The Breakfast Club Addresses Backlash After Amara La Negra Interview

The Breakfast Club Addresses Backlash After Amara La Negra Interview

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87 Responses

  1. Phenomenal Woman says:

    Charlemagne doesn’t see it but yet he lightens his skin? Ummm okay figure that one out.

  2. Ntiena Mwilu says:

    Damn, I’m actually shocked that she had to explain what afro-latina meant…Is like me as an African asking an African American what the person really is. It appears as if Black Americans are only aware of their slave history and dismiss the fact that the slave trade primarily took place in South America and in the Caribbeans. Smh!

    • Jane Dough says:

      How do you stereotype an entire group based on the ignorance of two? Have several seats.

    • N'NAMDI A says:

      Jane Dough
      Same way black people stereotype the entire white race based on the actions of a few.
      Same way that me making that statement alone, makes me a coon. It’s only okay when it doesn’t apply to you lol. Black Americans!!!!
      Biggest hypocrites on earth!

    • b4oneIsZero says:

      I didn’t know what afro-latina meant either. It is not my culture so why would I know. Y’all really need to get off this high horse like everyone is suppose to know everything.

    • N'NAMDI A says:

      U know what Afro American means?

    • Akeem TheGreat says:

      please stop grouping all black Americans as if we all think the same , before you come on an AA platform slandering us , Know that we paved the way for all immigrants if it wasnt for us none of you africans would be in America reaping the benefits of our ancestors smh

  3. Erin B says:

    BULLSHIT!!!!! Colorism is a real thing & is still very much alive. Cardi B got a pass for her nonsense & was able to profit off it because she’s light skin & racially ambiguous. She’s marketable because she’s racially ambiguous & can cross over into multiple markets because of it. If she was dark skinned, she’d be made out to look like a poor, desperate, ratchet hood rat, that nobody would want to take a risk on. Instead she was praised.

    • K B says:

      CUT FROM DIFFERENT CLOTH your statement is not making any sense to me because who said it’s “black men” that’s causing the problem. I sure as hell didn’t and no one else in the comments did so I’m just completely confused. What the hell are you talking about?

    • Mela Boricua says:

      CUT FROM DIFFERENT CLOTH i just don’t understand how you don’t get they’re benefits to being racially ambiguous and of a lighter tone ESP in the entertainment industry? Do I think Cardi got put on SOLEY bc of her looks. No. She has an amazing personality but being racially ambiguous definitely is a factor.

    • Mela Boricua says:

      CUT FROM DIFFERENT CLOTH It is harder being a dark skin female in the industry. That goes for the Latin and American market.

    • B ho Ching says:

      Everything you wrote is delusional lol… People just LOVE being a victim, that’s a fact EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A VICTIM & get privileges

  4. Bina Dur says:

    Give y’all self donkeys of the day!! Please

  5. Ace Ocean says:

    Stop them house nigga tendency Charlemagne


      BeeleeDatPleighboi 100
      Haha…. Triggered nigga? That’s all u can come up with?

    • Select !! says:

      CUT FROM DIFFERENT CLOTH you must be oblivious to colorist as well …and you must not know what a House nigga is


      Select !!
      Yeah I know exactly what a house nigga is… Its what I was referred to my entire childhood and teenage years for valuing education and wanting to study and what not rather than wanting to be a typical worthless nigga selling weed and running the streets. I’m very familiar with what it means to be a house nigga… I loo just like one don’t I?

    • Select !! says:

      CUT FROM DIFFERENT CLOTH that’s not a house nigga !lol you have some personal issues..a house nigga refers to the lightskin/mixed slaves or slavemasters/plantation owners children that got to stay in the house …they acted as if they were better than slaves …and just bc you get an education do you want a cookie? You should be doing that..glad you made it out of he trenches though

    • Melanin Queen says:


  6. CJ Chewjore says:

    This was a terrible interview, not because of Amara (who did an excellent job of staying classy and getting her point across), but because of Charlamagne and DJ Envy who were uninformed and very dismissive. I’m especially disappointed in Charlamagne for his oversimplification of issues that are beyond his understanding. If he insists on trying to shift from a radio personality to somewhat of a thought leader, he needs to educate himself more thoroughly….(Instagram/Twitter : @Chewjore)

    • Naturally BNicki says:

      Extremely well said

    • Tvman videos says:

      I like charlamagne but you’re right he opened a can of worms he wasn’t ready for the problem of racism is global not just black America. Hopefully this is a teachable moment for both him and envy, the world is bigger than breakfast club and donkey of the day lol

    • Michelle Thomas says:

      CJ Chewjore…I totally agree!

    • Jessica J says:

      I expected the ignorance from DJ Envy but was really shocked and disappointed by Charlemagne as the interview progressed. You are so correct in pointing out that with the position he has put himself in he should educate himself more. I truly believe he was just being deliberately obtuse with this conversation because there is no other excuse. He really needs to take the L and say he was dead ass wrong instead of playing the dumb card.

    • Melanin Queen says:


  7. Tvman videos says:

    Okay so basically because the la Negra girl wasn’t talking about the African American struggle Charlemagne and envy try to downplay her plight and make references to cardi b and other successful black women in the industry..thats fucked it’s just like a white person telling a black American Hollywood is not racist because we have lupita who’s a 100% african not black

  8. applcnamon says:

    So basically they didn’t learn anything and are doubling down on their ignorance.

  9. Dasha Jean says:

    Color-ism is very real in Latin communities.. I’m black and my best friend growing up was a dark skin Dominican girl. I come over to her house and her family be watching telemondo and these Spanish stations and I have never seen a dark skin Latino on those channels ever that looked like my friend. Color-ism is real in the Asian, and Indian communities as well. Lighter people are treated better in Jamaica, Philippines. you name it. It’s crazy these folks are oblivious to this … and that is why it goes on. Glad Amara is bringing universal attention to this shit.. We got your back girl.

    • Jane Dough says:

      Then they can’t complain.

    • RuggedALAN says:

      Dasha Jean yeah people down play to just the U.S having this issue but it seems to be worldwide. Lighter skin people are glorified and thats from hundreds of years of social programming


      If you go to Europe, you will see that WHITE MEN, go after the DARKEST of AFRICAN women, and likewise, WHITE WOMEN, go after the DARKEST of AFRICAN MEN. The rest of the world does not see race or colorism in the same way Americans do. That’s nonsense… Americans live in a bubble. I used to think that way too until I started traveling for work. America is special.



    • Razelle Townsend says:

      This is a real ass comment. I see you brother

  10. Gina is Vlogging says:

    charlamagne and envy love coonin’ for coins. How are you going to argue with her situation? She’s literally telling you her struggle and you’re like… NAH. Fools. How are GROWN men saying “I’m unaware/ I don’t understand.” I pray for their children because they’re going to learn the hard way.

    • Erika G says:

      Gina is Vlogging Exactly! It’s like, she literally told you the problem and you chose not to accept FACTS, then later go on and say well i didn’t know. So much for being woke…

  11. Stephanie Elliott says:

    They both need a tall glass of STFU 🍷🍾😶😶😶

  12. JustinTime says:

    CTG sounds like white people he tries to put down that says: “How are black people oppressed when you all have ppl like Obama and Oprah?” He came for her right off the bat and now is trying to say, “I was just asking questions?”

    NO YOU WERE NOT SMH… *Hold this “L”*

  13. lateshow42 says:

    Can’t rock with u in this one CTG. U asked her this was all in her head. U get Donkey of the Week, week, week.

  14. JustinTime says:

    Why Yee the only one that ever stands up for women guest?

  15. gjoexoxo says:

    They both deserve donkey of the day!Saying colorism doesn’t exist in America’s entertainment industry because a handful of dark skinned women made it. Is like saying racism don’t exist anymore because Obama was president.
    Then to dismiss amara la negra and say it’s all in her head like really?! I’m going to stop watching the breakfast club. Angela needs to flash a camera in their face quick because both these negros in the sunken place

  16. Robert D. Gordon says:

    How did Charlemagne not know what she was talking about? She expressly said darker skinned Afro-Latinos. This is a major problem with many present day “journalists”, they don’t listen to the interviewee, they’re just waiting for their opening to talk.

  17. Charles Williams says:

    That interview was disgusting. Charlemagne as a dark skin man you very well know because you’ve bleached your skin! You guys were so dismissive I couldn’t believe it

  18. Cannady Bell says:

    If cardi was dark and acted the way she does… she would not have made it to the top

    • hhh Abimbola says:

      Cannady Bell but jess the mess is doing really well

    • simplyxsammix3 says:

      jess with the mess does not act vulgar like cardi used to plus jess identifies as a comedian. at the end of the day if cardi was darker skin she would not be socially accepted as she is now

    • King Charles says:

      Cannady Bell Facts….

    • hhh Abimbola says:

      simplyxsammix3 I don’t agree you cannot be certain of that.Kash doll, is doing well despite the fact she has a child and no real music. I think people r harsh on Cardi I think she is not too bad a talent, young, ambitious and determined all qualities that should be haled. Complexion is irrelevant beauty is beauty

  19. NoProGoPronto says:

    CTG & Envy truly disappointed “The Culture” as they put it, with their blatant stupidity during that interview. Shameful!

  20. RandomBlackGamer says:

    I’m not surprised that CTG still doesn’t see it. I mean this is the same guy who calls light skinned men “waffle colored negros” & bleaches his own skin…

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