The Cold War – OverSimplified (Part 1)

The Cold War – OverSimplified (Part 1)

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The following images are licensed under a Creative Commons license:
Winter Palace by Florstein (
Marble Texture by Amada44 (
Rubble Pile by Mat Fascione (
Palacio Real by Diego Delso (,_%C3%81msterdam,_Pa%C3%ADses_Bajos,_2016-05-30,_DD_07-09_HDR.jpg)
Kim Portrait by Gilad Rom (
InterKorea Summit by Blue House (
Hollywood Sign by Thomas Wolf (
Bono by Peter Neill (
Berlin Wall by Edward Valachovic (

Music by Kevin Macleod licensed under a Creative Commons license:

Other music sourced from Artlist, Audioblocks and the YouTube Audio Library.

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56 Responses

  1. OverSimplified says:

    My dudes – Get 75% off NordVPN! Only $2.99/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at:
    Use codeword: oversimplified

  2. MAXIM EDITION says:

    Yay New Video from Oversimplified
    Who cares about the New Year?

  3. thank me later says:

    Oversimplified has the smoothest ad-transition ever

  4. sukhjeet singh says:

    Man I’ve waiting for ur video for so long..u r the best. Keep it up?

  5. Lj Fernando says:

    *T H I C C*

  6. sandro silagadze says:

    ” Sorry America, i can’t come. ” ???

  7. ThatOneOpGamer says:

    But oversimplified! The Russians didn’t discover Russia. The Vikings did

  8. David Jackson says:

    I love being educated and entertained, and with NordVPN I can sleep well knowing that crab people won’t have access to browsing history. They really wouldn’t like it. Stupid crab people

  9. Amber Yeo says:

    i thot it was busan

    not pusan

  10. Dutch Aviator says:

    5:40 we need Stalin oversimplified.

  11. Canan Karatay says:

    America:hey germany stalin is dead


  12. Ala Harrabi says:

    My father used to p u n i s h m e s e v e r l y

  13. Crow God says:

    Youre my favorite YT channel ever!!! Your videos are extraordinarily fun to watch

  14. AmFilms123 says:

    The Cold War one…. finally!

  15. The Wehrmacht General says:

    What’s common between Hitler and Stalin?

    Both their fathers punished them severely

  16. SHIELD says:

    My father used to punish me sivearly a classic

  17. TryHardRobot says:


  18. Warfighter says:

    Yugoslavia WAS NEVER under Soviet rule, it NEVER participated in the cold war, Marshall Tito declined the Soviet building their war bases in Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was ALWAYS NEUTRAL and that was the best place to live in 20 Century…

  19. Memetastic says:

    Fun Fact: There were many occurrences of nuclear war almost starting, but some brave and smart Soviet and American personnel managed to prevent nuclear war.

  20. Memetastic says:

    Fun Fact: The Americans found out how to make nuclear weapons *because they signed up for a one month trial of skillshare*

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