The First 100 Days: Another Presidential Tradition for Trump to Ignore: The Daily Show

The First 100 Days: Another Presidential Tradition for Trump to Ignore: The Daily Show

Having come up short on his promises to repeal Obamacare and institute a Muslim ban, President Trump tries to downplay the significance of his first 100 days milestone.

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20 Responses

  1. Mucho Pasteles says:


  2. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    I don’t want the whole government to shut down, but can we just shut down one part of it… A very orange, rapey part of it.

  3. SaucyTryhard says:

    Donald Trump needs to be impeached ASAP! #MAGA

  4. Marta Keen says:

    100 days? Jfc four years will kill us all

  5. Self Made Trillin says:

    “As president I will ban all pre-shredded packaged cheese”

    “Let’s Make America Grate Again”

  6. Mr Nobody says:

    Ain’t nobody got the right to dislike a video featuring Trevor Noah!

  7. Jazibb Memon says:

    I’m a simple guy. Saw trevor and clicked

  8. Sam Beri says:

    Trevor is such a funny and intelligent guy. And wise beyond his age. I could listen to him for hours. Hopefully someday he runs for an office in RSA!

  9. Franklin Eloi says:

    Our celebrity in chief is always taking L’s. He can honestly say the most racial or demeaning things and his so call “Christians” supporters wouldn’t care

  10. MoveOn says:

    tbf no one wants to make eye contact with eric ?

  11. Dan Aalfs says:

    #mostleastlikedpresidentever #impeachtrump

  12. Green Eyes says:

    Worst president ever.
    what a joke this clown is.

  13. llongone2 says:

    100 days of near total failure. “Trump” has become synonymous with failure.

  14. Another Made Up Internet Subculture says:

    the 100 day standard doesnt apply to you? youre the one who said you were going to make america great again in less than 100 day. WORST BUSINESS MAN EVER. i feel bad for his supporters for taking this gold plated pile of shit.

  15. Carry Spice says:

    96% of Trump voters are still stupid.

  16. funkydirection says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could even believe that Trump’s doing a good job in office…..Like, he hasn’t done ANYTHING that he promised to do! In fact, he’s doing the opposite!! How can they not be upset that he’s spending most of his time golfing??

  17. D-icks andRoses says:

    Trump is basically a toddler. He throws tantrums, lies, blames other people, and wears diapers.

  18. Angel of Sarcasm says:

    He’s not a politician they said…
    He’ll do what he promises they said…
    He’ll get rid of NAFTA they said…
    He’ll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it they said…

    Trump supporters should feel some sort of stupidity right about now.

  19. Franklin Gomez says:

    Trump is an idiot, no doubt, but his supporters will follow that dullard to the edge of the world… let’s just hope they do us the favor and jump.

  20. Spooksandooks says:

    Well he did tweet a lot. That should count for something. When was the last time you guys tweeted huh?

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