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53 Responses

  1. craig walsh says:

    40:02 Start ; )

  2. Lanie says:

    loved it

  3. Matt Gerber says:

    Anyone know where to watch the ppv

  4. jerran sperarman says:

    good show

  5. Heartbroken DC says:

    Let’s go orange Cassidy!!!!!

  6. Ric Mohri says:

    I’m excited about Cody vs Lance. I want to see it all laid out so there is no question who the champion is

  7. Sugs says:

    Great match, Botches here and there. Loved it still. I was screaming G9 even before Quen went for the rolling neckbreaker. I’m glad I was right. Nice tribute to Cryme Tyme.

  8. Nick Gonzalez says:

    Trent doesn’t look like Trent without his headband

  9. Brian Hall says:

    Taz with the breakdown on throwin’ a chop. Love it

  10. Vicky Visu says:

    I love aew 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Malcolm Coderre says:

    I Love watching AEW💚 watching this PPV

  12. UNCuse15 says:

    Fast forward to 40:00 to get to the actual start of the buy-in.

  13. yuri fernandez flores says:

    Thank you AEW.

  14. Shemarlos Scott says:

    Aew is awesome

  15. J. Jenkins says:

    57:41 I love the Best Friends hug every time….”GOT TO GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!”

  16. Mayhem Muhammad says:

    👏👏👏I knew it! I just had the hunch that this was going to happen! I was picking Best Friends to win this one and they did just that because of appearing on Dynamite week in and week out winning four of the past five! Very impressive! I knew these guys had a rough beginning in this promotion but now, they’re on fire! Go get those tag team belts boys and become the new tag team champions! Good luck Best Friends!🤝🤝🤝

  17. Tyler Richardson says:

    I was amazing loved stadium stampede and Hikaru Shida’s bad a kill la kill outfit was only upstaged by her performance.

  18. smack4192 says:

    Damn I LOVE hearing Double A cutting promos again. I hope the kids have their pencil and paper (you write with that haha) ready.

  19. gqn2 says:

    7:19 who else thought something wrong with the stream?

  20. Haruun Ciise says:

    10:05 Am

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