The Historic Disappearance of Louis Le Prince

The Historic Disappearance of Louis Le Prince

This French inventor stepped onto a train… and disappeared from history
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Torso of a murdered victim that washed up on a beach in Miami, Florida
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Crinan Canal at Lochgilphead, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, 19th Century
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Cropped Hand Holding Binoculars Against Lake
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Edison’s First Motion Picture Camera
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Laterna magica, Paris 1871, wood engraving, published in 1877
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Inventor Of Cinematography
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Diesel locomotive
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85 Responses

  1. Skye Strawbridge says:

    Edison stole all of his inventions though. The lightbulb, the moving projector, all of them. He was a snake

  2. Briee Haro says:

    America always needs an American to be the hero or the smartest person. Sadly it was probably a politician who was working with Edison who got rid on Louis.

  3. Emely Granados says:

    Fun fact: Thomas Edison stole/bought almost all his inventions

  4. Ally Edwards says:

    why did i get a fucking get a thomas the tank engine commercial

  5. Shannen Pifer says:

    Thomas Edison was a real garbage person.

  6. Kendra Rodrigues says:

    Isnโ€™t Edison known for stealing many ideas from investors. He was more of a ruthless businessman than an actual inventor.

  7. Jinwoah says:

    Wait, so. Thomas Edison pinched Nikola Tesla’s invention of the light bulb and then continued to pinch Louis Le Prince’s invention of moving pictures. How much of what Thomas Edison ‘invented’ did he actually invent? Lmao.

  8. Kitty Chesire says:

    Next week on Buzzfeed Unsolved: Edison Stirkes Again: Who killed Nikola Telsa?

  9. matthew judge says:

    Is it just me or are the Murder Mysteries WAYYY more interesting than the Alien ones

  10. Titanic55 says:

    Thomas Edison is a jerk, itโ€™s historically true, he stole peopleโ€™s inventions, itโ€™s a fact.

  11. Stephen Anna Marydas says:

    Let’s make this video trend and give back atleast some of the recognition that Le Prince truly deserved. #LouisLePrinceFatherofMotionPictures

  12. Amber Warren says:

    THIS CASE PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH. I can’t believe that this guy literally invented movies, something horrible happened to him, and someone else got the credit. I’m so mad.

    • Little Ray Of Sarcasm says:

      Not only did someone else get the credit, but to this day, even though the true is in Louis Le Prince’ favour, Edison still gets credit. It’s so sad, and like you, it pisses me off.

    • Bella Song says:

      Amber Warren same as whites taking blacks inventions, songs, and other things they made and put I off as there own for centuries. ๐Ÿ‘€

    • Bella Song says:

      Amber Warren this goes to show that whites have been taking advantage of all the races just to be superior.

  13. Regina George says:

    Thank you BuzzFeed, for this education.

  14. Cupids Manager says:

    I never liked edison and now I’m hating him even more now..

  15. Saieel Prabhu says:

    Edison always stole other’s inventions. He was a *FRAUD* . HE doesn’t deserve any of the respect he gets.

  16. YouraJin says:

    Makes me want to rip off Edisonโ€™s face on those posters in the hallways of my school.

  17. Rhea Pramith says:

    *Can we all agree that this was one of the saddest episode of Unsolved we’ve seen?*

  18. Em B says:

    It was MAHOGANY

  19. Jeca Martinez Art says:

    Ok here’s what I think: maybe Louis was robbed and killed by regular thieves who didn’t know him or his invention. Then when they saw that the contents of his bag seemed to be “useless” documents, they simply sold his bag or got rid of it and its contents, and then SOMEHOW the documents ended up with Edison (maybe his associates came across the documents and brought them to him, etc). Although upon hearing what type of person Edison was like, I wouldn’t put it past him that he had something to do with Louis’ disappearance.

    • Paige Bussinger says:

      Rosanna Berckley are you insinuating robbery didn’t exsist in England in the 1800’s? Because that is absolutely laughable.

    • Katie Ferrell says:

      i don’t buy that one of the most notable patents of all time accidentally and randomly got to the hands of one of the most notable inventors of all time who just so happened to steal peoples ideas. also, if he was a big 6’4 man, i definitely don’t buy that someone would rob him.

    • Appleas says:

      He was in France at the time but yeah there sure was robbery and murder back then.

    • unicron the destroyer says:

      Jeca Martinez Art world is filled with s**theads I’ll say that

    • Renxy Baluyot says:

      Rosanna Berckley bollocks

  20. Hannah Margaret says:

    There’s no way he would be unhappy with his invention and just not go to New York. Edison must have something to do with it

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