The Daily Show – Welcome to President Trump’s Reality

The Daily Show – Welcome to President Trump’s Reality

In his first interview since taking office, President Trump praises Fox News’s coverage of his CIA speech and defends a ban on immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.

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20 Responses

  1. Dave SOLEMI says:

    America is now the laughing stock of the world.

  2. Self Made Trillin says:

    If I wanted to kill myself, I’d climb Trump’s ego and jump down to his I.Q

  3. MPCReacts says:

    If this keeps up…America is going to lose power.

  4. F. S. says:

    One week and the world already lost all respect for USA.

  5. CometX-ing says:

    He listens to Fox News but shits on CNN and anyone else? Come on, he’s
    practically admitting to denying reality. Might as well say he listens to

  6. Laura Mendoza says:


  7. Jake Savin says:

    I regret not voting. I apologize to all those who will suffer as a result.

  8. James Mackay says:

    I just want this nightmare to be over

  9. CLRaider says:

    I gave him a chance (I never voted for him, to be clear) ….can I complain

  10. Bay sihakom says:

    keep it up Trevor.. this guy is such a moron..I feel like I m in that movie

  11. Rob M (Nonamegamer93) says:

    it is a well known fact that Fox lies

  12. Ultra Magnus says:

    Trump won because uninformed (stupid) people were allowed too vote!

  13. Marian Leidis says:

    I wake up every day thinking that this is an alternative reality.

  14. Tracy Mays says:

    Excellent Job Trevor! However, I am completely disgusted and humiliated
    by the presidents childish and thuggish behavior. I have not only lost
    several friends but most of my family, because of him! But I can not…..
    nor will I, back down! Trump is a liar and a fraud! And the country is
    just fine with it?? I feel so sorry for people who think this man is good
    for America…… IM NOT one of them! I have an education, a
    conscience…. and soul!

  15. Why you gotta go there says:

    I love how most of the countries on trump’s ban list are also being bombed
    by America. That isn’t stopping under President “When you take out these
    terrorists you have to also take out their families” Trump. So pretty much
    more death less empathy. Isn’t that fun America? You get to bomb people,
    and when those dead people’s families want to be somewhere safe, because
    they are surrounded by more drones, and more terrorists that are breed from
    the chaos you get to insult them by saying they are probably terrorists,
    and ban them.

    Also nice Syrian refugee ban. It’s not like you took many anyway, but now
    you are hurting those who were close to done being vetted. The vetting
    process for refugees typically takes 18 to 24 months once you’ve been
    referred to the UN by the United States. It’s the most rigorous vetting
    anyone has to face before entering any country. Can danger still happen?
    Sure, but you have to look at the facts. The statistics from the Migration
    Policy Institute show that out of the 784,000 resettled refugees since
    Sept. 11, 2001, only three resettled refugees have been arrested for
    planning terrorist activities none of which, by the way, resulted in
    attacks in America. So the known terrorist to refugee ratio is 1 in

    All this talk I hear about “When trump bans Muslims we will be safe” The
    stupidity of bigots never ceases to amaze me. You want to be safe? You have
    had over 1million gun deaths in the past 3 decades in America, and in that
    same time around 3100 deaths due to Islamic terrorism(Including 9/11 which
    is 2977 of that total) yet you still buy more guns incase a scary Muslim
    comes to the store for milk.

  16. Milo says:

    Trump is an Illegitimate president. I don’t recognize him as my president.

  17. Jeff Pride says:

    Trevor keeps me sane through this madness

  18. USMCA7X says:

    Trump is a complete idiot…and the insane voted for him. Kind of
    disturbing there are that many idiots out there. Must be the fast food,
    Budweiser beer, and lack of education that caused this to happen.

  19. Morty Sanchez says:

    how can trump supporters watch this and still support trump enough to jump
    into the comments and defend him?

  20. Spoon Dude says:

    Something I find interesting is that a lot of Trump supporters are telling
    those who didn’t vote for Trump and protest against him to “get over the
    election” “Trump won, get over it” “Trump is now president and you can’t
    change it”…yet, Trump himself can’t get over the election results. He’s
    already President, he’s where he wants to be, and yet he still is claiming
    the election was rigged against him, that he did win the election if you
    don’t count the “millions of illegal votes”. Trump supporters call those
    who didn’t vote for Trump a bunch of sore losers, and yet Trump himself
    (the winner of the election) is somehow also behaving like a sore loser.