The kiss cam, behind the scenes

The kiss cam, behind the scenes

We’ve seen kiss cams — but how do they work? Here’s a peek behind the scenes.

It’s easy to be captivated by the occasional kiss cam fail or kiss cam prank. But behind the humor of kiss cam compilations is the hard work of the people who make it happen. Ever wonder if the kiss cam challenge is real, or fake? This is how it happens.

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20 Responses

  1. Embeh says:

    Please when you next time talk about this american stuff please do
    introduce it better to the other 7 billion people, that didn’t grow up in a
    US stadium. Thank you!

  2. Tommy Crosby (NienorGT) says:

    Damn it, why the kiss cam always get basketball interruptions?

  3. Zundel Dubinsky says:

    Hey Vox, why does the British accent go away when they’re singing?

  4. iPhone Swevan says:

    5:03 Donald Trump and Ted Cruz kiss cam!

  5. john romero says:


  6. Tom Clooney says:

    :040 so this guy just creeps on people with multiple cameras while they’re
    trying to enjoy the game?

  7. Wamy Ram says:

    How do I apply?

  8. Kelsey Dietz says:

    i want my sister and i to get on the kiss cam so we can throw up on each
    other( we’ve discussed this before)

  9. Nick's Strength and Power says:

    not my proudest fap..

  10. Joe Smith says:

    Fuck you, Vox. Fuck you.

  11. Dardan M says:

    What a strange video choice

  12. EvanescentIcee says:

    i once was on a kiss cam but then i took an arrow to the knee

  13. kiara woolfe says:

    This is such an invasion. You go to watch the game and suddenly they put
    you on a screen to humiliate you in front of all these people?

  14. Lgd1993 J says:

    Magic happens on the floor, it’s called hockey. caps are #1.

  15. Pura belleza Makeup says:

    So when I go to a game just make out a ton with my man nd I’ll be put on

  16. Mayy M says:

    “I was da one dat did dat yis” lmfaoooooooo!!

  17. foosheezoo says:

    Yeah a kiss cam sounds good and all of you have someone to kiss ?

  18. Ryan Velez says:

    Look at the Wizards whooping up on them Pelicans though

  19. SillyBeastMonkey says:


  20. sokra says:

    “I was the one who did that yes.” This conceited fucker sounds like he
    needs to brag about wiping his own ass to everyone every time.