The Chainsmokers – All We Know (Audio) ft. Phoebe Ryan

The Chainsmokers – All We Know (Audio) ft. Phoebe Ryan

“All We Know” ft. Phoebe Ryan
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20 Responses

  1. Marian Ledesma says:

    I was here 09/30/16 before this video hit 500k. <3

  2. bradley teft says:

    This one is shit not gunna lie….

  3. Kylie Rose says:

    This song is bomb af & the chainsmokers are killing it?? THAT’S JUST WHAT

  4. Moises Benedix says:

    950 random people who like this will find $100,000 tomorrow

  5. DeeKay says:

    Please like this comment for no reason.

  6. luminosalix says:

    8,527 comments, guess I’m not first

  7. Kylie Rose says:

    Where you at chainsmokers fans?

  8. Saatvik Garhwal says:

    Who else is here before a million? ;)

  9. Pro Gamer says:

    I’ve never been this early.

  10. MophieMonster says:

    In before radio

  11. Natalia P. says:

    This reminds me of Oh Wonder

  12. Rowan Chettleborough says:

    Inb4 white hurls ruin this song by overusing it, like every Chainsmokers

  13. Hudson Walker says:

    Here before 1,000,000 views. Like if you are too

  14. Maddy Chen says:

    I have no idea who Phoebe Ryan is, but this song is lit! ??????

  15. Teh WaiHoe says:

    So Phoebe Ryan are two ppl or one person?

  16. LPS Mew says:

    496,372 views and 100 k likes!!

  17. DJ Keemstar says:

    Remember me before this song blows up!

  18. Yves Bitos says:

    Nice music

  19. INDO says:

    I’ve never been so early before

  20. Andrea Tanio says: