The Hunt for the Highest Melting Point

The Hunt for the Highest Melting Point

What has the highest melting point known to us? Hank Green explains in this episode of SciShow.

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Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. bigwhiteyeti says:

    Biiiiig problem, they missed out humble carbon. It doesn’t melt at standard
    pressures, it sublimates. But its sublimation temperature is higher than
    tungsten’s by a fair margin.

  2. Anders23 says:

    Why did Youtube add the option to increase the speed by 25% but not reduce
    it by 25%..? 0,5 speed is too slow but normal speed is too fast…

  3. Blue84Stang says:

    I seem to remember something from high school chemistry about boron having
    three double-bonded pairs… Wouldnt that make it relatively good for
    remaining solid?

  4. Koppa Dasao says:

    Why do you keep saying that Audible gives you a 30-day free trail, when
    that’s not true? You don’t get a 30-day free trial! What you get is a free
    book that’s yours forever.

  5. Kenneth Evans says:

    what happened to John doing history

  6. MarkieDood says:

    Temperature is weird.

  7. Barackus says:

    So, we could get a Tungsten carbide spaceship that stays at the surface of
    the sun to produce extreme amounts of energy that we transport back to
    earth using a “LASER”? let’s do it!

  8. Charlie Martin says:

    Why learn the melting point? When we can know….. THE PLASMA POINT! :3
    Cause there are WAY more then 3 states of matter. There is like 15 lol. And
    in 2015 they found a new one. Soooooo yeah lol

  9. Lone Wolf says:

    maybe energy shields will be the real breakthrough… flowing particles in
    just such a way to repel really hot sun particles and dangerous radiation
    and then the hull of the ship can be made of fluffy teddy bears cause it
    wouldnt matter

  10. Zoran Troha says:

    Hank, dear, you said that ar absolute zero the atoms aren’t moving at all.
    I’m sure you know that that isn’t true. At absolute zero the movement of
    the particles’ is the smallest possible, the smallest it can be.

  11. whyphy says:

    The disappearing spoon.

    Like that episode of Oz?

  12. TheGudih says:

    Does anyone knows why is Mercury (Hg) liquid at ambient temperature?

  13. MorgurEdits says:

    Landing on to sun!! Sounds like a plan!

  14. Hobbyless Wolf says:

    Tungston?! So that’s what Pearl wanted Steven and Amethyst give to her?

  15. Abdul Kadir Uddin says:

    whats kelvin

  16. Dante Wayne says:

    It all boils down to heat.

  17. TheTenk Tenks says:

    How long did you say the free trail lasted?

  18. Fahad Al Azawi says:

    Can we use that element to creat our hydrogen reactor without the need to
    the excessive amounts of energy to generate the electro magnetic field?

  19. Green God says:

    Whenever I hear that intro it makes me happy!

  20. Green God says:

    Could we use tungsten carbide to make a drone that could orbit the sun very
    very closely??