The Jet Camino’s Roll Cage is INCREDIBLE… First Cleeter Test Fit!

The Jet Camino’s Roll Cage is INCREDIBLE… First Cleeter Test Fit!

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Yeah… this build is NEXT LEVEL! Big thanks to TRZ Motorsports for building that amazing rear end housing!

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63 Responses

  1. cody wenzel says:

    You should paint the el Camino a American flag livery

  2. Jason says:

    Kinda looks like it’s turning into the gta5 jet car ?

  3. Firstname Lastname is allowed says:

    That housing is beautiful man!! Bare metal parts that’s are fabricated and welded perfect like that with brand new heim joints installed with the rainbow from the heat showing on all the welds, idk it just does something to me!! Not everyone appreciates the skill and level of quality that is being shown in this video. Very nice Very nice!

  4. Matt Hill says:

    From stuffing fake turbo whistles into your c7 exhaust, to this ?

  5. Jacob Shepherd says:

    “Hey look a Bridgeport” someone summoned Alec Steele?

  6. Randy Farmer says:

    I think you’ve named the elco without even knowing it man… “Sweet Honey BBQ” imagine the decals on the car! People at the race, you can ask if y’all smell that Sweet Honey BBQ when you’re staging!!!! Lol that’s actually an awesome name!!!

  7. Jim Myers says:

    Awesome! That’s my son Jeremy working the CNC machine at TRZ Motorsports!
    Great vid, Jet Camino will be Epic!

  8. Baker 1971 says:

    I hope this jet car isn’t the end of the best car show on YouTube.
    Peace ✌️
    Damn that’s scary stuff.

    • nickolas peddle says:

      Cleetus McFarland “it could go a seven on this next pass, if it doesn’t i am staying up all night pulling these heads, putting another set of gaskets and coming back tomorrow. it is as simple as that, this is the time we either do it or we don’t, if it doesn’t happen right now which i think it will, we stay up all night and pull the heads”. “that’s the spirit of racing”. “best things in life don’t come easy”

    • wobbly sauce says:

      Got a little sad when he said that.

    • Corey Carter says:

      TJ cunt

    • Ligma Survivor says:

      And really this build is pretty gnarly considering a jet engine takes a long time to spool down, it’s not like a regular engine where you can just pop it in neutral or engine brake (to my knowledge)

  9. deepwater-jew says:

    This is one of those times that safety third is not an option, it’s gets bumped up to safety second. Murica always comes first!

    Hellll yeah brother

    • Kenneth Hutchens says:

      +TheRealSamPreece You mean Communism? Maybe Islam? Considering America hasn’t committed genocide. Genocide would be against a whole race, religion, or ethnic group. Last I checked all the places America has ever fought or fought with still have stable populations, still have their religions, still have their races and ethnics intact. I’ll grant you worse off. I will give that, those regions are worse due to American interventionism, and shitty attempts at nation building in the name of hunting Osama Bin Laden, and Saddam Hussein. However the U.S. hasn’t committed global genocide. What Hitler had done was genocide millions of Jews and “unwanted persons” killed from the Balkans to France. How about look up what happened in Darfur Africa that is genocide. Read this. This is what genocide is.

    • Coty Riddle says:

      +Kenneth Hutchens howabout we keep the political nonsense off this channel. Were here for the cars and for Murica!

    • Mark G. says:

      +Coty Riddle YES…….THANK YOU!

    • emeraldisle70 says:

      Kenneth Hutchens take that shit somewhere else. This page is for bald eagles….fast cars…..and bartle skeet sucker.

  10. T B says:

    Hope you guys can put the sticker I sent in on the car. “Business in the front, party in the back”

  11. Jelly052 says:

    Forza needs to do a cletus murica car pack

  12. Cameron says:

    Nervous for you bro.. you got a fire ball behind you, an engine in front of you and only one exit through your drivers door…. I do demolition derby’s and I always make sure I build my car for easy escape Incase of a fire..

    • Patrick Huszarik says:

      He could put a funny car style escape hatch in the top… nascar and pro mod are allowed to do that. Just no one ever does.

  13. Kelton Derkach says:

    I’ll just be honest but I didn’t think this car was going to be this legit from when the idea came up. INSANE SO HYPED

  14. alanjrkaminski says:

    “It’s basically a Prius”. A real man’s hybrid is what it is

    • TurkeyBoy55 says:

      Combining a gas engine with an electric engine? What is this, 2017? Nah! Combining gas engines with jet engines is the REAL way to do it.

  15. SullyThePankake says:

    Will MTN DEW sponsor the car?

  16. Russell Flannery says:

    When it gets dialed in you need to bring it down under for Summernats would be a blast. Cleettus and the whole crew.

  17. the upscriber says:

    Man that turbine would look good painted as a can of Mountain Dew.

  18. Alex Swander says:

    But is it street legal? Need to call up the rest of the 1320 crew and do some street racing when it’s done… And what if there was a bald eagle painted or a decal onto the hood like the screaming bird on a trans am

  19. DoggoZA says:

    How did you go from putting fake turbo whistles in your C7 to putting a REAL jet engine in a car ???

  20. C Furb says:

    Should make the jet engine look like a Mountain Dew can

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