The Giant Food Trend… WTF

The Giant Food Trend… WTF

If your just looking for the normal size sandwich recipe, click ahead to 7:34

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20 Responses

  1. Brothers Green Eats says:

    happy Father’s Day to all them dad’s out there!

  2. Mary Dickinson says:

    haters drinkin’ that giant hateraid

  3. Robbie Govan says:

    Couldn’t agree more, just a huge waste of money and good food.

  4. dollartreerelated says:

    I agree. I don’t understand the “Giant Food” trend and what’s so entertaining about it. It’s disgusting how wasteful they are being 😑

  5. Lisassan says:

    yeah! like a giant soup dumpling, who would do that? hahaha at least that one looked tasty

  6. Natalie Longmire says:

    Another trend I’ve been seeing is just really extreme food. Like the “freak-shakes” that were super popular, or burgers that have sandwiches for buns, or just STUFFING things with nutella. Like these things may look kind of cool, but in the end I think it’s wasteful. Allot of food joints and restaurants are starting to come up with super gimmick-y dishes, and they’re starting to look straight up unappetizing.

  7. Cryssie Carver says:

    The thing is if you don’t like giant food videos why are you watching them? Some people love them and if the trend dies then the channels that make giant food will either evolve into something new or die with the trend. Why are you shitting on the joy?

    *sings* It’s okay to not like things, it’s okay but don’t be a dick about it

  8. John Kelly says:

    That flatbread looked amazing, how do you make the dough?

  9. magpie _62 says:

    I love both EMT for entertainment and you for inspiration!

  10. Gregg Bond says:

    PimpMySnack has been a thing for years!

  11. Nick Ross says:

    aren’t you friends with hellthy junkfood? they do that shit. don’t be a hater

  12. S S says:

    that sandwich looks delicious…we wish it was 50 times bigger 😜

  13. blackvader says:

    I didn’t even know that there’s a trend like this.

  14. TV Scenes says:

    Sounds like you are just peanut butter and jealous.

  15. kitty friend says:

    the people clicking are really stoned, that’s why

  16. Alc Klur says:

    How can you hate on other channels when you sell fucking seasoning packets for 10$

  17. Mateo Skorski says:

    You guys made giant food video tho 😀

  18. Dejon Watson says:

    you will never be able to afford a home with putting that avocado on your bread. /s

  19. Emma's Goodies says:

    I’m not a fan of the giant food trend either. The only channel I watch who makes giant food is Hellthyjunkfood, but that’s because they are entertaining. They are the stars of their channel and not the giant food. I would never watch a youtube channel just for the “giant food”. So I have no idea why people find the giant food itself so entertaining.

  20. Accualy Iz Dolan says:

    Am I the only person that loves this guys enthusiasm and personality?

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