The Cost of Concordia

The Cost of Concordia

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Ship-a go sink.

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Benjamin Symons – My Myocardium Will Continue
Dido – White Flag Cover provided courtesy of Fall of Envy and Octave Match Records.
(Down with this ship scene)

Ipanema Daydream – Bird Creek
SOXX – Trouble with Love
Gran Turismo 6 OST – Garage Extended: Vision GT
Payday 2 – Calling All Units
Savana – Vendredi
Montserrat Caballe – O mio babbino caro
Film Noir Background Music – No Copyright Music
L.A Noire – Chase 03
Metal Gear Solid 4 – Guns of The Patriots
Kid Icarus: Uprising – Boss Battle 2
Classic Italian Music – No Copyright Sounds
Metal Gear Solid 2 – Tanker Incident
Folklore OST – Collapse
Dead Space – Cyanide Systems Offline
Hollow Knight OST – Hornet
Halo Combat Evolved – Undercover of Night
Synergy – Geographer
The Heist – Free No Copyright Music
Cartoon Bank Heist
Ron Meixsell – Non Piu Andrai
Van Bree – Allegro: Janine Jansen
Dead Island Soundtrack – Main Theme
GTA Vice City – Main Theme Extended
Halo 2 Volume 2 OST – Mausoleum Suite
Non Piu Andrai – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Scott Buckley – In Dreams
Skullgirls OST – Pedestrians Crossing
Silent Partner – The Messenger
Bensound – Ukulele
Vadim Krakhmal – Copyright Free Adventure Music
Fall of Liberty OST – Turning Point
Cyberpunk – Oblivion
Twin Musicom – Italian Morning


Exec Producer Mitch Duffy missed the credits list so he’s down here.

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84 Responses

  1. Internet Historian says:

    New Second Channel Video: Fashion.

  2. Bright Sun Films says:

    Fantastic video. You did this story and it’s weird ass quirks justice!

  3. JFJ says:

    some history. shocking, really.

  4. Life of Boris says:

    hand reveal

  5. Jesus Christ says:

    good shit

  6. CaJoel says:

    Not only is he internet historian, he is now Historian

    • Лорд Неревар says:

      He’s still operating through the internet both researching and uploading videos so the title’s still accurate

    • Moddable says:

      @Лорд Неревар So LEMMiNO is an internet historian just because he covers topics that require research? I mean, sure. Good luck doing any kind of valuable research these days WITHOUT using the internet, lmao. Every historian could be considered an internet historian in that sense

    • Johnny says:

      @Moddable xqcMald

  7. Andrea Pregnolato says:

    The phone call between Schettino and De Falco scolding him as he was talking to a stupid moronic child was memorable.

  8. Self Sufficient Me says:

    What a cracker of a topic! Even the normies will enjoy this vid… Millions of retirees with cruise ship deprivation syndrome will be tuning in – that’s a whole new demographic! Lol seriously mate, this is your best yet 😁👍

  9. Deus-X _ says:

    I was 12 at the time, i still have a clear memory of going outside and seeing a man wearing a t-shirt with “Torni a bordo cazzo” (Get the fuck back on board) written on it accompanied by De Falco’s face. An incredible piece of clothing indeed, i should have gotten one.
    Edit: oh shit it’s right there.

  10. E39 Purist says:

    We need to stop calling ships “unsinkable” when 2 holes in the oversized water balloons can flip the entire thing.

    • Water Turtle says:

      @Christine C. Thanks, I guess its time for bed.

    • Redbird7311 says:

      @super hessu sorta, but the difference here is that the captain of the titanic was more competent. When the captain realized what was going on, he did the, “right”, thing. However, he under estimated how big the iceberg was under the water and it didn’t matter.

    • Jackson Larson says:

      We don’t. Atleast, no one who actually knows a thing or two about ships does not. Even when the Titanic was built, there was only one claim of it being “practically unsinkable” made in a magazine. That claim took off after the incident just to make the story seem more dramatic.

    • super hessu says:

      @Redbird7311 yeah

    • Matthew Cheng says:

      Here’s a thought. Maybe not all compartments are created equal. Sure, regulation/convention is to make ships able to keep going with 2 compartments flooded, but what happens when 1 (or both) of those flooded compartments are the Fing GENERATOR and the ENGINE?

      Is that a little like saying Humans can operate with 2 failed organs, and then experimenting by shutting down the brain and heart?

  11. gdlk says:

    The captain is actual living representation of Zapp Brannigan

  12. aisu_clothing says:

    I remember some years after the crash, schettino was even asked by a university to host a masterclass in crisis management…That caused a lot of hilarity here in Italy…

  13. Max Box says:

    You know, I had a moment of apprehension thinking about your levity-filled style mixing with a semi-tragedy, but you executed brilliantly. A special nod to the frantic editing of the disaster in the moment, even including a current-time? Damn good.

  14. BonerCity Boys says:

    He’s literally perfected the strategy to getting 100% watch time

  15. Neith says:

    The worst part of it, from what I heard, was that a number of people died in an elevator…. I can’t imagine the slow horror of being trapped in a full dark elevator with the ship slowly tipping and filling with water.

  16. HeydoubleU says:

    I saw this via reaction streamer and I’ve come to pay my dues. +1 view, like, let whole video play in other tab to maintain good watch time metrics (volume at 1% not mute)

  17. Commingle says:

    “who steals a big fuck off bell?”

    To be honest, I was thinking to myself “I want that bell right there. It would be annoying during online meetings”

  18. Isaac Butterfield says:

    Not enough spaghetti references if I’m honest.

  19. Jakeyosaurus says:

    This was glorious

  20. Lucas Deutschmann says:

    “Captain, do you even know where we’re going?!??!”
    Schettino: “Off-course.”

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