The Bipartisan Pastime Of Harassing Women

The Bipartisan Pastime Of Harassing Women

Stephen’s monologue takes aim at sexual misconduct happening on both sides of the aisle.

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105 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Schrader says:

    Much love from all your fans in India Stephen! You’re big here ❤

  2. Woody Would says:

    More women in Congress and in positions of power should help combat sexual misconduct.

    • Leah Dijon says:

      Research proves that gender equality DOES lessen sexual violence.

    • Leah Dijon says:

      Axel Tenveils Actually it does. Research shows that sexual violence is directly related to gender inequality.
      Do some research before spouting bullshit

    • Leah Dijon says:

      biostarkick7 Yeah, though about 90% of sexual predators are men.

    • DeclaringPond 22 says:

      Leah Dijon Guess we should arrest 90% of all men, you know, just to be safe.

    • Gtl Ridge says:

      +Mary Hunter No you get the same thing actually. I guess everyone forgets about how these teachers who molest and take advantage of highschool boys are usually always females lol. And it’s proven that most companies with Females in the manager position go bankrupt lol. This is how you can tell the people who only sit on the internet typing away from those in the real world. Real women, that is gorgeous well functioning women can care less about your feminist BS. It’s ugly people’s cope. That’s why every single one of those accusers are always unnattractive. That’s why every single one of crazy feminist like you are unnattractive. Taking out the hand you were dealt on beautiful people and people in much better positions than you.

  3. Jim's videos says:

    Franken x Weinstein = Frankenstein, what a universe.

    • Ron Burgundy says:

      i mean read the fucking articel instead of going with the hysteria. CK asked 2 women – they declined- he didnt pull his dick out
      1 didnt decline, and the other 2 women FOLLOWED HIM FREELY TO HIS! hotel room after they went for a drink. and then THEY LAUGHED AT his pathetic action and stayed, no physical force whatsoever etc..and now they cry suddenly??? + he wasnt fucking darth vader his showbiz powers dont force your body he never touched them in HIS hotel room ( at least try to argue with the milgram experiment). use your fucking ability for visual hypothesis and constructs ffs
      all 5 women are driven by ONE shorthair libel-law pill popping feminist

    • Rob Cooper says:

      Franken x Weinstein = Frankenstein bum Bum BUUUUUMMMM!

    • Richard Whitehead says:

      You win today.

    • Rachel Trainor says:

      Ron Burgundy Yeah, the Louie thing has me angry. He asked for consent every time… he had no power over them, fame doesn’t make asking for consent harassment- they were fellow comedians that didn’t work for him. His career shouldn’t be destroyed because he ASKED people if they would be interested in participating in his kink.

    • Katy D says:

      That sounds like a bad fanfiction

  4. Reina Weinstock says:

    With this many high profile sexual harassers…. think about how many low profile sexual harassers there are

    • Francesca huawei says:

      I’m not surprised because I’m a woman and I’ve seen the reality. at least now this behaviour is receiving televised attention, they should focus on what you just mentioned

    • Ana García says:

      Reina Weinstock Exactly

    • AllCommiesCanEatShit andDie says:

      Reina Weinstock Working for a liberal mayors office must suck. Literally.

    • Mictla says:

      More than you want to know. It happens everyday in this country, this whole nation is sick. Imagine if everyone went forward both male and female who have been harassed at some point in their life on the same day. There should be a national just come out and say it day.

  5. Crushenator500 says:

    Republican hit job against Franken for holding their feet to the fire. Roger stone was talking about this the day before it was released, and the accuser is a birther that’s close to Hannity and fox news. As soon as Franken requested an ethics hearing against himself, she backed away from her allegations and said not to do this. Her photographic evidence of “groping” isn’t exactly ironclad either, considering she’s wearing ceramic plate armor and he isn’t even touching her. This is a transparent right wing attempt at character assassination.

  6. S. G. says:

    Moore – Creep in general
    Franken – made a mistake and apologized

  7. random_girl says:

    Dont forget the Trump administration’s decision to loosen restrictions around the import of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia! Reversing yet another one of the Obama administration’s bans, I wonder why?
    It’s a well known fact the Donald’ s own family have connection to the controversial sport. It’s disgusting and shouldn’t be ignored!

    • fl00d says:

      TRUMP HUNT ANYONE? I would fucking skullfuck that piece of shit

    • Suzy Siviter says:

      fl00d: I like what you did there; mixing your love for necrophilia with your deep routed incomprehensible hatred for Trump.

    • Donald Pearson says:

      Gauss24 blame trump for your pathetic life? FUCK YOU!!!

    • patrialibre12 says:

      random_girl is a gift for his rich family and friends now that they will be saying “merry Christmas “ again… God help us all…

    • xavier starks says:

      You should read the actual bill before trashing him. All this ban did was stop the sport from 2 countries and you could still bring trophies from other African states into the US. I don’t support either side but facts are facts so this unban doesn’t really affect anything

  8. camelshit says:

    trump, several accusations of sexual harassment against him including rape: acceptable to play a real president
    Kevin Spacey, several accusations of sexual harassment against him: not acceptable to play a fictional president

  9. Kategari says:

    Bill Maher summed up the difference really well last week – liberals arrest their sexual predators, conservatives elect them.

    • SFO14 says:

      @Chris Chan
      The difference was Lewinsky took Bill into her mouth like she was receiving the holy communion, meaning “between consenting adults!!” (unlike catholic priests and GOP politicians who prefer underripe fruit).

    • Vagrant Vagabond says:

      Kind of wish Maher got arrested for this but that would mean more than just his ex-wife would have to suffer his presence.

    • Donald Pearson says:

      SFO14 of course you would agree that a married president coercing a young intern into having sex, in the oval office no less, is a little unseemly. “No man, that’s cool. BJ got a BJ in the oval office yeah.” Thanks to his wife. Hello dipshit

    • Njabulo Moratioa says:

      Everyone here is a monster. Sexual assault shouldn’t be treated as a partisan issue, it’s sexual assault. What the fuck is wrong with all of you?

    • Johnny Mnemonic says:

      Bill Clinton was arrested? Harvey Weinstein was arrested? Al Franken was arrested? Kevin Spacey was arrested? Charlie Sheen Was arrested? Ohh, wait… none of them were arrested!

  10. 223Drone says:

    Just so you know Trump said Franken was a sick person even though Trump himself bragged about sexually harassing women on the Access Hollywood tape.

  11. TONY says:

    Dotard Trump victims of sexual misconduct:
    Jessica Leeds (1980s)
    Kristin Anderson (1990s)
    Cathy Heller (1997)
    Temple Taggart McDowell (1997)
    Karena Virginia (1998)
    Mindy McGillivray (2003)
    Rachel Crooks (2005)
    Natasha Stoynoff (2005)
    Jessica Drake (2006)
    Ninni Laaksonen (2006)
    Burnett’s unnamed friend (2010)
    Cassandra Searles (2013)
    Bridget Sullivan (2000)
    Tasha Dixon (2001)
    Unnamed contestants (2001)
    Samantha Holvey (2006)

    • Christopher Michael says:

      TONY U mean Dotard Drumpf

    • Adam Alva says:

      how long can you believe everything against them is all fake news lmao

    • CN What I'm Saiyan? says:


    • Gtl Ridge says:

      Lmao and wheres the proof? You lot were ready to call Ben Affleck out for fondeling a reporter who was actually apart of the whole thing. Yall need a life. @Adam Alva Because everyone in this generation isn’t brainless like you are, everyone doesn’t take tabloids and what CNN says a direct fact especially after Trump as well as various other people have all exposed the mainstream media for being nothing but liars. Your “ties with Russia” bullshit didn’t get Trump, so now you’re coming up with some other bs. Never seen anyone so desperate. If you’re trying to convince people the left is right, you’re doing a bad job by convincing the rest of us you’re psychopaths and sociopaths.

    • TeamChaosPrez says:

      Not to mention his first wife, Ivana Trump, claims that he raped her in 1989.

  12. 1128ca Mbq says:

    The left condemns its sexual offenders; the right elects them into office.

  13. Richard Willford says:

    Wow, American politics are getting more dignified by the day. I thought you hit rock bottom when Trump said he preferred soldiers who don’t get captured. That was two years ago.

    • Richard Willford says:

      +Suzy Siviter
      Your feelings for Clinton totally mirror mine. However…
      Globalism in large part comes from gradual technological development. Among other things – and most importantly – this has led to a global economy. How do you propose to turn back globalism? Shall we switch off the Internet? Cut off the banking system? Stop trading? Outlaw mobile phones?
      Globalism in itself isn’t the problem. The problem is that all laws are national. For that reason we have to work INTERNATIONALLY to get laws in place that contain the negative aspects of a global economy.
      Trump has a different solution: Isolating America, while putting Goldman Sachs in charge of the Treasury.

    • Suzy Siviter says:

      Richard Willford: I agree, its like a comedy show, all the misinformed in society are now revealing themselves on the net: the SWJ’s, BLM’s, Antifa snowflakes. Its interesting that the average demographic for these groups are lonely boys and girls, likes Anime, plays Consoles, and have a unhealthy obsession with Colbert and Kimmel whilst smoking weed.

    • Richard Willford says:

      +Suzy Siviter
      I think you have to acknowledge that threats currently come from three directions: Left, right and above. Postmodernist neo-Marxists, Putinists (like Trump and Orban) and Islam. They’re all equally bad and offer no solutions. Our democratic institutions are miracles, so let’s keep honing them, instead of letting idiots and authoritarians tear them down. Our main stream politicians need a kick in the balls and start working for the people. WITHIN the framework of current institutions, and BY the rule of law.

    • Ron Burgundy says:

      interesting.. caroline and suzy are the first wave of altright-feminists..what about pepes rapeculture lol ?you are finally arriving at your nancy-reagan/hillary state of censoring behavioristic PC culture faggots 🙂 you r the best lol sanders warren 2020 he will drink blood from the manchurian skull with bottom up ripples of doom. you cant stop the historic cycle of FDR with trolls and a limited 4bit STM;)

  14. ThE DuCk says:

    If it feels like the government is full of old pervs, it’s because it is .Trump is the oldest president in U.S. history at age 71. With no term limitations in congress or statehouses and lifetime appointments to the SCOTUS — our government has reached the age of dementia .

    • Sitting on Ceilings says:

      That’s kind of agist, you know?

    • Joseph Lawrence says:

      Very well said.

    • RytimusPrimeReviews says:

      “Id weather have a government of old pervs than you young’ns dancing the disco/listening to hard rock(depending when you were born) running this country” your grandparents probably. Not everyone in a generation is the same and thanks to the internet all you get to see is the dumbass’ and parental failures of this generation and none of the decent kids who have grown up in one of the most politically decisive points in recent years and actually see and give two damns about the world at large

    • ThePatriot Atheist says:

      Ronald Regan was the oldest president. Trump is the oldest elected into office. He will not pass Regan because he won’t be elected a second term evidentially and Regan served for 8 years

    • Joseph Lawrence says:

      Maybe, just maybe your generation of politicians should not be a crazy bunch of a**holes, then a younger generation would be inspired to seek leadership roles, instead of being looked upon as a convenient receptacle for whatever. Come on, they are perverts, no one can try to justify their actions.

  15. HerkimerSnerd says:

    Tweeden is a Trump supporting Hannity regular on the Fox News payroll. I would take what she says about the kiss with a grain of salt. Franken says he remembers it differently, and I believe him. Yes, the picture was stupid and immature, but he does not appear to be literally groping anyone through their Kevlar body armor. Generally you would not pose for photos when you are engaged in actual sexual assault. If Franken was a Republican, Tweeden would be slut shamed by conservatives for being a Playboy model, and they would rally around him. Such gross hypocrisy. If this turns out to be a pattern of behavior by Franken, I will be the first to condemn him, but I don’t think that will happen. It’s a Roger Stone inspired diversion from Roy Moore and the Pussy Grabber in Chief.

    • Leah Dijon says:

      You need to stop doubting victims. You are no better than the alt right doing this same thing.
      It doesn’t matter what kind of person she is.
      And Frankens mere posing like that is sexual harassment. Legally sexual harassment does not require physical contact.

    • Leah Dijon says:

      nickymarch2914 But that is still sexual harassment. Legal sexual harassment does not require physical contact. It was meant to degrade her sexually. Its illegal.
      Dont defend this behavior, your acting like the alt right.

    • Rob Cooper says:

      This exactly. It was a dick move to take that pic, but it was clearly a joke. Not sexual assault for sure.

    • SFO14 says:

      Every case needs to be looked at based on its individual merits. Weinstein, Trump and Moore…I’d say they’re all scumbags. 

      However, Franken’s picture was clearly a bad joke. Also, how do we know she was actually sleeping and not in on the joke? They were on a USO Tour together after all. 

      Additionally, she admitted to receiving a script with details of a “kissing scene” several days prior to the “incident”. She hasn’t made any explicit statements objecting to the scene, and has actually said “she went along with it”. Bitch is looking for some attention, nothing more.

  16. Abraham Lincoln says:

    This allegation against Franken smells of bullshit.
    He was clearly doing that for comedic effect and that wasn’t even groping. It is at best inappropriate not sexual harassment. What groping over a Kevlar? Gimme a fucking break.
    And she was silent all this while? And he kissed too right?

    • AllCommiesCanEatShit andDie says:

      Abraham Lincoln PICTURES.

    • Sitting on Ceilings says:

      So true. It’s the Republicans that are the sickos. Franken is just a way for the Right to deflect blame and demonize the Left. Don’t be fooled, he did nothing wrong.

    • Fahrenheit4051 says:

      Yeah. Kevlar is thin and flexible. Its bulletproof properties come from how difficult it is to stretch.

    • Melissa says:

      I gotta agree. I always believe the women, but this is bs. It was on par with drawing a dick on a passed out persons face. Definitely silly behavior, but by no means sexually predatory behavior. The kiss stuff sounds bs too, they were already rehearsing a kiss scene, not like he just jumped her.

    • Katzbynite says:

      Stop trying to make this more then what the picture showed. It did not show she was sexual assaulted. It showed he might have touched her but one cannot clearly discern from a photo. So the faux outrage over a fucking picture is just that! She said a kissing incident happened one way he said another, after 8 fucking years she now goes on tv with this? Really? She even admitted she went along with kiss, it was a script and she was/is an adult who could have refused the kiss, script or she could have reported it. So for all you females who always want to side with these females who failed to come forward they are just as guilty as the person whom they are accusing for they allowed these people they are accusing to do it to others. Miss me with this feminist bullshyt of always blaming others but not looking at how their silence helped to facilitate the misconduct years later. Don’t give me this juvenile bullshyt of victim blaming because I am going to blame those who had the opportunity years, decades ago to come forward and tell if it was so bad as they claim. How many people who are REALLY sexually assaulted or abused will be more fearful of coming out because of this damn circus? GTFOHWTBS!!

  17. Hal Jordan says:

    When I said that I wanted politicians to ‘reach across the aisle’, I didn’t mean that they should literally reach across the aisle for people’s breasts.

    • Kim Jong Fun says:

      Gotta say murica is such a weird place. For the left, you have to be like a saint, even if you make a bad taste joke, you are out, you are sexually assaulting a woman even though you aren’t even touching her, your whole career could be ruined over this. But for the right, the sky is the limit, you can rape a 13-year-old girl, you can commit treason and then still get elected to the White House.

    • BlueBaron3339 says:

      Yeah, but the Frankin thing is silly. The sight gag was that imagining you can grope a Playboy model THROUGH A FLAK JACKET is funny. Sorry, it’s funny. He’s not even touching the damned flak jacket. And Frankin can’t say she’s lying about the kiss. He’s forced to say he “remembers it differently.” And how did Roger Stone know at 1AM, the morning before the accusation was made, that it would be made? Sure, she’s a victim.

    • Me Drumpf Me Smart Bigly says:

      I love how the same youtube accounts who were fiercely defending Roy Moore yesterday are now calling for Al Franken’s resignation, their blatant hypocrisy is off the chart lol.

    • Carl Bowden says:

      Trump reaches underneath the table.

    • Marijuana Saves Lives says:

      She said yes to the kiss.

  18. Miss Amazon says:

    These old men have been free and clear doing their sex assaults for the last 30/40years!! Jerry Sandusky, Bill Cosby, trump, Franken, Weinstein, Spacey…not to mention all the ones that have passed away….what were THEY up too? They are ALL millionaires except trump who says he is a billionaire!! Bunch of MONSTERS!!!

    • Rick Hiller says:

      AND TO THINK — as repulsive as Roy Moore is — an immoral, lying, petty, spiteful, pseudo-christian, theocratic, anti-Constitutional, science denying, ammosexual, misogynistic, self-righteous, unapologetic, deluded pedophile — cowboy Roy is still a Boy Scout compared to lifelong criminally insane Trump — a pathological lying, sexual assaulting, pussy grabbing, child raping, fraud, con man, and entitlement class, lazy, ignorant, bigoted, narcissistic, sociopathic, science denying, Putin/Russian Mob owned, Nazi-sympathizing, racist, fascist, anti-democratic, oligarchic, traitor Trump.  
      Dotard Trump victims of sexual misconduct:
      Jessica Leeds (1980s)
      Kristin Anderson (1990s)
      Cathy Heller (1997)
      Temple Taggart McDowell (1997)
      Karena Virginia (1998)
      Mindy McGillivray (2003)
      Rachel Crooks (2005)
      Natasha Stoynoff (2005)
      Jessica Drake (2006)
      Ninni Laaksonen (2006)
      Burnett’s unnamed friend (2010)
      Cassandra Searles (2013)
      Bridget Sullivan (2000)
      Tasha Dixon (2001)
      Unnamed contestants (2001)
      Samantha Holvey (2006)
      Roy Moore threatened a few girls…Whereas Trump has also threatened many women and girls, but also threatens the lives and prosperity of ALL Americans and of ALL of our children, our Democracy, environment, education, health care, wages, bill of rights, and our Constitution…. 


      Trump is 100% ILLEGITIMATE because of he and his associates’ illegal collusion and conspiracy against the USA with Trump’s hero, mentor, and boss Putin. Trump no more represents the American People than Putin himself. Americans best learn to not be so naive and easily manipulated by Russian propaganda, “oft-repeated” by Putin’s massive army of illegal hackers and trolls who are STILL polluting and manipulating the political dialogue of America

    • the last wild one says:

      Tell us how you really feel Rick  BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! well said well writing.   (((>>” STONE COLD KOOL!!!”<<)))

    • janderson9413 says:

      They’re all monster, but you can’t honestly say they’re all the same. You can’t honestly say what Al Franken did was as bad as what Jerry Sandusky did. I’m not excusing his horrible actions, but Jerry RAPED CHILDREN.

    • BlueBaron3339 says:

      The Frankin thing shows we’ve gone too far. Oh, the trauma that poor woman endured. Afterward she ended up groping herself!

    • Dak Lamerbusch says:

      Rick Hiller “ammosexual.” LUUUUUULZ!!!!:D

  19. Marius Taylor says:

    So according to Alabama all i need to run for office is GLASSES and HEMORRHOIDS??? DAFAQ???

  20. Ashmita Nandy says:

    OMG the complete monologue is uploaded as one clip?!?! Instead of a million 2-minute clips??? Bless the intern who didn’t give a fuck!! Thank you, intern!!

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