The day we caught a GoPro fishing

The day we caught a GoPro fishing

So this happened.. We decided to go fishing and with the first cast of the night my sisters fishing rod pulls up a GoPro camera! I have made this video public so that it can be shared around so that hopefully the SD card and camera can be returned to its rightful owner! The date of the original footage was 13/08/15 and it was found on 05/07/16. Found off lake pier, Hamworthy, Poole

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20 Responses

  1. ghouljoe x says:

    i wonder if its owner seen this yet

  2. Denenterprises says:

    the comment section is hilarious

  3. T3M productions says:

    nka 350k views on a crab

  4. Syed Usmani says:

    Nice, you stole Superwomens way of titling her vlogs

  5. Chase Litvan says:

    it went straight down… what are they, fucking retarded?

  6. ViVaLaRan says:

    *Vape naysh yall*

  7. Broken Arrow (NH) says:


  8. aaron ruban says:

    Watching this makes me wanna be a crab

  9. teeracullaz says:

    now i decided to hate crab

  10. Roman Bellic says:

    Crab people, Crab people!

  11. Negan The Savior says:

    2:03 IT’S CRABZILLA!

  12. JoeyBoi says:


  13. RedDeadEvan says:

    Post pics of the camera

  14. J0shplumbing says:

    Thanks for fishing it up. My friend Rachel has contacted you.

  15. Audry Afanen says:

    The crab was obviously vlogging
    Hey guys, today we are going to talk about my new girlfriend Patricia
    (she’s a starfish)

  16. Lucien OL says:

    Crab! My Nigga, you made it!

  17. Norn Iron Niall says:

    this seemed like a good start to a horror or murder thriller

  18. Heavydirtysoldier says:

    Did he do the vape nation sign at 0:06? //

  19. Ozzey23 says:

    Taking a break from the Krusty Krab

  20. Jordan Nike says:

    That’s is mine