The Daily Show – Trevor Noah Continues the War on Bulls**t

The Daily Show – Trevor Noah Continues the War on Bulls**t

Trevor shows his appreciation for the show’s former host and discusses Speaker of the House John Boehner’s recent resignation.

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20 Responses

  1. Macdonald Mathabatha says:

    He killed it, Trevor is gonna host this show just fine… he’s gonna win
    your hearts, “OR NOT”. but surely he will

  2. The Friendly Fascist says:

    Oh piss of Trevor Noah! You’re mostly white so I don’t see how you grew up
    in dusty streets without a toilet. I’m pretty sure that you grew up in Cape
    Town which was the richest city in Africa until the blacks got power &
    started running it into the ground. You’re not actually that funny but
    liberals get hard ons for minorities so the crowd laughs like jackals to
    show how much they love black people.

  3. Josh Gómez says:

    interesting show ;-)

  4. Preston Chandler says:

    There is a c-span 3? Why!

  5. Edward Salazar says:

    I see what Jon saw in Trevor. Great first show.

  6. Moy O says:

    who in the flying fuck would ever turn down this job, my dream job is
    working for the daily show!!!!

  7. Bijan Emadi says:

    OMG this guy is already killing it! haha

  8. Conrad Roos says:

    #Legend You rock Trev!

  9. thelousyllama says:

    He is not funny. I am moving to colbert

  10. manguy2000 says:

    Jon Stewart was our refuge? Good Lord man, tone it down.

  11. TheoKabala89 says:

    He’s been on the BBC a lot, including Qi and he’s always been funny, quit
    witted and intelligent.

  12. El Manimal says:

    Ok, loving this guy so far. Hope he’ll continue in Jon Stewart’s foot steps
    in calling out bullshit from all politicians.

  13. Slashfire Sokhela says:

    As a South African I am proud of you Trevor! Keep growing in your career!!

  14. manguy2000 says:

    I’d love to hear this cowardly fag make a penis joke about a Muslim Imam.
    Then see how long you are still breathing.
    So easy to mock Christianity…what happens in response? Maybe a letter
    saying “please stop”? Ooooh.
    That makes you so brave…and so creative…like so controversial because
    EVERYONE is doing it now.

  15. Zeus Mc. says:

    His nationality doesn’t seem unusual in the setting, his race, his humour
    or his ability but his age… just a little weird, the politicians he is
    attacking are like his fathers age. Surely a host of such a show should
    have a bit of a been around the block kind of a vibe about them. But he
    will certainly grow into his role and he has a sharpness.

  16. Toph Beifong says:

    I thought it was going to suck but its entertaining. Not Jon Stewart
    obviously, but still good.

  17. TheAnonJohn says:

    he is great

  18. Selma Matheus says:

    Stop watching the show if you think Trevor doesn’t do it for you… It’s
    that easy! Give the guy a chance!

  19. The Castelan says:

    Poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou

  20. FrozenEternity says:

    Why you saying you are black when you are coloured Trevor? Don’t buy into
    the USA one drop rule BS – they might mean to do it, but that doesn’t mean
    you should forget your heritage