The Chaos President Cold Open – SNL

The Chaos President Cold Open – SNL

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) speaks with Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant), Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz (Melissa Villaseñor) of San Juan, Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon) and Senator Chuck Schumer (Alex Moffat).

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20 Responses

  1. Trump The Fraud says:

    I’m a joke as a fucking President. I played all my brainwashed supporters, they believe everything I say. I could touch the pussies of my voters like their daughters and wives and still vote for me. My stupid trumptards think I care about the American people, fuck you I don’t.

  2. Nathan says:

    Not really that funny…

  3. KRYSS KAGE says:

    Like my comment subscribe type done and I’ll sub back

  4. Y.Tizo says:

    Guys let get this channel to 100 sub without a video let’s do it

  5. JuaffreBlumpkins says:

    Of course only brain dead liberals love this shit.

  6. The Erkle says:

    Stop beating the dead horse.

  7. Nick Anderson says:

    Shills can’t come up with anything original? Political humor is becoming nauseating. Mad tv is rolling in its grave.

  8. A Person says:

    Not my sketch comedy show

  9. Thuy Pham says:

    I’m so glad I got my parent to help ..well I got a second chance to do better this year and I make money trying go school online to work. Patjme I can see the future

  10. Nasman says:

    This is supposed to be funny?

  11. JJ García Rühland says:

    Not funny. What is that called…you know that that fake laughter recording crap? SNL needs to get a better impersonator for Trump… Falon has Trump down much better…

  12. Only the Facts says:

    Why TF is this #1 trending at 20k views?

  13. Mr.Meepling HD says:

    *How is a vid with only 23k views #1 on Trending?!?*

  14. SRBproducs says:

    Wait what did the Puerto Rico paying bills joke mean?

  15. Mr Clasher - Clash Royale & Pokemon GO says:

    Hope to break 100k amazing subscribers goal this year which will not be easy :/

  16. WORD OF LIFE says:

    Kate is awesome.. I loved how she just jump up … wow

  17. mjethier says:

    garbage. polluting the minds of kids and people who know no better. Not even remotely close to ANYTHING that happened. Nor is it remotely close to what President Trump has ever done. Pathetic that every comedian ONLY covers the President. Win for him honestly.

  18. Ser_Duncan_0007 says:

    How is this number 1 on trending with less than 50,000 views?? Biased much.

  19. HAITHAM ALI says:

    an A$$ hole GUY

  20. Devon Williams says:

    Like if Donald Trump has a chode

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