The Conductor

The Conductor

Depending on who you ask, Kobe Bryant was basketball’s greatest hero or its greatest villain. As he walks off the court for the last time, opponents and fans tell him how they really feel.

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20 Responses

  1. KingHax says:

    I get it. The hate is music to his ears

  2. Befikir Ephrem says:

    Jesus is coming soon! Who wants to get saved and give their life to Christ!

  3. Dave Bryant says:

    A L P H A

  4. M10_CR7 says:

    I remember watching Kobe and hating him for always destroying the Heat, but
    it’s always sad when you see one of the GOATs leave, goodbye legend, the
    NBA will never be the same

  5. Steven says:

    Being a diehard Knicks fan, I’ve seen a lot of Kobe destroying us lol, but
    this man is a legend. I’m only 17 but trust me, this guy is a blessing to
    the sport of basketball. I told my dad, he saw Jordan but I’m seeing
    another GOAT, Kobe.

  6. Andrew Jittkarunrat says:

    Damn they even got Phil and Jeanie in there lol

  7. Arjun Jain says:

    kobe, you will always be remembered by all of us

  8. arnold phan says:

    oh shit….that hit me hard

  9. Jared Ray says:

    Damn I can’t believe it’s really over man…

  10. Ivan Perez says:

    Almost cried when i saw this on 2ktv so sad

  11. RMACAO87 says:

    #best I ever saw

  12. Drew Coleman says:

    Am I the only who saw this as an Ad and had search it so I can thumbs it
    up? Lol. This was really me, hating Kobe simply cuz he was that damn good
    and didn’t want to play against him. But then later on learned to
    appreciate him and respect as one of the greatest of all time! Your legacy
    will live forever! #MambaDay

  13. tyrese wade says:

    lowkey wanted to cry

  14. ARMYTRIX says:

    The last of old school mentality player, congrats on a great career, Kobe!!
    #MambaDay #BallDontLie

  15. Ravi Chaudhary says:


  16. Vincent Petropoulos says:

    Kobe sucks

  17. Arrtifacts says:

    so sad

  18. antythis says:

    Fuck kobe! Eliminating my basketball team from playoffs for years. Hate
    game STRONG for him.

    But I’ll miss hating him regardless.

  19. esteban valdivia says:

    Is it me? or is that the first time I’ve seen a Kings jersey on a Nike

  20. Anthony Valadez says:

    This was gay as fuck