The Celtics don’t want to play with Kyrie Irving – Max Kellerman | First Take

The Celtics don’t want to play with Kyrie Irving – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman breaks down the statistics that prove the Boston Celtics play better without Kyrie Irving on the court.

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107 Responses

  1. Ellis Guerrero says:

    *It must KILL Stephen A. To see Jalen’s hairline everyday at work* ?

  2. Taliban Touré says:

    U guys love to blame everything on Kyrie, but don’t understand that Gordon Hayward is also the problem because he has to share minutes with young players like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown which effects them

    • Cameron Penner says:

      Not blaming Kyrie, just saying he’s a shit leader. And that’s the entirety of the problem. Guy wanted to be the man so he took his talents elsewhere. Problem is he’s found out how hard it is to be the man and his team is cracking because he can’t seem shoulder that responsibility with any sense of intelligence and leadership skills.

    • Logan Chen says:

      The nice thing about hayward is he doesnt bitch as much as kyrie, and settles into his assigned role

  3. zorro says:

    Kyre has always been a ball hogger just like hardon

    • KrispySaiyan says:

      Dumbass: “Kyrie has always been a ball hogger”

      Kyrie: *only gets 10 assists because teammates can’t shoot*

    • I can’t think Of a name says:

      That’s what my grammar keeps on saying

    • Salt GM says:

      Funny how a player who averages the most assists in the team is a ballhog ?

    • L says:

      +Salt GM Why isn’t the offense flowing with him then?

      Why did he not handle the ball in Cleveland?

      Hmm maybe stop using stats and use your eyes

      He isn’t a PG

      He is a scorer

    • Salt GM says:

      +L offense flows with him smoothly at times, but when others can’t make their shots, he’ll have to take over. No blame on the second unit I see ?. Stats count, dumbass. When you’re claiming someone is a ballhog, you’ll be called out with FACTS proving otherwise. Ballhog my ass.

  4. __ Atake says:

    Gordon Hayward needs to stop playing pc video games & get in the gym to put in work. He doesn’t have the MJ & Kobe mentality.

    • octoberlife says:

      this is the dumbest take i’ve ever heard

    • Christaps says:

      he was literally the only one in the gym during the all star break while everyone was on vacation. get the hell out of here. the problem is that he doesnt have a proper role on this team, with so many individually talented players simply trying to serve kyrie. if kyrie walks, hayward will start to blossom.

    • z0mbie d0nk says:

      That’s why he is not Jordan or Kobe obviously that was a dumb comparison he is not nor will he be even close to them have you noticed he is white at best all he can do is shoot 3s Gordon is coming off a horrible injury he will not be the same look at drose not the same as he use to be and he has been recovering now for like 10 years serious injuries can cause a player to lose all his talent speed vertical. Blame is not Gordon the blame goes on Celtics team cause Kyrie believes the earth is flat and Kyrie does not want to play with a bunch of idiots who can’t tell the difference between a ball earth or stationary flat earth??? ? Not to mention how dare you attack fortnite fortnite is boss right now you kidding me they get there paychecks regardless let me go home and play fortnite all day and get paid lol

    • Kyle Jones says:

      Utah has some magic power of making average white dudes look good.

    • A boy who is deceptively thick says:

      Are you stupid? So what if he has a hobby? It was the same in Utah and he was balling out back then. What do you think is more likely to be the cause of his struggles? Playing videogames in his spare time or the injury that made him sit out 1 year.

  5. DeMario Thompkins says:

    Funny how the lakers and celtics having the same problems

  6. iRoyelTV says:

    Why does the media always act surprised when players are exactly who they’ve always been. When was Kyrie ever a point guard? Lol that was his whole issue in Cleveland. That’s why Lebron has to step up and be that. Hate to say it that’s why him and Lebron fit so well. They complement each other’s good and bad.

    • Adroid Sucks says:

      Yup I’ve been saying that. Kyrie is a freaking shooting guard, NOT a point guard. But honestly that’s why I wanna see Kyrie go to LA because he wouldn’t have to play point, lonzo can handle that. The only thing is, Kyrie is undersized at that position but idc. Kyrie is a SG bro.

    • Bil Cozbi says:

      +Adroid Sucks lol lonzo

    • Adroid Sucks says:

      Bil Cozbi you’re the type to think a player is trash because he isn’t a shooter. Your opinion literally means nothing to people who actually know basketball.

    • Bil Cozbi says:

      +Adroid Sucks are you saying you can’t shoot?

    • Uncle Jrue says:

      +Adroid Sucks Fuck you mean, Kyrie is 6th in assists per games for the point guards. Lonzo is not the point guard for the Lakers, its Bron.

  7. Bryan G says:

    Kyrie is becoming the new lebron. Nobody really wants to play with them lol.

    • Famous dre says:

      +Yanick T are u really sure they want to play with Kobe, kobe was a ballhog

    • Jerome says:

      +Obi-Wan Kenobi They didn’t want to play with Kobe. Shaq was even tired of playing with Kobe. That was during Kobe’s prime. Stop trying to make Kobe out to be some outlier. Most people don’t like playing with dominant superstars, because of the pressure.

    • don ice says:

      Kyrie was always like that. Remember pre-lebron return to cavs?? He was ballin, but the cavs were always deadlast

    • loov1 says:

      +Yanick T Yeah that was against the “norm” back than. Lebron changed all of that for the worse.

    • Salt GM says:

      How do you know? Is it cuz the media told You?

  8. F R says:


  9. Rubén J says:

    If I’m Kyrie, I’ll leave

  10. BIG- L says:

    I said that from training camp. Nobody wants to play with a ballhog and everybody is starving wait for a chance. They love playing with Rosier because everybody gets to eat

    • omotayo lacon says:

      Yes but the difference is with all the Celtics drama is nobody is being scapegoated or having to get blamed

    • BIG- L says:

      +omotayo lacon I got a better one Brad Stevens can’t coach. He getting a pass ,, The excuse is to much talent. REALLY give the Knicks (FITZDALE) all that talent They’d be in first in there division hands down . Not the conference but division

    • omotayo lacon says:

      BIG- L he’s a decent coach but you’re right about him

    • Rey Parker says:

      Kyrie isn’t a ballhog. That’s a dead argument. Tatum and Brown just want bigger roles and that doesn’t gel with a ball dominant guard

    • Dude Dude says:

      BIG- L lol Kyrie is easily the best player on the team by far. He should have the ball the most

  11. Daniel C says:

    He’s becoming a cancer in the locker room and acting like an individual

  12. Edward Bliss says:

    They played better with Isaiah Thomas

  13. Besmirched says:

    Kyrie is a great player but he is a Cancer in the locker room. Guys just don’t like him. And…they know he’s gone after this year so they don’t feel allegiance to him. Also, playing a MUCH WORSE, not fully recovered Gordon Hayward as a starter was a huge mistake. They should have worked him in slowly behind the young fellas. I think those are the two biggest factors here. Otherwise, they’d be fine.

    • Chris says:

      %100 agree there wasting Gordon’s talent

    • Besmirched says:

      The problem is, the solutions probably WERE simple, but now egos have become involved and people are getting more and more divided, so the longer this goes unresolved, the more likely this team is to fold in the playoffs. It takes on a momentum of its own after a while. I actually think it’s too late for this year.

    • MoneyMan Segovia says:

      Besmirched how you know all this? You talked to them? Dummy

    • Besmirched says:

      It’s called having an opinion. People have those on the Internet. Have you ever noticed? But based on how badly you failed even taking a selfie, I don’t expect an intelligent retort “Money Boy.” We got an NPC here folks!

    • Latrell Sprewell says:

      Besmirched You expect an intelligent response on YouTube? Nigga this is troll haven here! Maybe in real life you can probably get someone, but the majority here are either kids or cucks who just like to start shit. With that said, fuck your opinion. lol Just my opinion as well.

  14. Dan 3 says:

    Celtics without kyrie are only good short term. I guarantee they wont be better next season if kyrie leaves unless tatum and brown improve significantly

  15. Zeek Clark says:

    People love calling Kyrie a superstar until they notice that he’s never played in the playoffs without Lebron James

    • Zeek Clark says:

      Salt GM a superstar would be people like Kawhi, Giannis, KD, Steph, & Bron.

    • Vernon Tang says:

      +vDrip no he hasn’t

    • Salt GM says:

      +Zeek Clark ok so someone who’s a first round exit is more of a superstar than someone dropping 41 in game 5 and hitting a clutch shot in game 7. You know so much about basketball ?

    • Chris thajerk says:

      He didn’t played in the last playoffs because of his injury or surgery(don’t remember well). He could’ve have if it wasn’t for it. So technically he has made it to the playoffs without LeBron. ?☺

    • giggles01 says:

      +vDrip no he has not doing those 4 years lebron was gone KYRIE never made it to the playoffs.

  16. DJ Skandalous says:

    Boston won the trade they said. It looks like nobody won that trade ? Kryie already thinking about NY or LA

    • Ross Lacuin says:

      Bro none of those teams are not even going to the playoffs. How does that logically fit in Kyrie’s decision to leave. The media are persistent in creating a narrative for Kyrie’s life and its pathetic imo. I will make up my mind on Kyrie after july because everything we say or think right now is just based on assumptions.

    • KnucklesWTD says:

      Ross Lacuin Kyrie would rather be the man instead of win

    • Alfred Lampkin says:

      Kyrie Irving is overrated he looked the great because he with the King LeBron James where he should have stayed he got the big head and now he’s see he really ain’t the man and the Boston Celtics is Terry Rozier team they need to face it they do better with him at the point guard get some pieces to compliment him they need to give up on Anthony Davis he’s a one year rental and he headed to LA that’s my opinion

    • Genckfis Mccumphrey says:

      Alfred Lampkin what the fuck are you saying

    • Simon McQuinn says:

      Lmao he’s not going to either of those teams

  17. Ciarán O'Connor says:

    Gordon Hayward: *Breathes*
    Stephen A: “Did I forget to mention how much I hate Hayward?!”

    • UltraWideGameplayVideos says:

      he doesn’t, he just believes that Gordon messed up the chemistry on the team + Kyrie is not a good enough leader. He is used to being Robin to Batman

    • Mario not Luigi says:

      LOL True dat. But he has a point. He ain’t no $30 million dollar a year player. 10.9, 4.5, 3.4 is NOT a $30MM guy on any team, and he sure ain’t gonna’ lead you to a title. You can definitely call SAS reverse racist on white guys, but bear in mind that Celts fans have been infatuated with white guys forever and Hayward is just the latest version of an overrated one.

    • Latrell Sprewell says:

      Mr. Scrooge. This foo said Gordon Hayward from Europe LOL

    • Mari E says:

      +Latrell Sprewell lol he is a European American

    • Levi Lowell says:

      You all forget about the injury he last year. Support Hayward even if he is having issues this year

  18. Reginald 18 says:

    What if it’s actually kyrie who doesn’t wanna play with Boston…..

    • JuicyFruitWarrior AI says:

      We have a bingo

    • Chan Gary says:

      what if all of them are toxic

    • contentezzafeliz says:

      Good then he can leave. Guy is an awesome offensive player and good passer but just is not a leader and that is what Boston needs

    • TrollownsGoblin no says:

      Michael Mayers if I went to the conference finals in my first or second year and you crying to the media bout how I ain’t been to the finals I got a issue with you, it’s not being a baby it’s about cohesion and sharing the same goals and aspirations. Build me up, don’t complain cause I ain’t there yet

    • Robert O'Neil says:

      Kyrie is too hypersensitive to be a team player on any team. There is no team he wouldn’t eventually turn against all the Players on the Team.

  19. KevinWood44 says:

    This show is 10x better w Jalen on the panel!!! Literally 10x. Keep him everyday!!!

  20. Isaac sim says:

    If kyrie carries the Celtics to a championship I will become a devote flat eather

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