The country’s war over the virus | WNT

The country’s war over the virus | WNT

With more than 46,000 cases across the country, New York has the highest and fastest rate of infection, but New Orleans is quickly becoming the next hot spot.




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86 Responses

  1. pravalika d says:

    The dumb president I ever get to see in my life!!

  2. Eric Thompson says:

    Italy is real folks. We just are not there yet. As anyone who had lived it. Don’t downplay this as a flu.

    • samm thakur says:

      @J Keilman coved 19..einstein here

    • Skeye says:


    • AdmiralFroggy says:

      You are right it’s actually not as deadly as tht flu. ever since more people have been getting tested the mortality rate drops more and more. It was high before because there were so few people getting tested.

    • DH says:

      Italy has the second oldest population in the world. This coupled with the fact that young people mingle with the elderly more there, often living with elderly parents and grandparents has made the outbreak there worse than other places. The young people commute to jobs, have social interactions, pick up the virus and take it home to their parents and grandparents.

    • John says:

      Just a big flu, president told us😀

  3. Estil's Gaming Room says:

    The rich don’t care they have the money to quarantine them self unlike the rest of us

    • Juan Rivera says:

      well go bak to work and little you need to pay a bill of 35 thousand dollars to treating your corona virus + your family will be contagious 😏

    • Jeff Furrow says:

      1)The rich don’t get rich by sitting at home.
      2) Nobody has to be rich, to have a habit of saving a percentage of their paychecks, so that they have money put back for emergencies. (It’s not the rich…its the smart that won’t be affected by this. )

    • MrJaas69 says:

      @Andy Postema can you get sick and take care of your responsibilities ie children? are you a dad? can you afford to let your children grow without one. can you afford to pass it on to some one else. they say you can have it fro 5 to 21 days. can you afford to get my mother sick or my grandmother? well my grandmother is mre important than your bills. talk about selfish!

    • Andy Postema says:

      @MrJaas69 I’m not sure if you’re replying to the wrong person or if you didn’t read all the way through but I did say that while I’m able to get through this, not everybody is able to. If that still makes me selfish, I can’t say I understand your perspective.

    • Krupt Temple says:

      They are still shutting off people’s utilities

  4. sherikrupp says:

    They need to stop letting him talk. He has nothing of intelligence or value to add.

  5. deming xie says:

    “Lives have no dollar signs”

    Ugh you mean 150$ for the bag of saline? 1000$ for an epipen?

    • deming xie says:

      @codent I want Bernie to win so all the poor ass Americans can finally not have to worry about something as simple as healthcare. But he WON’T win. Rich people will lobby against him.

    • thecocksaysmoo says:

      400$ for one asthma inhaler

    • Warrior says:

      @deming xie when they start taxing the rich at 60% and raise the min. wage to $15 you don’t think they are going to lay people off

    • Blind Squid says:

      Yes they do. You can beg that emotional BS plea but lives cost & there is a limit. My limit is much lower than government but I do have it and they do to. Drop in front of me right now, I will not touch you.

    • Daphnie Tudor says:

      When have lives ever been more important than lives lol when?? You ppl act like this is the only time of you figuring this out lol

  6. Zappy Living says:

    Many can go homeless when the economy goes down.

    • Regina Perkins says:

      Stupidity & greed will kill us for real

    • DH says:

      @Tania Sugimura We didn’t lockdown for SARS, MERS, avian bird flu, where are they now? The flu kills far more people. Some will argue that the coronavirus is more contagious than the flu, but the flu is far more common, killing far more people, and the only number that really matters is total number of deaths. And in that regard influenza is the clear winner.

    • Chong Marin says:

      @Bobby Brown when you’re homeless it’s easier to be infected lol

    • Bobby Brown says:

      Chong Marin lol Since you want to take it out of context if I’m homeless I will go live in the woods I’ll have food there and no one to infect me😂

    • Chong Marin says:

      @Bobby Brown its airborne lmfao, and can survive on surfaces for days. Even animals can carry it. You’re still screwed.

  7. Xiya L. says:

    4:43 Thank GOD we have men like this in our country!

  8. Zina Shepherd says:

    Many over seas dying alone without anyone but nursing staff and in Spain they didn’t even have nursing staff at one nursing home they really did die alone

  9. Jerry Dalrymple says:

    NYC doesn’t look like they are in lockdown, all their buses and trains are full of people and everybody is sitting on each other laps. No wonder why the virus is doubling everyday in that city.

    • anger & rage says:

      That’s going to happen, there is no way to stop that, in a city like New York. It’s not going to be a ghost town if you thinking that’s what it should be, that would never happen. Are you kidding me. The country can easily move out of a recession into a major depression, people have to still go to work, people still have to go to grocery, people still have to move around people have to go to places. People are not going to stay locked down in their house is clean for something, not going to happen.

    • Katniss Everdeen says:

      NYC is totally empty & only necessities are allowed to be open & you are only allowed to go to work if you are nurse, dr., postal employee, grocery store worker etc. Subway ridership was down over 75% so the trains cut back schedule drastically & now unfortunately they are crowded…

    • desert moonlight says:

      @anger & rage The country lived thru a depression before but you cant do it when you dead

    • anger & rage says:

      @desert moonlight we also live through a much worst flu epidemic, you won’t be able to get back on your feet economically after a depression, what happens when people come back to work after months of being off, well, there ain’t no work. There ain’t no jobs, restaurants, retail, hotels, airliner, all gone! No jobs. We can live through this disease we have before, the depression was a decade-long economic downturn, the Spanish Flu only last for 2 years. I do not want to sign up for a bowl of soup at a food bank sir! Or having to get kicked out of my house because I can’t pay mortgage. We need to get back to work. We were already headed for a recession anyway, now it’s going to be far worse.

    • Skeye says:

      Bunch of morons over there

  10. tadena ernest says:

    ilove this governor of nyc hes concern his citizen rather than if the economy went down

    • Mickey Mouse says:

      Maybe he should be concerned with all the money spent and criminal charges that will go against him, his family and friends out of all that money spent/stolen on that solar project that was scammed.

    • anger & rage says:

      You just never been in a situation where the country was suffering from economic hardship that’s why you say that, this country cannot survive 2 month shutdown. Boeing is going to go bankrupt, airports are going to go bankrupt, hotels, restaurants, retail service jobs, this is the consumer base Society. you’re talking about the depression, I would much rather navigate myself around a country with the virus,(maybe some people are going to die) But at least I won’t be in a soup kitchen lighting candles in my house because I don’t have any lights. A vaccine is on its way by this time next year. We can recover from this virus, but it would take years to recover from a depression.

    • I love Rykeem Doggy Dogg says:

      @Mickey Mouse does that mean no more golden plates for breakfast? 🍴

  11. Roley Chiu says:

    “I bought some numbers here… thousands and thousands…”

  12. Joshua Rodriguez says:

    Why aren’t you guys reporting that the front line Nurses are NOT equipped with proper PPE!!! Mask, gowns, face shield. Kaiser LA nurses are protesting right now!!!

  13. Jason Vue says:

    Only in America.

    Money and profits first.
    Morals, ethics, and values are last.

  14. João Vítor says:

    In other words it hurts more to him the money he will lose from this, than the poor old people or people with illnesses that will die…

  15. Sunset Solutions says:

    I guess we’ll find out what we’re really made of when all the DOCTORS AND NURSES are too sick to help us. For everything this country does so well, it has an equally stupid strain of media and political degeneracy.

    • Diane Smith says:

      Sunset Solutions I agree!

    • youdont knowme says:

      Look you got everybody from different countries states and and whatever up in New York now they’re immune to that s*** right about now

    • Karen Cury says:

      Sunset Solutions I agree. I hope the numbers are wrong and we don’t get hit hard.

    • Blind Squid says:

      There’s actually not all that much we do well. The dummies are the bulk of the population. MsM , politics, police etc reflect where they came from no more no less. The herd is defective.

    • Tami Pe says:

      Hopefully WebMD will help the patients because unless I have appropriate PPE… I’m not!!!

  16. rhallnapa says:

    I guess we have switched to the “Herd Immunity” strategy now.

    • Ninja k says:

      I think thats the plan. Herd immunity. But high cost of lives lost.

    • TheBrothergreen says:

      No other choice. A targeted response would require a functional white-house. We missed the window, so now the plan is try to keep the number of people infected at any one time low enough that the health-care system doesn’t collapse until the infection rates decline naturally.

  17. Sam McCloud says:

    Send that hoard of medical equipment to hospitals…

  18. Peaceful Spirit says:

    I agree with the governor of New York. “You can’t put a price on human lives” 👍

    • Not Sure says:

      Quentin Parker Americans politicians.

    • Blind Squid says:

      I’ll put a price on it. If you’re female in this misandrist soyciety I got nothing for you. If you’re male & spout “mangina-lish” nothing for you either. I have limited resources, i do & will prioritize.

    • Quentin Parker says:

      @Blind Squid Welcome to the United States of Don’t Give A F***!

    • William Poole says:

      Why not? Thinning out the herd of weak and weakminded is a natural occurrence. Humans think they are different than any other animal’s on the planet. They aren’t.

    • Sean Winston says:

      Oh yes you can put a price tag on people. It’s been going on here in America before I was born. It’s in the books. Look it up.

  19. Jayson XRP says:

    This virus is a front. So the fed can literally buy America.

  20. lovmattersusee says:

    Human race in today’s times:
    1. Have to fly helicopters over beaches in Brazil to drive away people
    2. Police in India beating people driving on streets with sticks since they are not following the lockdown rules
    3. Some people in Europe do not believe the severity of the virus and complain that cafes, restaurants should be open
    4. Japanese public come out to take pictures of the cherry blossoms despite the lockdown
    5. Mayors in Italy scold residents for violating lockdown
    6. Old people are the ones dying, who cares attitude by the people who ‘care’ for the economy
    Truly Sad and Strange times..

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