The Knicks trading Kristaps Porzingis is ‘utter nonsense’ – Max Kellerman | First Take

The Knicks trading Kristaps Porzingis is ‘utter nonsense’ – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman lambastes the New York Knicks for trading Kristaps Porzingis to the Dallas Mavericks, saying they now have no choice but to sign two marquee free agents. Stephen A. Smith explains that New York had to make the trade after Porzingis voiced his displeasure for playing in a Knicks uniform.

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70 Responses

  1. Raivons R1 says:

    Max is spot on ,finally hes talking some sens

  2. Hitman Hanfee says:

    Only the knicks would trade their best player for a chance at missing multiple superstars next free agency

  3. Sergio Ramos says:

    Stephen A is hesitant to criticize his african-american brothers. He knows inside Mills and Perry really dropped the ball w KP. These idiots signed THJ last year to a huge contract, that no one else was even close to matching, and ate up our salary cap room.

    • Robert Wisdom says:

      What does this have to do with race? This new era is so freakin lame. I wanna go back to the 90s away from you so called political race baiting sickos.

    • Pablo Andrez says:

      Very good point

    • a human says:

      you make no sense. wtf does race have to do with it. you bring up THJ.. he’s off the team dumbass. they have 2 max spots

    • Blah Blah says:

      Robert Wisdom bitch shutup with that white Man race bait shit get yo cracka ass out of black shit an if you is black talking like a white Man you a bitch too

    • Blah Blah says:

      Robert Wisdom people like you the reason this the way it is . Y’all like to act as if shit don’t happen . Hey bitch if something is broke you fix it not sweep it under the rug . Hey bitch white Man you literally fucked up everything In this world you used up all the resources in the world fix that bitch don’t create another narrative to run to . You like to point the finger but YOUR THE ONE FUCKING EVERYTHING UP .

  4. Wisdom Solace says:

    Watch them end up with
    Dwight Howard and Harrison Barnes LMFAO!!!!????

    • jason v says:

      TheFadedSpade i think we found james dolans burner everyone

    • Philly Ramos says:

      Wisdom Solace ??????

    • Justin Dminic says:

      TheFadedSpade classic Knicks fan

    • Lil Wooo says:

      TheFadedSpade lol you clearly don’t know what a role player is or what it means to be a role player ??

    • Lil Wooo says:

      TheFadedSpade deandre Jordan is a roll player…embiid is not….jj redick is a role player…Steph Curry is not…a role player is a guy that’s on a team to fill a specific role and that role only..James harden doesn’t do one thing he scores, rebounds, assists…role players are guys like Andre Drummond who are on the court specifically to get rebounds…he’s not there for anything else…that is a role player…there’s a reason not every player gets 100+mill contracts…there’s a reason for the term role player and franchise player

  5. TurkishChubs says:

    The New York Knicks still trying to get players with those 1970s recruiting tactics. “You will be playing at Madison Square Garden” “it’s New York” ??

  6. Anthony Bennett says:

    This is Karma for Knick fan’s…… Mfs booed KP when he was drafted but cried like babies when he got traded????…… And to think, mfs traded the Franchise for a player they could’ve had if they just drafted him, SMFH
    #BringBackKP #TakeDolan

    • Ronald Braggs says:

      No Knicks fans are crying over Porstinkis beleive me

    • The Greatest Of Our Generation says:

      Ronald Braggs Yes y’all is lmao how could you say that

    • The Greatest Of Our Generation says:

      Facts ? boo’d KP & waived Dennis Smith Jr & now they got him back when he should’ve been there the first time! Nobody’s going to want to go there. Those motherfuckers didn’t even have stretchers for when Derrick Jones got that nasty injury about a week ago smh had the man limping all the way to the locker them cheap fucks. I’m sure those motherfuckers can afford a fully staffed medical team! Shows a lot about the franchise.

  7. park ck says:

    Hey guys, this is a guy from korea who cares about NBA and I finally understood why you guys keep saying Molly is so dumb by watching this segment. Since knicks got Matthew, Dennis Smith jr and jordan, they are going to be more competitive moving forward and their chances to get Zion Williamson will get lower. Before the trade, they had better chances of getting him, since Porzingis is not scheduled to play anyway for the rest of the season due to the injury. It is so dumb to say they will get lottery picks after the trade.

  8. Bobby Roder says:

    They need to fire Molly. I can’t stand her

  9. Emmanuel Medina says:

    Max just had hinself a whole gram of coke

  10. Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark says:

    Stephen A, you let me down man. But don’t worry. Max has picked up the slack for you. He’s speaking nothing but facts

  11. dncarlo24 says:

    The Knicks will get back hoodie Melo, the cornrows of Sprewell, and the sweaty kneepads of Ewing come free agency. A win for the Knicks IMO.

  12. oldnbaschool says:

    why I feel in this video Stephen A. and Max switched bodies?

  13. x6King6x says:

    Molly stfu and let them talk

  14. Joseph says:

    Ahhhh.. SAS is exactly repeating the same words he said in 2010 and cap space and the Knicks signing 2 max FAs, and they got Amare and Carmelo(from a trade). And look where we are today 9 years later. You just dont trade a home grown future franchise player away like that, who showed when healthy what he can do. 7 feet 3, with mobility and a jumper. My gosh, once he gets stronger he is going to unstoppable. Knicks will greatly regret this move. KP has potential to be better than Dirk bc of his athleticism and height. Knicks made a huge mistake.

  15. Charles Eya'a says:

    Max is right. You can’t trade the best player you have because you expect 2 better players that you don’t have. Only maybe 20 players in the league are better than Porzingis, and 5 of them are free agents at the end of the year. They expect to get 2? The knicks better beat LA, Houston, Boston and Philadelphia in the next free agency battle.

    • Schuyler Savage says:

      What if said best player is a free agent in a couple months and isn’t going to re sign cuz he asked for a trade? And if he does re sign will cost 30 mil which is too high anyways.

  16. thetramp123 says:

    Max is completely right. The cap space argument is utter nonsense. This franchise is going to throw away a star they already have on the pipe dream of MAYBE acquiring two other stars? Kevin Durant? Wouldn’t even sit down with the Knicks last time he was available. He’s not signing with a Knicks team coming off of a ten win season (or maybe what 5 games better?). Irving? He’s going to leave Boston to sign with a Knicks team coming off of a 10 win season. Leonard? Is he going to leave the Raptors or pass over another team to sign with a Knicks team with NO one? This is a guy who sat out playing for the playoff-bound Spurs so he could be traded. He’s not coming to Knicks team that’s worse than it’s been in ages, and they’ve been pretty bad in the recent past so that’s saying something. Is Klay Thompson going to want to come here? Of course not. Is Jimmy Butler going to pass over resigning with the 76ers or another team to come to a Knicks team with nobody? Hell, he probably wants to yell at a bums Knicks practice right now and he’s not even on the team yet. Is he going to come to the Knicks so he and Dennis Smith Jr. can get into shouting matches about who’s taking too many shots?

    Anyone who thinks the Knicks have a real chance of landing any of these free agents, Durant especially, is completely delusional. Other teams have cap space, AS WELL as an incentive for free agents to actually want to play there. KP would have been one of those incentives. Now the Knicks just have a front office who project to free agents that they don’t care about their players (which has been the most consistent Knicks quality for years), about 5 or 6 young guys who have potential that will probably be wasted until they’re lucky to be unloaded to another team to make up for some massive Knicks mistake signing, and which will surely occur this coming offseason when the Knick inevitably miss out on signing any real stars and get locked into 3 terrible contracts to overpay past their prime talent or lottery busts. This is what the Knicks do.

    • Azmon Rougier says:

      +Shawn A did you see the part where he would be a restricted free agent? meaning he has no real leverage? shoulda practiced the critical thinking you preach..

    • Shawn A says:


      An injury prone star coming off a very significant knee injury and hasn’t played all season. Let’s not pretend his value is higher than it actually was and let’s not pretend the player doesn’t have significant leverage in the form of walking away and leaving the organization with nothing at the end if his deal.
      He’s being overrated if you think he’s worth more than not 1, but 2 first rounders and a guy who should have went top 5 or 6 in last year’s draft. A guy we would have drafted if we weren’t the most incompetent sports franchise is existence. You get rid of other bloated bad contracts like Lee’s, and Hardaway’s for expiring ones. This was a no brainer….

    • Shawn A says:

      +Azmon Rougier – Porzinghis and his brother told them he would only sign a one year offer sheet at that point. Upon completion of it, he would then walk away…Read up sonny…

    • Armands Ozoliņš says:

      +thetramp123 I agree with you 100%. And this is bullshit about that KP wanted to leave. Comon! Selling 4 players on 2h. This was allready a plan from Knicks organization.

    • thetramp123 says:

      Schuyler Savage. Do you not know what a restricted free agent is?

  17. dncarlo24 says:

    As a Bulls fan, I’m laughing my ass off at the Knicks and the miserable years ahead for y’all. ??

  18. IRenegadEEEEE says:

    I have stopped watching this show because of Molly. I just can’t anymore

  19. Max Kellerman says:


  20. Jose Arroyo says:

    6:36 Shut up Molly. God damn let Max get his point across. ?‍♀️

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