The Check In: President Trump’s Federal Hiring Freeze

The Check In: President Trump’s Federal Hiring Freeze

Seth checks in on the impact of President Donald Trump’s executive order freezing federal hiring on veterans.
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The Check In: President Trump’s Federal Hiring Freeze- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Ahmed Amin says:

    first muslim

  2. wearesibz says:

    “There’s nobody better at the military than me”
    …where do we even start with the problems of that statement

  3. C Young says:

    this stupid asshole is ruining America

  4. Why you gotta go there says:

    A bill was introduced about shutting down the Department of Education. I
    don’t get why though. Just get trump to run it like Trump University, and
    the rest will go as plan.

  5. Anders Raben Hansen says:

    Has Donald Trump done a single good thing since he became president?

  6. Just another Youtube commenter says:

    Jesus he has just been President for 2 weeks and look how much damage he
    managed to do.

  7. Impala 67 says:

    America is my favorite TV-show. It would really suck if all of this were
    real…- wait…

  8. Sara M says:

    When will trump get bored and quit?

  9. George H says:

    well, i guess the protesters gonna have to march for the veterans too.
    hopefully the republican won’t criticise them by saying “you should be more
    concerned about the well being of the immigrants than our veterans”

  10. Iron Batman says:

    fucking with the veterans now? if he keeps this up, it’s not WW3 we’re
    gonna have to worry about, it’s gonna be another civil war.

  11. Christian Loubeau says:

    What’s taking so long America? Impeach him already!!

  12. Colton Allgire says:

    I saw veterans Supporting Trump……… hahahahahaha

  13. Archer Sterling says:

    Fake President.

  14. Ethan Eves says:

    Another issue with the federal hiring freeze is that it is killing off a
    lot of scientific and medical research… but who needs that when Trump can
    just sign an executive order to block cancer from entering the country?

  15. GoldenHawk93 says:

    I have a foot thing too. I want to shove it right up Trump’s ass!

  16. Christian Schoff says:

    Donald Trump was never going to properly support veterans. We wanted Bernie
    Sanders to win.

  17. the_dead_poet says:

    Donald Trump doesn’t have a foot thing.
    his poor foot has a thing on it called Donald Trump.

  18. Mo Killem says:

    Trump Logic: “I will make so much jobs!”
    Orders a federal hiring freeze and fires people..

  19. Sunny Mehta says:

    Any veteran who voted for this guy is a humongous idiot

  20. Ęÿūį Æßñ says:

    I survived the Bowling Green Massacre thanks to the heroic efforts of
    Frederick Douglass #neverforgetBGM #alternatefacts

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