The Future of SciShow

The Future of SciShow

SciShow has a lot in store for the future! Find out what we’re planning, and get a sneak peek at the people behind the show.

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20 Responses

  1. Lara Schilling says:

    Cheers to the best channel on the Tube! Thanks for 5 years of keeping me
    entertained whilst being educated. Here’s to many more.

    Just a suggestion to anybody who wishes to support this channel, and other
    indie science channels, but don’t have the moolah to give via Patreon. TURN

    Maybe one day, I’ll have the money to buy a President of Space perk!

  2. depevlad says:

    No. Thank YOU.

  3. Phri Pheoniks says:

    Sounds absolutely awesome! Can’t wait! :D

  4. Sandra de Vries says:

    I have to do homework on that Wednesday…

  5. cincodemayo55 says:

    Yay scishow!!! This is literally my favorite channel ever. I’ve always
    loved science and have never really been able to understand it. You make
    science so much easier to understand! Thanks :)))

  6. Pan Limak says:

    +SciShow you might want to divide the new content between channels like
    with SciShow Space, to not spam people’s inboxes.

  7. LadyofHats says:

    is there a way to do a one time donation? i dont find that option in

  8. t-way “princess t-rex” trex says:

    What is Neurofibermatosis??

  9. Andrew Attard says:

    the name “Holy Effin Science” is a big ripoff of “I Effin Love Science.”
    You’re better than that Hank Green.

  10. Gardahadi Gardiadi says:

    I havent watched an episode for months… HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CATCH WITH
    new videos EVERYDAY. Anyways goodluck guyss Sci-show is awesome I’ve been
    watching since middle school when it first started and I’m happy to see how
    far it’s come :)

  11. Matthew Aspros says:

    No, thank you guys.

  12. danny sulyma says:

    See you Wednesday ;-)

  13. Swedebear says:

    Good luck guys!

  14. Eric Loesch says:

    I was worried that the channel was going away for a tense second. Thanks to
    SciShow I have a better understanding of the world both physically and
    socially. The amount of science alone is more than I ever got out of

  15. Joe Mattock says:

    Next video should be on where the dislikes teleport from.

  16. Gilmore Guirao says:

    Thank you, SciShow!

  17. PockieGrimmjow says:

    Where is the video where Stefan was to the side? Wanna see it as it sounds

  18. MrPilot Guy says:

    Wow, these people are just as awkward and nerdy as Hank. Huh.

  19. વિશાલ ભલાણી says:

    All the best guys for next goal…you people are doing awesome stuff on
    this planet. lov u..

  20. Daniel Leca says:

    Caitlin is a little nervous :)