The GOP Celebrates Its One-Third Of A Healthcare Victory

The GOP Celebrates Its One-Third Of A Healthcare Victory

The GOP held a ‘massive beer bash’ to celebrate something that’s only partially accomplished.

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20 Responses

  1. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Right when you think the shit-show’s over, it comes back big-time. Trumpcare is the Miley Cyrus of bills.

  2. Bofan Chen says:


  3. Nas jt says:

    Fuck Trump

  4. MrIDox MyFansFTW says:

    fox business network are cowards calling for censorship of people who criticize president hitler

  5. Shardul juyal says:

    How can US congress vote without a proper reading of the bill?
    I understand some people will blame trump, but this one goes to congress republicans.

  6. TheArtist says:

    No matter what happens, Colbert always cheers you up

  7. FreneticKey says:

    The Republicans will pay in 2018 after this stupid “ideology first country second” vote to repeal Obamacare. I think the Senate will stop it getting it through to the predator in chief Donald Trump.

  8. mineMissHellsing says:

    … Why do people cut taxes from the rich? … Just, why? Why do they need to be a couple of more million dollars richer than they already are? What difference does it make to them? Why not cut the taxes from the poor? I don’t, I don’t understand…

  9. eddyk says:

    Without Stephen Colbert I would have gone crazy by now.

  10. Miles Finnch says:

    I hope there are at least 3 Senate Republicans with a soul. No matter how the GOP tries to spin it, poor people will lose their health care and the rich will get tax breaks.

  11. thenormalstate says:

    I feel like it gives Stephen the warm fuzzies when he gets a “Coooold blooooded” from Jon and that gives me the warm fuzzies ☺️

  12. Robert Hayes says:

    That laughter thing can’t be real. That’s what a dictatorship would do.

  13. mccarraa says:

    I’m glad I don’t live in USA

  14. Brotlowsky rgseg says:

    Meanwhile countries like Germany have had universal healthcare since the 80s. And by that I mean the 1880s.

  15. You hurt my feelings says:

    You’re a joke Jeff Sessions!?????????????????

  16. Matthew Hefner says:


  17. Lego Insomniac says:

    More people will die under Trumpcare than have been killed by ISIS. So who’re the real terrorists.

  18. You Han says:

    Holy shit I laughed watching the video but I didn’t realize that I was in the same room with my microwave!

  19. Luis Perez says:

    Woman laughs at Jeff sessions one year in prison. Jeff lies under oath, meh no biggie. Fuck the republicans, they are a cancer to this country.

  20. Lorna Ginette Harrison says:

    If “laughter is the best medicine” is literally the ONLY medical treatment available to most Americans now, does that make Stephen a healthcare provider?

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