The Glitched Attraction

The Glitched Attraction

The Glitched Attraction is like a Five Nights at Freddy’s Escape Room! It’s wonderful and TERRIFYING and I can’t wait for the full release!

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43 Responses

  1. Raszius TV says:

    OKAY now THAT’S the scariest main menu ever.

  2. wiksell says:

    Game: “Complete the puzzles before the time runs out”.
    Mark: “ooooo secrets!”

  3. Mockingbird Inc. says:

    Jumpscare warnings for my fellow chickens:
    1:37 lil spook begins
    2:04 close-up
    3:23 Window / Strobe
    4:11 Window
    4:37 Window
    5:34 Window
    6:34 *unexpected*
    8:14 Window
    8:32 ha ha ha
    9:07 Window
    10:08 Window but different
    10:14 chomp
    11:08 *unexpected*
    11:36 Window
    12:34 Window
    12:56 wooOOOOIII
    13:03 Window
    14:33 silly friend greeting
    14:40 lil spook
    14:56 *bnnuy*
    15:47 Window
    16:05 *bear hug*
    16:53 Window
    17:31 *great timing*
    17:49 *bnuuy*

    • The Crafter says:

      @Rahmat 484 I want to know something. Who hurt you. I mean if your life is going so badly that you call people wimps to feel better than, why? Why do you do this? Can anyone answer this? Is it because your a young kid just trying to sound tuff or are you a adult still living in there parents basement, sad that life hasn’t gone the way you wanted it to? I’m sorry if this makes no sense to anyone. I’m going to bed, it’s 4:00am and I spent all night design a automaton.

      P.S. who ever got ride of the reply from him. Thanks it makes this Reply section look a lot better.

      Have a beautiful day and life

      -The Crafter

    • Kawaii Doge says:

      Why do y’all even watch scary stuff?

    • Atticus Prisbrey says:

      Thanks lmao I’m watching this at 2 am so this is really helpful

    • Singing Depressed bean says:

      I believe you dropped this •_• 👑

    • ouraep says:

      i don’t get scared but this is so sweet for others <33

  4. Weaponized Autism says:

    I love how he’s been saying “Hello everybody my name is Makiplier” in like every video for years.

  5. R Films says:

    I love how it literally says you have to solve puzzles but he just completely glazed over that and thought they were secrets for a bit

  6. Y E E T says:

    Game: “solve the puzzle before time runs out”
    Mark: “got it”
    * Forgets there’s a puzzle, time runs out and he loses *
    Mark: >:O!!!

  7. Sevo says:

    Short hair, FNaF, “Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier”

    Oh yeah, it’s all coming together

  8. Bob Stark says:

    “You do you, I’ll do me, and we wont do each other.

  9. Grizz Hood says:

    *I know what I’m being for Halloween*

  10. TimeBucks says:

    He always came back.

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