The iPhone 8 Will Be Incredible!

The iPhone 8 Will Be Incredible!

iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Rumors & Leaks Have Begun! New Features To Expect & Rumor Roundup With Sources!

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20 Responses

  1. DerpKes says:

    Wtf happened to your eyebrows at 9:25!?

  2. txcipack says:

    Honestly, android devices aren’t that big of a deal. They’re good but I
    prefer iPhones. My first phone was an android and once I switched to an
    iPhone, I didn’t wanna go back. The thing with Apple is that they wanna be
    the best at it, that’s why they’re taking so long. For example: “wireless
    charging”.It’s not really wireless charging that Samsung claims to have.
    The dock is still connected to a wire so without that wire, no charging.
    Apple on the other hand is working on true wireless like he said in the
    video. It’s NOT because they don’t care. It kinda makes since to wait too
    until now since the 10th anniversary is coming to make it big release.

  3. Lenny Face says:

    Wow… my htc desire 626 G dual sim already has the virtual homebutton -.-

  4. Boss Lamb says:

    Screw the iPhone 8 I’m waiting for the iPhone 9

  5. Greetings says:

    iPhone 8 comes out and its the same garbage, except you have a dual front

  6. I'll Subscribe To Anyone says:

    They NEED to bring back the headphone Jack

  7. True Rampage says:

    IPhone 8 guess what its like Samsung edge so guess what no cases now guess
    what since you have no case your $1000 phone has no protection ? how

  8. Benzimo_ says:

    what the FUCK is that leaning on your LG monitor??

  9. benn61 says:

    compleatly out of glass? Fucking greate….
    altso wireless charging in a room, can’t wait to get canser

  10. Laura Estevanell says:

    I don’t if i should save up for the Iphone8 or should i buy the Iphone7

  11. Thomas Kim says:

    apple knew they fucked up with the iphone7, but the isheep still flock,
    iPhone sued Samsung, but iPhone copied Samsung bigger screen and the edge
    screens lol and now taking from Google pixel home button software get up

  12. audrey parker says:


  13. Shan Iqbal says:

    i came here to see your Nokia 3310 ??? behind you ??

  14. Max Hoffer says:

    “It´s gonna be about 1000 dollars” and isn´t the iPhone 7? it costs 969
    dollars, that is a thousand…

  15. Gabriel Vitor Sousa says:

    “The next iPhone is going to be awesome” I am fucking tired of this phrase,
    i want reallity.

  16. Top Dawg says:

    What does he mean by you can thank Trump for that?
    smh… what did Trump do this time.

  17. DankFrostbite_X says:

    please apple your so sad dont curve your phone

  18. Kiritogaming2 says:

    They said the iPhone7 was gonna be great well looked what that turned out
    to be ???

  19. InfamousAndStuff says:

    didn’t you guys just get a gay ass apple phone?

  20. Naveed Khan says:

    If the iPhone 8 looks anything like what it does in the thumbnail I’ll buy
    everyone one…….