The Bizarre Pocket Chair – Does It Suck?

The Bizarre Pocket Chair – Does It Suck?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) — Today’s Mystery Video –
Sitpack (USA Link) –
Sitpack (International) –

This thing is called the Sitpack. It’s a very strange seat that fits in your pocket.

Info from the manufactuer –

Sitpack’s one of a kind telescopic mechanism allows for extreme compatibility, and portability, designed it to be quick and easy to use! For the first time ever it’s truly hassle free to bing a seat for resting while on the go – fold and unfold it in seconds, and your ready to keep moving…

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20 Responses

  1. Yiancel Acevedo says:

    I would rather sit on the floor than have that thing sticking up in my ass

  2. Switching Gears says:

    I could see someone trying this at a concert and people running by and
    kicking it out from under them ahahaha

  3. Javier Alvarez says:

    I stand up and wipe, I thought everyone did that. O.o

  4. Hunter lugo says:

    at 4:27 Why did they focus on the dick?

  5. Ruben says:

    8 bucks worth of plastic for and Xl 80 dollar dildo seems legit

  6. Random Cow says:

    secretly concealed dildo inside

  7. MP Dope says:

    Extra leg coming out of your rear end

  8. darkespeon64 says:

    i stand to wipe lol got my hand wet once as a kid now its a huge fear

  9. Kaitlin Chrestman says:

    “Sitting in the seat right now! You are too!” Actually no, I’m laying in
    bed lol

  10. Black Soulz says:

    Is anyone reminded of the chair pants commercial my Ryan Higa?

  11. qtayba soud says:

    You spoused to make it shorter a little

  12. sculas12 says:

    He is yellier in every video. This is starting to be annoying.

  13. Kamal Tailor says:

    Wasn’t this on an episode of The Big Bang Theory as well?
    Raj had one when waiting in line.

    Also Lew I think it’s height adjustable. In the packaging it looks like it
    can adjust for the heights of various folks.
    not just for the giant Danes.

  14. Gamers Creed says:

    It’s more of a LeanPack than a SitPack

  15. Garrett Johnsen (Temecula iPhone Repair) says:

    I’m pooping while watching this. In fact, most of the time I watch this
    channel, I am pooping.

  16. Briggleton says:

    Or you can just get a backpacking chair that, you know, is a chair.

  17. ILLUMINATUS says:

    Just imagine the sitting area collapsing and that entire stick gets
    inserted in your anus

  18. The Trammell says:

    What a piece of sit

  19. Party says:

    You know how dumb you would look using that thing in public? Also, was that

  20. Adam Outler says:

    Hey, you’re sitting on it wrong. Look how high you put it compared to the
    chair you’re sitting on! It extends and locks at any position. I have
    nothing to do with the product, nor have I used it, but as an unbiased
    observer I’m saying you reviewed it wrong.