The greatest llama chase of the 21st Century

The greatest llama chase of the 21st Century

Sun City, Arizona: Domesticated camelids elude authorities, draw onlookers in the greatest llama chase of the 21st Century.

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20 Responses

  1. Musduq Memmedov says:


  2. Andrew Jones says:

    Im not sure what I was expecting.

  3. Iraj Pudasaini says:

    lol, wtf?

  4. Iraj Pudasaini says:

    that’s one hardcore anchor.

  5. TheAlecn05 says:

    With fox news on this story, u would almost think they would be rooting for
    white llama… 

  6. Satan says:

    Do not make a racist joke, do not make a racist joke…

  7. jonathan perez says:

    como-cc-c-c CDs desde

  8. Lovey says:

    poor llamas :O

  9. Flippy says:

    Are the llamas’ colors white and gold or blue and black?

  10. FreeHops says:

    “Black Llama in custody”

  11. Chris R. says:

    1st World problems.

  12. taktik02 says:

    Welcome on Fox News Channel

  13. Chris R. says:

    To whom it may concern, North America is bored.

  14. madion baker says:

    That’s my llama!!!!!!! Jk jk but I love them ahahah

  15. sega says:

    Free my son black llama

  16. Daniel Gadberry says:

    The fact that people are getting butthurt trying to bring up racism over

  17. Tzu V says:

    Go llama go!

  18. brynn avery says:

    Oh my llama!

  19. Connor McNeil says:

    Best newscaster ever

  20. red244 says:

    All these tech experts who googled llma.

    Wow the entry requirements to get hired by FOX news must be low.