The Daily Show – Jon Stewart Announces His Final Episode

The Daily Show – Jon Stewart Announces His Final Episode

Jon announces the start date of his new career as non-host of The Daily Show.

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20 Responses

  1. Noname527 Nope says:

    The world needs you for the 2016 elections, jon. Don’t do this to us!

  2. MrDickFace Morgab says:

    I hope his last episode is him punching the shit out of the horrible
    politicians he has grilled through the years.

  3. Mrcreapy McPvP&MineZ says:

    this is how to make a grown man cry…

  4. Snowysine says:

    Nooooooooooooooo dont leave Jon

  5. knight2battle says:

    Who will be a new guy?

  6. Ham Sandvich says:

    Jon made the show popular. I don’t know about you, but I’m not watching it
    after he’s gone.

  7. Ham Sandvich says:

    How is “Inside Amy Schumer” on the featured page, but this isn’t?!

  8. TheLucius14 says:

    Cappin Murica:
    You´re an rightwing idiot with the dumbest Name ever….

  9. Vuyisile Sibeko says:

    Frown to New York, From South Africa?

    Please say you’ll do that!!!

    I WANNA GO!!

  10. Muhis Yare says:

    W’ll miss you

  11. Cipheron says:

    Why on my bday?!!! :'(

  12. Ron Mills says:

    “My last ‘Daily Show’ program will be Aug. 6,” he said. “I will be wearing
    a suit, I will more than likely be showered.”

  13. archon441 says:

    Least he could do is wait ’till after the election. LOTS of good material
    there i’m sure.

  14. AnimeLovinGirlyGirl says:
  15. Kadar Abdullahi says:

    This is truly the darkest timeline: (

  16. Mokoshne says:

    i wish i could hug jon stewart

  17. Blueiceball Nonex says:

    I stoped watching this show, if i cant watch Jon Stewart in this show, then
    im not watching, oh and they started to block my country. Good luck in life
    Jon Stewart.

  18. Senor T says:

    No one can live up to or fill that chair. Jon Stewart is irreplaceable.
    It’s like asking someone else other than Peter Sellers to play Clusoe or
    Matthew Broderick to Ferris Bueller or Schwarzenegger to The Terminator.

    It just won’t be the same.

  19. Doug Landrum says:

    smh ffs. morons need to stop watching comedy central for news and
    information talored for libtards. all that show has ever done is feed a
    left wing agenda telling you what you want to hear with zero intelectual
    thought process for the viewer. people watch this show and turn their minds
    off. engaging thoughts would be offensive for them.

  20. Coen Schuring says:

    Damnit, I’m going to miss that hilarious old man.