The Jungle Book – Movie Review

The Jungle Book – Movie Review

Disney brings us a live action telling of the beloved classic. Well, live action that’s 97% CGI anyway. Jeremy reviews “The Jungle Book”!

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20 Responses

  1. Jesse Pinkman says:

    The Sword in the Stone or Black Cauldron would be great

  2. zllzcopezllz says:

    how many sentences can you say without cutting the shot?

  3. Jason Warnecke says:

    Aladdin, Treasure Planet and Lion King.

  4. Adam Gomez says:

    whyyyyyy!!? They should have had Jim Cummings voice over the voices..ALL OF
    THE VOICES!! including Mowgli’s xD it would have worked! I friggen promise!

  5. Biswajit MACHINATION says:

    indians saw the film on 8th april, we r so spcl,, thanks jon favreau

  6. IntentChief says:

    Live action cars/planes

  7. Spike4201 says:

    Aladdin was my favorite Disney Movie as a Kid

  8. writerofbaddreams says:


  9. Andrew Denneno says:

    Saw This in the tending tab and thought it was my feed. Why is this

  10. ZombieXTeam says:

    First of all the real “jungle book” isn’t made by Disney, and it was pretty
    dark. Do the research. Basically the boy killed his village

  11. Apocolyptius says:

    1 minute in… assuming it’ll be worth buying on blue-ray.

  12. Charlie Woodward says:

    Big Hero 6 as a live action movie would kick serious a$$!

  13. kakashi101able says:

    I hope they do a live action remake of STAR WARS!!!!!

  14. hogensan says:

    Now I know where all the assholes go/ do.

  15. Marquis G says:

    Also a live action A Goofy Movie with powerline scenes and all

  16. JP Perron says:

    Not a criticism, just kind of a “huh. Interesting” kinda thing. I think the
    kid probably did better in an all cg movie than adults do because kids are
    better at using their imagination than adults are

  17. Emmanuel Taylor says:

    Saw an early showing last night and I absolutely fell in love with it

  18. TXTbone .com says:

    how do you talk so long without breathing?

  19. Harris Sharif says:

    This movie legit looks incredible. I’m watching it this weekend with my

  20. Greg Shoe says:

    ok you convinced me. I’ll go watch it sometime soon but if I don’t hear
    that monkey music with king Louie then it’s an automatic 0/10.