The Fastest Way to Big Biceps (WORKS EVERY TIME!)

The Fastest Way to Big Biceps (WORKS EVERY TIME!)

If you want to build big biceps then you need to stop only focusing on doing curls. In this video, I’m going to show you how to build bigger biceps by turning your body into the resistance and performing a variation on the popular chin up exercise to turn up the heat on your arms and get those gains coming again.

One of the absolute favorite exercises in the gym is the weighted chin up. I believe it is one of the best exercises for packing size on the biceps while additionally being one of the best and most challenging pulling exercises at your disposal. That said, there are a few things you can do to the standard chin up that will turn it into more of a biceps driven exercise than a lat driven one which will help you to see much faster gains on your biceps in the near future.

The first thing you want to focus on is your grip. Obviously, with this being a chin up and not a pull up you want to grab the bar with an underhand grip. That said, the most important thing you can do at this point is establish the proper width of the hands. Anatomically, we want to try and match the angle of the elbow and hands that is preferred when the arm is placed into full elbow flexion (like we would be at the top of a curl). This means that the hands are to be placed slightly outside the width of the elbows.

Since you cannot move your hands during the curl as you could if you were doing this with a pair of dumbbells, it is important that you establish this first before even doing a single rep. You will know if you are doing this right since you will feel a more intense contraction of the biceps when you get to the top of the chinup than you would if you didn’t set up the right grip first.

Next, you want to bend the wrist back slightly and be sure to grip the bar deep in the palm of your hands. This modification helps to take the forearms out of the exercise so that the biceps can do more of the work. The key is to keep the bar deep in your hands however so as not to overload the middle deep finger flexors, which can lead to medial elbow pain quickly if you forget to do this.

Now, as you lower and raise your body to the bar there are two things you want to be sure you do. The first is, you want to maintain an open angle of the elbow at the top. Too often, people confuse the cue to “get the chin over the bar” as something that you need to do while bringing your body close to the bar and your chin to the other side. This is incorrect. You only want to get your chin higher than the bar but you need to maintain distance away from it so as to keep tension on the biceps in that more closely approximated 90 to 120 angle of the elbow.

Second, in order to do this you will find that you will likely have to arc your body as you bring it up on each rep. This should mirror what that barbell does when you curl it up on a standard barbell curl. Obviously, the bar does not travel in a straight line up and down on every rep. Instead, it follows a definitive arcing pattern. You once again cannot move the pullup bar, but you can relatively move your body in relation to the bar to mimic the same mechanics at the joint and take advantage of the varied strength curves throughout the exercise.

This exercise will build your biceps faster than any other because it is progressively loading you in a way you are likely not used to at the moment. Though the lats do contribute to the performance of this exercise, you will be forced to handle fairly heavy loads since you will have to lift your own bodyweight. The percentage of work done by the biceps will often be higher than it would be if you were to try and apply the load through a standard barbell curl.

Give this a shot and if you are looking for a complete program that will help you to not only build big biceps but get a complete athletic body capable of performing at a moment’s notice, be sure to hit the link below and grab one of the ATHLEAN-X Training Systems.

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    When you are so fast there is no giveaway yet
    Edit:i lost anyway lol

  3. Joey Central says:

    Perfect timing to upload this video, Jeff. I am literally starting Ultimate Arms tomorrow. Wish me luck boyos.

    • Default says:

      Noor Kashif How was tht program

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      Joey Central a ‘boyo’ in Spanish means a bread bun…in cuban slang its a pussy…You called us all ‘pussies’????

    • Noor Kashif says:

      +Nathan Montes beast might be my fav program from him and IVe done ultimate arms, max size, breakout and some of NXT. Total beast has three different levels for different fitness levels: base (easiest), beast, and total beast. Im doing it total beast level and its so kickass! Cool thing is you probably might start at base or beast but you can always repeat the program at a harder difficulty and keep making gains.

    • stmtraps says:

      Do it!!!

    • Kelvin Kwan says:

      Whatever it takes. 5% 8hrs arms day. Right babe?

  4. Saurabh Gandhi says:

    Athlean X not only builds a body but also character.

  5. Saket Gokhale says:

    I wonder if Jeff has already started training his sons

  6. s121b says:

    You already know it‘s facepulls

  7. King Bubby says:

    Day 1: Left bicep
    Day 2: Right bicep

  8. The Guy You See Everywhere says:

    I was just about to turn off my phone but then Jeff uploads…

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      The Guy You See Everywhere, I haven’t heard of anyone turning off their phone in many years. I dream of throwing my iPhone in a lake and buying a flip phone to be free of this smart-enslavement, but I pretty much have to have it for my job 🙁

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      Lukis Trust well, use it for your job only

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      The Guy You See Everywhere the real question is, why would you ever be turning off your phone lol

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      +CeeWorld I turn off my phone every night before bed.

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    No views, 38 comments and 195 likes.
    Jeff cavalier fans are crazy..

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    Jeff goes home from work to see his wife and kids:

    WHATS UP GUYS, Jeff cavalier,

  11. MADO says:

    Woah Jeff my screen broke when you flexed your biceps ?

  12. allision burgers says:

    I got so distracted by your biceps, I couldn’t hear a thing. Now I gotta re-watch the entire video.

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    As the legend goes, Jeff once tried to wear a shirt during his videos…

    Then he flexed his biceps and it *_vaporized_* instantly ?

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    I clicked on the video only because Jeff was wearing a shirt

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    We don’t need anything free for being loyal to Jeff. He’s one hell of a trainer and we’ll stick with him always no matter what.?

  16. Boys park 1315 says:

    The perfect bodyweight leg workout pleaseeee

    • Francisco Méndez Grajales says:

      Sprints, frog jumps, one leg jumps.

    • Steve Timmons says:

      Boys park 1315 look at Vern Gambetta leg circuit

    • refugigator says:

      +Иосиф Steelin now that wouldn’t be bodyweight now would it? Also, it’s not that hard to stabilize a single calf raise, simply touch a wall or some stable foundation.

    • Иосиф Steelin says:

      +refugigator Everybody has a backpack and can put some books inside. Also he is new to this since he’s asking, so double calf raises would be the best start.
      With single raises it’s also harder to focus on either of the two different muscle groups, aswell as risking injury if there’s not enough strength or trying too hard on the last reps.

    • Bar Brothers India says:

      Hey man check

  17. King Kardashian says:

    Jeff’s biceps have their own personality

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    At Jeff’s wedding:

    Preacher: “Jeff Cavaliere,, do you take this woman to be your lawfully shredded wife?”

    At Jeff’s daughter’s wedding:

    Preacher: “Who gives this woman in marriage?”

    Jeff: “Jeff Cavaliere,”

    In all seriousness, though, another great video! Will be using these tips. Thanks to your teaching, Jeff, I’m starting to see some real gains!! ??

    Edit: Thanks for all the likes, guys! Most I’ve ever got.

    • Kenneth Wood says:

      No, doing the preacher curl. You use a decline bench. Rest your upper arm on the bench when putting your armpit on the end of the bench. So you can get full range of motion. Get in a foward stance as you do the preacher curl as if you are bending foward. It’s called a preacher curl. Because it looks as if you are getting down on one knee and praying as you do the exercise. But you are still standing. Fully extend your arm and then curl. It doesn’t touch the bench. Three to four sets of 10-15 reps is best. But don’t over do it with the weights. Because it’s easy to tear a muscle doing that exercise

    • Culterin says:


    • Adam Stevenson says:

      +Kenneth Wood The joke reference went over your head bro….lol!

    • David Riedy says:

      Yo you know what that reminds me of? If you’ve ever seen the episode from The Office when Phyllis gets married, the priest says something like “and do you, Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration, take Phyllis to be your wife?” If you’ve watched The Office you’ll know about the Bob Vance joke

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  19. Nice Good says:

    Please Jeff make a video reading the comments

    It would be so funny

  20. Arre Effe says:

    Normal lifters: I bench 3 plates
    Jeff: I chinup 3 plates

    • King Batch says:

      Jo No depends how much you weigh.

    • Jo No says:

      +Colin-kun :3 mr for example. I weigh 80kg i bench 90kg for one rep and 3 plates would be 140kg
      I can do 11 chin ups and that equels to ca 120kg for 1rm and 3 plates chins would be 140 kg too for me

    • Colin-kun :3 says:

      Jo No if those plates were 45s then you would be lifting 215 in chin-ups. That’s devastating harder than benching the same weight.

    • shex9 says:

      Jo No don’t know I guess it differs from 1 person to another I weigh around 80kg my max bench press is 105kg for 2 reps yet i don’t think I can do 11 chin-ups, I haven’t been training for years and just started 30 min day on day off yet whenever I’ve these big breaks my weights always drop way more on the pulling exercises especially the biceps curls.

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