. Not saying Infinity War should’ve been nominated. TDK is still far superior. Just arguing your insinuation that Infinity War worked because of its Cinematic Universe context, and Black Panther didn’t need that.

    • The Over/UnderThinker says:

      Disney pushed Black Panther more, so it got the nomination. Pretty simple.

    • achanwahn says:

      This is true. I am a fan & I had to watch it 3 times to really get all the details and enjoy it

    • Chiyedza Zunzanyika says:

      Julia Lee exactly!

    • victor jo says:

      Nice spin.

  6. Joshua George says:

    Black Panther was a fantastic movie, but infinity war, ragnarok, dead pool 2, r all just as good if not better. Just shows how much of a popularity contest this is. But either way they get shit for it.

  7. Zamasu says:

    I’d prefer they crack down on deductions and offsets, this is the real problem. So many loopholes to avoid paying tax.

    • tugger says:

      Have to make them pay tax before eliminating the bloom of loopholes that ensue

    • chetzmom 4 says:

      The “cracking down on Loopholes,” is a false argument. Every politician who claims that would help, has NEVER done it.
      If you are against increased taxes on the MegaRich, I would ask WHY are you protecting them? Are you MegaRich yourself?

    • soapsudbud says:

      Marginal taxes absolutely should increase on the rich and be reduced for the lower/middle class, and regressive taxes should be minimized in favor of taxes like Land Value Tax to encourage the growth of the middle class.

  8. Valentin Postolachi says:

    am I the only one who still was hopping for a quick note of excuses for the boys in yesterday video? Everyone seems to forget so quickly

    • Cless says:

      Phillip= Blind Liberal

    • Barkin Bryce says:

      Cless and you are a blind conservative

    • Valentin Postolachi says:

      +Barkin Bryce what does being conservative or not matter here.. everyone should take responsibility for their actions regardless of personal orientation

    • Paraquito says:

      Everyone is forgetting because it was stupid news in the first place. Why should anyone give a shit about any of them? The boys weren’t innocent, they willing went with political motivations so they got what everyone who does that gets. Reaction. They were also acting stupid. It’s old news.

  9. Mephistophelolz says:

    Regarding the Black Panther situation. I think its very telling that the only major category that it was nominated for was “Best Picture”. So, ok. It was good enough for the title of best film of the year, but not because of its direction, screenplay, cinematography, editing, or any of its major actors. So what about it specifically makes it one of the best films of the year? Its costume design? Score? Sound mixing? Like, I enjoyed the movie but this is getting silly.

    • Agassiz Alves says:

      I never saw a movement so coordinated to shun a movie that was nominated for Best Picture, even when there were a lot of bad films deserving a chance in previous years, like American Hustle, Bohemian Rhapsody, Lion, American Sniper, Imitation Game, Philomena and etc.

      And one last thing about Black Panther: the audiences loved the film (1.3 billion worldwide and 700 million dollars only in the United States, being the third best box office of all time); the critics praised the movie (it got 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and 88 on Metacritic, both numbers ABOVE The Dark Knight, for example) and ultimately, the picture was recognized by the Academy. I don’t know how many barriers and approval the movie need. The American Film Institute chose as one of ten best movies of the year!!!!!!

      It was a hit on the audience, critics and the artists/specialists.
      I love Infinity War, but this last one don’t have the 1/3 of the same achievements Black Panther had.

      Black Panther deserve to be a Best Picture nominee.

    • Frosty says:

      Agassiz Alves I agree that off of what you stated, it should get a nomination. But in my opinion, there’s just something that I can’t put my finger on that doesn’t make it that good of a movie. But hey all types of movies get nominated all the time ??‍♂️.

    • Paget Vido says:

      Academy awards are corrupt, they nominees and winners are usually the give the most gifts to the judges. Adam Ruins Everything did an episode on it. Most people in such flashy industries are easily swayed by bribary, Fendi handbags aren’t cheap.

    • Trust Me I'm the Bloody Crow says:

      A movie that kills in the box office isnt necessarily oscar worthy, smart one.

    • Trust Me I'm the Bloody Crow says:

      It definitely did not deserve a higher score than dark knight.

  10. Anal Liberation says:

    Let’s be real, the Black Panther nomination is strictly political.
    America has no choice but to praise it, because doing otherwise would be to go against “black empowerment”.
    If the characters were white then people would have seen it for what it is, just another generic superhero movie.
    I’m convinced Black Panthers success is entirely reliant on racial tension in America. Change my mind.

    • Mr-Ducky says:

      Trust Me I’m the Bloody Crow this has nothing to do with politics lmao. It’s a great movie. The ones I see complaining about the movie are angry white people

    • David Fitzsimmons says:

      +Noah Miranda nothing new about that sadly. Citizen Kane was snubbed of it’s Oscar in the 40s because of politics of the director pissed the rest of Hollywood off. If that happened to the Citizen Kane of Citizen Kanes, it will happen to anything.

    • that-one-guy from-that-one-movie says:

      @Salama Wait, this just did a 360. Now I can’t tell if *I’M* being trolled or not.
      You didn’t just confuse Michael B. Jordan with Michael Jordan unjokingly, did you?

      Either way, my point was that it’s all just personal opinion, and Michael *B* Jordan was already in a string of popular movies leading up to BP. Not saying he was the reason it won, just saying that he definitely got it bonus points. If the races were different, the actors would be different, therefore the experience would be different and it wouldn’t be the same movie. Would it be nominated then? Who the hell knows? It’s such a broad statement to make. But it’s kind of bothersome that this movie’s getting the “Just because you’re black” treatment when the fact that they’re black wasn’t even important or EVEN BROUGHT UP except like twice.

      Might be hard to believe, but some movies might just be liked because they’re liked. Nobody would be burning down buildings had it lost. It’s a fucking movie, not a historical moment.

    • Mr-Ducky says:

      Trust Me I’m the Bloody Crow too bad lol

    • ‹depression autopilot› says:

      DominatorTV DominatorTV People are complaining about the *quality* of the movie, _not_ the fact that it is a black-audience-driven film. There’s nothing wrong with having positive, POC-empowering films, but if a film is average at best it does not deserve to receive an award just because it involves a marginalized group; that would be the epitome of *pandering.* I don’t want a movie to win an award just because it has actors or directors who are the same color as me; if we want a statement to be made then the _atleast_ both the actors and script have to be top-notch. Those two things must blow critics out of the water. If I don’t care whether or not the movie wins awards, and just wish to chill while watching a fun movie, it’s fine for it to _just_ be an enjoyable but average movie. I watch lots of those for fun, and no one cares if people want to do that. They care because films that win these awards _should_ have something about them that is f*cking fantastic and magical, not because it was easy to push people to vote for it because it pandered to a certain group where tension was high at that point in time. Enjoy it, absolutely, but don’t say an average film deserves an award.

  11. Definitely Not Awkward says:

    I think female directors aren’t not voted for BECAUSE they’re female. I think they’re not voted for because there are very little of them

    • Zero Todona says:

      Definitely Not Awkward there has never been a “James Cameron” female director yet. You have to really go for it. You have to pick or write one hell of a script. Most great female writers make books only. 50 shades was literally a twilight fan fiction erotic novel.

    • Tyler says:

      I agree, it is hard to really take it as a serious issue until their is an undeniably brilliant piece, made by a female director, that gets snubbed. So far that has not been the case.

  12. Danielmeir says:

    There are venzualains who play old school runescape and farm gold to real world trade to pay their bills and buy food irl. Like a lot of them.. playing a video game and selling the gold for a few dollars is more money they make in a week in an office than a few days on a pc game. Nice job venzualia.

  13. Bound4Earth says:

    The lack of female director nominations is simple, there are vastly less female directors. Sorry if you thought Wonder Woman was the best movie ever. It was very good, but groundbreaking in any sense it was not. Name the female director that you think deserves this award for some amazing masterpiece last year. I cannot think of any and maybe I am wrong. Maybe you should focus on a movie instead of making baseless claims like no women, focus on this movie directed by this woman should be nominated. Every time I hear women snubbed again, it makes me think of Ghostbusters. A failed thought process because you are focusing on talentless garbage humor instead of the smart, witty humor that and actual lovable characters (that had actual flaws) that made the originals classic. Stop focusing on garbage that misses every point and help us focus on what is wrong. No female nomination comments help no one, especially feminism. So shut the fuck up if your ignorant brain cannot help direct people to the movie or example that should have been nominated. You are just as much the issue here.

  14. Rhino Gaming says:

    If you think the Oscars are about how good/bad a movie is, you are too naive for this world.

  15. Andreas Savvides says:


    • Laryd Bowie says:

      Are they killing off the only capable people to produce food in their nation again?

    • Schaemia says:

      +Laryd Bowie worse. They’re killing and violently suppressing their own citizens and cutting off the internet so nobody knows what’s going on.

  16. Agent Texes says:

    Black Panther was a sub par movie.

    T’Challa was boring and every scene predominantly about him was weak.

    Every other character was written better and every other actor acted better.

    The story only started to rise when M’Baku and Killmonger entered the scene and then nosedived once Killmonger explained his rational and the fact that everyone was fine with a known murder, mercenary for hire, and a thief of Wakandan tech to the point that they LITERALLY fought in a small civil war when he declared war on the world and attempted to undo everything that had kept the Wakandan’s way of life peaceful and idyllic.

    If it was just a few more degrees worse it would be on par with Green Lantern.

    The writers did a terrible job, and the director did a poor job too.

    It was a disappointment and was only a success because it was a new super hero movie and because of the black cast rather than on the merits of the writers, director, and actors.

    • The SN says:

      +achanwahn   yeah, they were so bad that ALL movies from The séries that came after, BEAT the previous ones Record.
      Rised Hugh Jackman’s status and they Just made 3 Others movies with him… And like another 7 movies after them.
      They were big Budget before watching these kind of movies became “Cool”, before ALL the overhype, the overreaction and before watching these kind of movies “make you cool”…
      So, shut the fuck up, Go back to watch you faggot ass anime.
      LMAO ?

    • SirRosing says:

      +TecnicStudios Sorry you are wrong, Spawn came before Blade.

    • TecnicStudios says:

      +SirRosing thank you. Basically my point is that the whole hype that “it’s the first superhero movie starring a black protagonist” is false.

    • SirRosing says:

      TecnicStudios I believe it’s a small amount that say that, and others just echoes it.

    • Ron Simiyu says:

      You are clearly just a hater. The director did an incredible job, the vfx was iffy, but all the other shots were incredible.

  17. BraziBros says:

    Avengers Infinity Wars was significantly better than Black Panther…

  18. Lucas Davenport says:

    Oh come on. Black Panther was a politically motivated pick.

    • Ttyy Ghgd says:

      Lucas Davenport I hope bohemian Rhapsody wins

    • mayle2010 says:

      Black Panther won $1.3 billion at the worldwide box office to become the ninth highest-grossing film of all time and was crowned the biggest domestic earner for 2018, becoming just the third film in history to win more than $700 million domestically. And plus no one expected the moive to preform this well which is part of why it’s nominated.

    • Carefree Lotus says:

      +mayle2010 Are you saying Black Panther got specifically picked because it earned a lot of money? The oscars never cared for such a thing, we never got other marvel movies that also did stupid well, or movies like fast and furious, transformers, etc. If it was about earnings why not picking Infinity war? The oscars have been criticized before for lacking diversity and shit, I think it’s pretty safe to say this was a political pick, the movie is just another marvel movie, it brings nothing new to the formula they had.

    • CTomalty says:

      TecnicStudios he’s not wrong, it’s politically motivated because of race lol

    • TecnicStudios says:

      +Carefree Lotus racially motivated*

  19. OPEN MIND says:

    Pfff… Black Panther in my opinion in nowhere near being the best movie of last year…. compared to the dark knight this movie is a joke.

  20. audrey1053 says:

    *For the Black Panther nomination:*
    *Remember when Avatar was nominated?!*

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